This Is The Closest We’ll Ever Get To Next Gen Skyrim, Modders Show Off Their Amazing Skills

DSOGaming writes: "Last week, we shared a Skyrim mod that brought a lot of post-processing effects to the table. By using that mod, gamers can experience Skyrim like never before. Still, that didn't put off Skyrim modders who shared new screenshots from their custom configs and mods, showcasing visuals that will leave you speechless."

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LimeyGeeza1529d ago

Hard to believe that's Skyrim - crazy good

GuyThatPlaysGames1529d ago

But don't forget what a crapfest Skyrim is once you get past the graphics.

UltimateMaster1529d ago

I don't know why it should be the fans' job to improve the graphics and not the studio itself.

Kingnichendrix1529d ago

The studio has done the work, pc gamers and modders are just perfecting and tweaking it

SilentNegotiator1529d ago

Gee, you know, some people LIKE Skyrim.

neogeo1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Your face is a crapfest you troll. Skyrim is one of the best games ever made. Pretty clear you either never played it or you only tried it on consoles back when it had ton's of bugs and I will admit it did have lots at first but a billion updated and bug fixes later along with the unofficial skyrim patch and thousands of mods. May put this game as the best ever mad in history.

DragonKnight1528d ago

First, the title of this article has literally been used so many times.

Second, why is this top news?

Third, I agree with UltimateMaster. The mods done for Skyrim are far and above everything that Bethesda has put into the game themselves, and these are people doing the job for free. Makes you really wonder what actually goes into dev costs when people are outperforming Bethesda with less equipment, less man power, and for nothing.

Mr Pumblechook1528d ago

I platinumed Skyrim but it's not a great game, it's a good game. What I like about it is that it is so easy to pick up and play and go anywhere. What is not good is that the main quest is too easy and can be completed early. Also there is not more of a cohesive story between quests and that there are no standout characters so you feel no emotional attachment to anything. Whatever you do has no influence on the world apart from that mission when you whether you are with or against the Stormcloaks. I enjoyed Oblivion more.

H0RSE1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


They have mods for that as well.. everything from unofficial patches, to increased AI intelligence for followers and enemies, to more difficult combat, to completely overhauled game mechanics, like more in depth crafting systems, added quests and NPC's, more in-depth skill trees as well as completely new ones, etc. You can mod Skyrim so heavily, that is essentially plays and feels like a completely new ES game.

The ES games have always been about heavy mod support from the community, hell, all of Bethesda's open-world games have been. In this regard, if you are not playing the PC version of games like ES or Fallout, you are really gimping the potential of what you can experience, and all of it comes at no extra charge.

insomnium21528d ago

Is Skyrim worth getting on PS3? Have they fixed the bugs?

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showtimefolks1528d ago

i would love to play Skyrim on ps4 or xbox one.

3-4-51528d ago

That looks better than Ne...this gen.

Dynasty20211529d ago

A simple reminded as to why PC will always be best.

Agent20091529d ago

inb4 console fanboys will tear you down.

The_KELRaTH1529d ago

You see all those lovely Supercars but in the background there's crowds of PS4/Xbone owners defiantly shouting SKODA SKODA SKODA SKODA lol

GentlemenRUs1529d ago

I could not care less.

My PC is for hardcore gaming, My PS4 is for relaxing gameplay in the living room.

It's how it has always been.

Am_Ryder1529d ago

You've got it damn straight there, son. I use consoles to enjoy games of any kind. I use PC to get more edgy, hardcore experiences when I'm in the mood for it.

Console has those too, but it also has the swathes of just plain fun titles which are easier and quicker to access.

elhebbo161529d ago

@alex easier and quicker to access? any rig with an ssd is a thousand times faster than a console.

Neixus1529d ago

Yup, i don't get why it only have to be one side.
I have my PC to play Gmod,bf4, DayZ and WoW
And my ps4 and ps3 to play sony exclusives, can't really miss on them, almost every sony exclusive have been critically aclaimed. Except those ps4 games,tho.

