Major Nelson: 'It Took Years For 360 To Mature… Same Long Game Planned For Xbox One'

NowGamer: Microsoft's Major Nelson says that it may take years for Xbox One to mature as a platform in the same way that we saw with Xbox 360.

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dedicatedtogamers1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Nah, 360 was awesome right out of the gate. The first 4 years were the best. Best versions of multiplats. Terrific online. Achievements (this was before PSN got Trophies). Tons of exclusives, both 1st party and 3rd party. Creativity out the wazoo with games releasing that were never going to be huge sellers but Microsoft released them anyway (like Viva Pinata and Blue Dragon). And the emergence of PC-only devs finally bringing their talent to consoles (like Bioware, Bethesda, and Obsidian). Not to mention the rise of indies on consoles started on 360.

If we're paying attention to history, it took years for 360 to "go casual" and focus on Kinect. It took years for 360 to gradually stop releasing new IPs (Alan Wake was the last major one I believe, and that was nearly 4 years ago in 2010). It took years for 360 to gradually stop attracting 3rd party exclusives, opting instead for timed DLC exclusivity. It took years for the blade dashboard to vanish and instead we got one big advertisement. It took years for 360 to fall behind graphically while PS3 devs squeezed every drop of power out of the hardware. It took years for Microsoft to shut the doors on one studio after another, and then to open up new Kinect-focused studios instead. It took years for studios like RARE to go from making games like Kameo, Viva Pinata, and BanjoKazooie to making Kinect sports games and nothing else.

So, is that the sort of "long game" planned for Xbox One? Count me out.

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TheTwelve1764d ago

Totally agreed.

I remember when the 360 had Mass Effect, Gears of War and Bioshock EXCLUSIVE pretty much right out the gate.

As a Sony fan even I felt it was over for Playstation in those days. (Of course, I didn't admit it.)

The PS3 is the console that "matured" over time, unlike the Wii and 360 last gen.

Crystallis1764d ago

another spot on.


TheTwelve1763d ago

@Imalwaysright --- sure they were on PC but remember the ONLY ON XBOX stamps were on them. =)

Imalwaysright1763d ago

I lost a bubble because I stated the FACT that the games TheTwelve mentioned are not exclusives?



Why was my comment marked as off-topic when it was a direct reply to TheTwelve comment? Why wasn't his comment marked as off topic as well?

vakarian751763d ago


Bioshock is the only game that wasn't exclusive when it first released that was on 360 and PC mass effect was an Xbox exclusive until they ported it to Microsoft windows and Gears of War is fully exclusive.

(p.s all three mass effect games received higher scores on the 360.)

ZombieKiller1763d ago

I remember being jealous of Gears of War the night before I went to pick up my PS3.

The 360 was awesome at first, then they went casual on everyone.

If anything, the PS3 was the one to take it's time to come together.

indyman77771763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

@dedicatedtogamers and @The Twelve I'm trying to find something that I could disagree with, and dang you two I could not!

@Imalwaysright I'm guessing something you said hurt a mods feelings! What out they may be stalking because your comment was totally on topic! I think I may be attacked for supporting you! But it was worth it to stand up for a person!

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amiga-man1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Well the 360 matured in one way, it stopped Red Ringing, but ironically by then the games were drying up.

One things for sure the xbone has a lot of maturing to do even then it still won't match the PS4

Cueil1763d ago

feature for feature it'll eventually out strip the PS4 because of how MS build it... it'll never be as powerful, but you'll see a feature rich console that probably wont even resemble this current iteration in a year and a half

ravinash1763d ago

@ Cueil....yes, because PS4 won't be adding new features during the same period. /s

Charybdis1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Well to be fair he seems to be talking about systems features on the xb360 which definitely have changed and evolved in the past years for the better or worse.

I think its a good thing Microsoft is updating their system based on their customer feedback. Shame their engineering team didn't make their deadline, though its better to release a reliable update instead of a rushed one. Also nice to see Major Nelson actually trying to engage with their customers on reddit.

Shame that the os of the xb1 seems to be rushed as its missing a lot of features which the xb360 does have.

Cueil1763d ago

people like to disagree with reality... a ton of the OS features were build with always online in mind I think

GamingNerd0131764d ago

Everything u said is spot on and true. The 360 was really if not a amazing console between 2005 to 2009 then it just went down hill with exclusives bad ports and a service that wasn't so great once PS plus came to PS3 and the whole kenect forcuse. So in ways it's the opposite of what major Nelson just said about 360 maturing over the years but instead dying out.

Crystallis1764d ago


Totally agree, well said.

MadSientist891764d ago

360 was good until Kinect came out.

loulou1763d ago

Until mattrick got the helm

Az1mov1764d ago

I like this thread. the facts are there. microsoft are missing an opportunity that won't present itself again; focus on the gamers!

