Titanfall Is Friendly, Complex, Thrilling And Borrows Wisely Not From FPS's | Polygon

Titanfall does some of its smartest idea borrowing from other competitive games, games like Dota and League of Legends, fighting games and even collectible card game Magic the Gathering. Game director Steve Fukuda describes Titanfall as a game inspired by martial arts, saying its battles can play out like choreographed fights, full of emerging tactics.

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TheRatedD1527d ago

of course Polygon would hype up an X1 game...

JokesOnYou1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

lol, you mean like almost all of the previews?

In Summary:
"Pairing those emerging moment-to-moment tactics with Titanfall's many unlockables, its diverse options for players to kill and the interplay of Pilots and titans make Respawn's next-gen debut the most exciting shooter in years."

-Polygon can now just join a long list of sites that are on micro payroll when they speak positively about xbox/negative about ps but remember you can trust a fanboy site like cinemablend/W. Usher. lol ps diehards are really bitter about Titanfall I see.

Edit vvvvv TheRatedD, let's assume what you say is a fact; Does it matter at the end of the day if the game is STILL THE MOST EXCITING SHOOTER IN YEARS"?= *note I didn't say Titanfall is for a fact, but the question is would it matter if it's flawed and yet remains a very exciting game?... because that's what great games do, by design they STILL EXCEL despite flaws. Now if you say the AI bot system ruins the game altogether then OK don't play Titanfall.

TheRatedD1527d ago

I wish more people would realize how bad the AI bot system is. You can just run up to melee them and they won't shoot you.

thereapersson1527d ago

Didn't Respawn say they made the bots kind of dumb on purpose to make it more thrilling for players when they manage to rack up a bunch of awesome kills on the bots?

Corpser1527d ago

Yeah Look at the high scores they gave Dead Rising 3 and Ryse, no wait...

mhunterjr1527d ago

Nearly EVERYONE who's played it really enjoyed it. I don't think it's a good time to play the bias card...

TekoIie1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


Look dude we get it. You wont be playing it because it doesn't release on PS4.

I was actually expecting the Sony fanboys to be cured of their insecurity after the PS4's popularity but it appears to have only gotten worse.

OT: Previews seem good but hopefully I'll get a beta code to find out for myself :)

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andreasx1527d ago

Funny how people praise this game like it is some kind of messiah of the fps genre, yet it looks like a game that can get stale pretty fast mainly due to bot hunting.


RAGE911527d ago

I own an X1 and even I can say, it looks......meh!

MK24ever1527d ago

Please don't give these bastards clicks, it's a website that needs to go away if we want this industry to have any credibility.

christocolus1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

98% of the previews have been really positive. Respawn, MS and EA must be very happy about this.

LOGICWINS1527d ago

I just watched the Sessler/Philly D previews. If all this hype is "fake", then MS must be giving all these people unlimited beer and chicken wings or something lol. For whatever reason, it seems like people are praying for this game not to succeed.

Slevon1527d ago

This is just a much news coming from polygon as it is seeing an article where playstation is hyped by neogaf

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