GentlemenRUs1529d ago

So many pc-elitestsnobs in here... Bloomin heck just grow up...

iiorestesii1529d ago

These photos have all been air brushed and doctored. Not that mods aren't at work. But mostly, the enhancements are made to the images themselves. Just like 17 magazine. That's why there will never be a video for most of these.

NeXXXuS1528d ago

I'll always prefer console since that's what I've been playing with since about 4 years old (started out with SNES). I use PC to play LoL with friends and that's about it. I never really took to PC gaming even though I've tried it many times.

awi59511528d ago


Stop being a hater the mods make the game look that good i have a pc that can easily run them. When i was playing skyrim i had over 250 mods running at the same time and the graphics mods make the game look this good easy and i could still run at 60 fps.

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Studio-YaMi1529d ago

To a "fraction" of PC gamers,I'm sure it is.

BallsEye1529d ago

After finishing it on 360, tried it on PC with all the graphics mods. ENB series etc if I rememeber well. I gotta say it did look pretty (some overdone instagram effects tho!) but I somehow preffered the vanilla version. Graphics does not make a good game.

Tsar4ever011528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

You like the ENB Vanilla mod for SKYRIM? I can't choose between ENB SharpShooters(orig) for it's deep color and shadow dept or Project ENB(realistic)+COT for it's gorgeous LEN flare effects.

Still, it would've be nice to see a straight PC port of "SKYRIM Legendary Edition" with all the add-ons and *Unofficial Skyrim Patch, to the PS4/XB1, and the ENB modders could create a scaled down version of the various ENB texture mods and charge a fee on PSN/XBLive and let gamers choose their ENB mod(*Sharpshooters & Project+COT for me)for their SKYRIM game. The reason I mention *scaled down version of ENB is because the I know the nextgen consoles GPU's aren't strong enough to handle the ENB mods as they are NOW for the pc.

I'd gladly pay another $60 for a direct PC port of Skyrim L.E with a scaled ENB mod support for the nextgen consoles.

frostypants1529d ago

Can your PC run these mods smoothly? I'm confident in saying no.

duplissi1528d ago

Mine certainly can.

FX 8350 and HD 7950.

NeXXXuS1528d ago

"Can your money run these mods?"
lol terrible joke.

Maxor1528d ago

Easy as pie. Skyrim was designed to run on the 360 so even with these mods 1080p 30-60 fps is automatic. The only thing that would dramatically effect Skyrim is 2560x1440p with extreme texture mods or mods that feature huge battles with 50+ npcs.

akiraburn1528d ago

The thing is, a lot of the graphic mods can be run smoothly and easily on any mid-range card. But what these screens are showing off has more to do with an ENB being active, and certain Skyrim.ini/skyrimpref.ini file attributes being changed. And the thing about this that many people will neglect to mention, is that in order to use a lot of those really nice effects which make the screens so pretty, you basically end up running the game at unplayable framerates, even with something like a GTX 780 coupled with an overclocked Core i7 3770K.

If you get familiarized with the custom ENB menu, a lot of those post-processing effects (things like Complex Indirect Lighting, SSAO, Skylighting, etc) are so intensive you can't really play the game with them active, or at least not with them at maxed settings. You basically just activate them to take screens like this, then tune them down significantly so you can play at a decent framerate.

So while it is relatively easy for any mid-range card (like a GTX 650 for example) to run the majority of the texture packs, SMIM (Static Mesh Improvement Mod), and a lot of the like, it most likely won't be enough to handle an ENB, and definitely not with any of the post processing functions. And the more you turn up certain functions in the Skyrim.ini file or the Skyrimprefs.ini file (like the different Shadow sample sizes or perhaps the most intensive being the uGrids settings), the lower your overall performance will be, but the prettier your game becomes.

