Mid-End GPU - GeForce 750Ti - Runs Battlefield 4 Better Than PS4 & Titanfall Better Than Xbox One

Nvidia has recently released its latest low-end GPU based on the Maxwell architecture and quite surprising, the GeForce 750Ti is able to push graphics and performance similar to those of both PS4 and Xbox One.

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urwifeminder1583d ago

Ha ha classic so glad I built my rig games look amazing still enjoying XB1 and F5 though loving the new tracks.

SilentNegotiator1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

So a card that costs almost half of the entire PS4 alone is able to produce better graphics than Ps4 and Xbone? Because 750Ti costs from $150 to about $170.

Gee, who woulda guessed? /s

BTW, I just got a new engine. It costs almost 50% of the cost of your entire car and it's faster. Impressed?

Axonometri1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I guess that depends on where your new engine is located. Is it on the low end, mid end or high end? Wait, mid end? Can you put an engine in the middle end? What is a middle end? I thought ends were at the extents and the mid was in between the extents?

Well, either way, if your engine is in the middle of your car, it is likely way faster than my POS!

mcarsehat1583d ago

If you want quality, you pay for it

FTLightspeed1583d ago

heres a pc that is less than 500$ and will run the game better then the ps4 and do everything else a pc will do.

didn't put KB/M because you more then likely have those. same with the the monitor. just hook it up to the tv you would use for the ps4. simple. and you can use a controller on most new PC games of you wish.

ThatOneGuyThere1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

@ FTLightspeed you forgot the OS, Keyboard, mouse,blu-ray drive, and wireless network card... PS4 comes with an input device and all of the other things above listed.

FTLightspeed1583d ago

@ThatOneGuyThere you don't need a bluray drive to run the game, that is what i am getting at. why have it in there? there are little use for CD drives in pcs these days. or a wireless card. you dont need that to play the game.

again, i don't know anyone without a pc sitting around, that they can use the KB/M from, you can download and install windows 7 for free, you just have to pay for update if you want them. and that is only after 30 days.

the PC is a better value all around. as many people in on this site and other have beat to death.

UltimateMaster1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

What is the definition of "better"?
Better resolution or better frame rate?

I wouldn't classify this card that better than the PS4. The frame rate drops to 45fps.

I'm pretty sure Dice dropped the resolution on purpose to make sure you would get a steady 60fps. (otherwise, you'd see dips in fps like this card does)

In a game mostly multi-player, fps is better than resolution.

I wouldn't waste money on that card, you'd be force to upgrade to get that 60. I'd go for something more powerful.

FTLightspeed1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

@UltimateMaster better as in i can do other things besides play games on it. i can use it to go to college, i can do my taxes, i can use it to make a card for my dear old grandma. what do you think i mean better. lol

the site doesn't say what setting they used in the test for battlefield. that makes a big difference. like you don't need the aa, that save a lot of power, or you don't need high shadows when they look the same as medium. you say you need a more powerful card to get 60 frames, i say just turn down the setting a little and BAM 60 frames.

i had the titanfall beta playing at 40+ frames a second at 720p on a old Core 2 duo 4400 and a 550ti(a pretty crappy old system that i built for fun out of old parts i had laying around) on low and medium settings. hell i had crysis 3 running at low and medium setting at 30ish fps at 720p on that pc.

the point is you don't need to have EVERY setting turned up on pc to get a game playable. you have more options, if you want eye candy, you turn up the setting and take the FPS hit, BUT if you want the Frames, you turn down a couple of settings and BAM more fps. options. one of the best things about PC.

all that said, the second i see a good Halo, i Mmean a GOOD halo game, non of this halo 4 and reach garbage, on the XO, i will buy a xbox one.

Clunkyd1583d ago

Cool, So I can play PlayStation exclusives on it right..No? Then whats the f'n point?

FTLightspeed1582d ago

@Clunkyd lol this is not about exclusive buddy. this is about the game that are on both and the relative value of the stuff you can do on each.

of course if you want to play those game you speak of, you are getting the PS4. that doesn't speak to ANY thing about whether one is actually has more value than the other. unless you count the value of a few game more than everything the PC can do.

if the games you want to play are on a system than that is the system you are going to play. i already said if a good Halo was on the XO, I would buy it. as halo IS a system seller to ME. even though i have a pretty Badass pc right now.

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Oats1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

the gpu is priced at £100 ($167 US)
at a little over double ($399 US) you get a ps4 ... makes me more impressed with the value of the ps4

Volkama1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Since when is £350 "a little over double" £100 ?

Edit: Ah a cute edit to make your math a little more... creative?

The card RRP in the US is $149.

Not critising the value of the PS4 here, just your 'calculations' (if that term can apply?).

pandehz1583d ago

Dont try talking sense here.

Its pretty uncommon

Fishy Fingers1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

That's some fine spin.

Either way, bundled with the remaining components it's still more expensive than a console although also far more versatile. But buying an entry level GPU is never a good idea. It'll last perhaps 12 months before you need to upgrade. A console on the other hand will see you through 5-7 years. Swings and roundabouts.

VanDamme1583d ago

The additional costs of computer components is made up for by how much cheaper PC games cost. They come out the gate cheaper and drop prices much quicker and lower.

OsirisBlack1583d ago

I am so sick of hearing PC games cost less money when this is NOT true. If you don't mind waiting then sure they GET cheaper but they do not start out Cheaper. I have had Final Fantasy XIV since it came out day one and it cost me 49.99 I preordered Castlevania for my PC and guess what 59.99 yep they sure do start out cheaper.... now if you are talking about illegally downloaded games then yea they are cheaper.

AKissFromDaddy1583d ago

"the gpu is priced at £100 ($167 US) at a little over double ($399 US) you get a ps4"
£100 = $137.23, which is less than half of a Playstation 4
The exchange rate from Euros to Dollars is a 37% increase and vice-versa.
£1 = $1.37 & $1 = £0.73 (looks like 27% at $1 but at $137.23 = £99.99, holding a 37% decrease notion)

Genki1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Not surprising.

Letros1583d ago

This is going to be a great entry GPU for Steamboxes.

Volkama1583d ago

Steamboxes targetting the price range of a console right now are a pretty bad idea.

In a couple of years time the low end ~$500 steambox will make a lot more sense, but right now a console will trump it.

AndrewLB1583d ago

What are you talking about? The lowest spec steam boxes that have been announced wipe the floor with both the Xbone and PS4. Their lowest GPU does 2.5tflops, and it only goes up from there.

Right now you can buy an AMD HD7870 @ for $110, which easily bests the PS4.

Volkama1583d ago

Don't mistake me for a deluded anti-PC fanboy. You'd have to strap 5 next gen consoles together to match the specs of my own PC.

I stand by what I said, the consoles beat out an equivalently priced Steambox at the minute. Not necessarily in raw specs, but have you seen how far they managed to push 1/2 gig of ram on the last gen? Naive to think they won't manage to push these consoles beyond what you associate with the raw specs. Over time you'll see games on the consoles that trump what a 7870 can do.

Give it 2 or 3 years though and a low end Steambox will be pushing way ahead.