Kingdom Hearts Survey Hints At Series' Future

A survey for fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise has surfaced, gauging interest and crowd sourcing feedback on aspects of the series that appeal to customers.

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-Foxtrot1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

They are talking about a collectors edition for future titles, please guys in the "Other" box say something along the lines of

"A very limited expensive, good quality replica Kingdom Keyblade"

We need one :)

Oh and mention how Dream Drop Distance should of been included on Remix 2.5

kingdom181623d ago

3D would be awesome but its too new. Maybe they could do a "re:" in the future.

-Foxtrot1623d ago

But you'll know what they'll do, make us pay a crap load for it. It's better to get it out now so people can understand the story more

Pretty much another thing I stated on the survey...."Stop releasing games with significant plot points on different platforms"

Grap1623d ago

No please no, we are done with portable version, let's give console some love

Kalebninja1623d ago

what do you mean hint? they've clearly said that kingdom hearts 3 will be the end of the xehanort saga and there will be more kingdom hearts games afterward just that sora won't be the main charactetr

MegaRay1623d ago

Sora, donald and goofy will always be the main characters.
Anyway I'd like to be wrong tho, I'd like to see some changes.

levian1623d ago

Yea I'm not sure I could imagine the series continuing if Sora isn't in it.

RedAloia1623d ago

I have PC,VITA,PS3,3DS and WIIU

jakmckratos1623d ago

My top 10 new worlds would be

10. Lone Ranger
8. Pochahontas
6. Wreck it Ralph
5. Jungle Book
4. The Sword in the Stone
3. Toy Story
2.Monster's Inc.
1. The Incredibles

Also it'd be fantastic if they included Narnia, Star Wars and Avengers although I'm not too sure how the logistics would work for these..

kingdom181623d ago

I would like to add Treasure Planet, and Atlantis the lost world, to your list good sir. I don't think they could do the Sword in the Stone because they made Merlin's home world RG. Star Wars would be cool, but I think Disney denied Nomura SW, and I that he said he had no interest in Marvel. What I would really love is a FF world.

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