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Win a PS4 - March Blog and User Review Contest

Here are the contest details for one of the PS4s we are giving away in March, for more info on the prizes this month go -> http://n4g.com/user/blogpos...

Blog and User Review Lottery:
The Best Blogs and User Reviews of March will be entered into their own smaller lottery pool.

One winner gets a PS4*! (Culture, Next-Gen, PS4)

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zeronhero  +   545d ago
n4g showing its true color
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FamilyGuy  +   545d ago
So what you're saying is... you don't want a PS4?

Seems like a great prize considering more people are interested in PS4s than Xbox Ones.
Corgyll  +   545d ago | Well said
I get what you mean, there's a lot of PS4-stuff on this site. But guess what? The users are the ones controlling the content here.

It's a GOTY-giveaway, and PS4 won the "Next Gen Console of the Year"-award. We, the users, voted for it.

If more people would've voted for the Xbox One, this would be given away instead, it's not rocket science.
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