And so basically what you're seeing here, and on most of these kinds of articles, are screenshots with these effects all turned on and pushed as high as they can go while still being able to load their game, but then they turn them down/off afterwards to actually play. I've spent a long time finding happy mediums for mine, and while I have it looking very nice at a solid 55-65 fps, I don't use the majority of the heavy post-processing functions within the ENB. I've spent more time than I care to admit working on getting this balance and trying to troubleshoot all the CTDs, some of which I found were a direct cause of Bethesda not cleaning their DLCs (a function performed in TES5Edit to fix these things called "dirty edits"), some of them are due to mod authors not cleaning their mods before posting them.

H0RSE1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Even with ENB and enhanced lighting mods, as well as COT and 2K HD texture packs, I can run Skyrim at 1920x1200 on max settings, and never dip under 30fps, usually maintaining around 60 or more.

tee_bag2421528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Mine can. Here's my video.

Not only am I playing at 1080p 60fps with a butt ton of mods, I'm also recording at 1080p 60fps. And guess what? I'm playing on my TV with a wireless 360 about that!
So to answer your question. Yes my PC and many others can run these mods.
Sorry to disappoint you.

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OsirisBlack1528d ago

As beautiful as this is there are very few people who could play the game with those settings without a horrid framerate.

awi59511521d ago

Yes you can easy even low end cards like the 7850 can run it fine with a good cpu to push it. Because skyrim is a bad game and uses the cpu too much.

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FarEastOrient1529d ago

These people need to be hired.

Timesplitter141529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

no, I don't want the next Elder Scroll game to look like Anime Girlfriend Simulator 2015

Bimkoblerutso1529d ago

I couldn't agree with you more, Timesplitter...

Still, the actual environmental mods look pretty impressive.

KillrateOmega1529d ago

Yeah. I feel the same.

I liked most of the work they did, but sometimes they just go too far with the females. Too often they just turn them into over-the-top, sexy, elf, angel, bondage, and/or anime chicks.

Sarcasm1529d ago

"I liked most of the work they did, but sometimes they just go too far with the females. Too often they just turn them into over-the-top, sexy, elf, angel, bondage, and/or anime chicks. "

Soooo... What's the issue?

lol nah I get what you're saying.

awi59511528d ago

To be honest i like the sexy female mods because bethesda has proven they cant make female characters. All the women in all the elder scrolls games look like men with large chins and butt ugly.

Bimkoblerutso1528d ago

^I agree that the vanilla female character models look weird and disproportionate, but come on. These models don't fit in the world of Elder Scrolls.

No one is saying that they shouldn't mods. But when I think of a next generation Skyrim, I don't think of creepy-doll-faced anime hookers.

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CrossingEden1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Why is it that the majority of graphics mods always comes with nearly nude woman? They might as well call it a different game with some of those lame designs.

Summons751529d ago

Because these almighty modders are really just lonely introverts who aren't happy with what others worked hard on and want to complete their own fantasies. These only look good because they live in their parents basement unemployed with no social life.

KillrateOmega1529d ago

The female designs are often my only complaint with these types of things. Everything else is beautiful, but the female designs are just so over-the-top that it ruins what would otherwise be a perfect set.

Tibbers1528d ago

People use this stuff to get views on videos/articles. There are plenty of realistic and fitting mods out there.

Psychotica1529d ago

I bet the game runs really fast, maybe 4 FPS?

The_KELRaTH1529d ago

It's not for PS4 or Xbones

elhebbo161529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

@psy that was the joke..

Studio-YaMi1529d ago

Now tell me exactly how many PC gamers can run these mods,I'm waiting ..


starchild1528d ago


A hell of a lot more pc gamers than console gamers, that's for sure. lol

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Are_The_MaDNess1529d ago

even a GTX 580 can run this.... its not that demanding.....

Psychotica1528d ago

Really? Ok, maybe I am wrong then. I have a GTX 670 FTW so I guess it could run it fine. It just looks like it would be pretty demanding..

kingduqc1528d ago

this is what console gamer think.

right now video cards are 3-4 faster then ps4 and yuo can have 2-3 of them.