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Rustynail1764d ago

What makes you think Sony aren't gonna go pretty much the samme way when they realize that they are losing the casual market? Look at the Wii U, it barely gets more than 3-4 games that are worth placying in a 2 year period and now you complain about Xbox One? Complain about the Wii U instead. You can't just look at a console from one perspective, you need both the core and the casual. And there's been a tremendous amount of core cocntent both released and announced for Xbox One so far. Not so much casual for Sony, so they are gonna lose some market share + they don't earn that much more money than Microsoft per PS4 sold, Sony earns 19$ per PS4 and Microsoft earns 29$. So even if Sony sold a few millions more units, it wouldn't be much of a big deal.

asmith23061763d ago

"you need both the core and the casual" - no you don't. PS Move did nothing for the PS3 and it sold 80m+. PS thrives due to it's amount of varied content and the fact that Sony give gamers what they want.

Kryptix1763d ago

They tried offering something for the casual market with the Move for a while and it failed. I don't think Sony has to do both hardcore and casual to succeed. So far, they didn't package the camera with the PS4 and they just broke 5mil sales. They'll do just fine as long as they promise to dish out many exclusives through it's lifespan. Following what the 360 did in the beginning but not almost completely stopping for some gimmick and they'll get a lot of their market share back that they used to have with the PS2.

Smootherkuzz1763d ago

Yes Xbox360 did a fantastic job and is still going after all these years. Kinect has not hurt the system in any way, just some people who don't need or want it but some do that's it. As for making Kinect mandatory was a bold move but the way the system works its understandable with all the new features of the system. People need to get on board with Kinect type electronics because like it or not it's the future, even cable tv companies are using Kinect like features.Xbox One is only going to grow better as did the 360. PS4 is using a different way to entice customers with DDR5, GPU with the Eye separate that's ok too. I don't have one bad word to say about either systems, both are designed for one thing and that to entertain and both do it great. I will say keep it coming Iam having a ball.

ravinash1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

The casual market is a fickle bunch.
Whats popular will drop in and out before you can either try to cash in on it.
Wii is a casing point...sold like anything, but as soon as everyone else jumped ship to follow the hype, everyone had moved no one was selling the number in that market again and even the Wii U trying to sell under the same name couldn't get the same traction it had.

Most of the casual market are on tablets because it's easy access on a device they already have.
Why would a casual player want to invest hundreds or $ or £ on a device to play casually on?

I'm not saying that it's impossible to grab the casual markets attention with one of the current consoles if the right game or software came out...but what that item will be is any ones guess.

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FamilyGuy1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

daaaamn, that's so true. No wonder it gained so much popularity so fast. MS was really trying hard for the first half of the 360 life cycle.

This also explains the disdain for kinect that so many seem to have. It was like the turning point, MS changed paths because of the Wii success and tried to emulate it by become more casual as well. Sony did something similar with the PS Move but they never stopped going after the core gamers as well, they tried to please everyone.

ifistbrowni1763d ago

damn, dude. You nailed it.

esemce1763d ago

Amen brother, lol yeah we just can't trust Microsoft, their focus on the casuals and Kinect has ruined them.
They had / have so much $ but they did not invest in what matters to us the most and that's origial IP's.

Losing Bizzare and Bungie and turning Rare into a kintect turd factory is unforgivable.

schlanz1763d ago

4 years is even a stretch, 2009 was around the time momentum switched to the PS3, specifically with the PS3 Slim and accompanied price drop.

MightyNoX1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Couldn't agree more. I remember looking at my PS3 whilst I was busy with Bayonetta, Project Sylpheed and Mass Effect and kept wondering "Why did I buy this thing." Then the 360 turned into a Kinect/Shooter nightmare and I haven't been using it since mid-2011

Meanwhile, Aksys just announced another localization. By this point, I'm guessing I should be done with the PS3 sometime in excellent investment for my money, IMHO.

As for you, Larry. Really? Maturing your Xbox? So much for being beta-tested in the future.

showtimefolks1763d ago


couldn't have said it any better.

xbox360 was awesome and had everything going for it, than MS saw wii sales and lost their focus and just had 3-4 years of casual stuff and totally focused on kinect

Many of us day one gamers were just pissed off at MS with the way they treated the core gamers and that is also a big reason many are switching to sony/ps4.

knowing MS they will support xbox one for 4 years than just make it a cable box and release the same 3-4 IP's every few years for rest of generation.

we just got

Ni Nu Kuni
The last of us
Sly 4

in 2013 and MS didn't deliver anything other than gears and halo for last 3 years while making bunch of kinect games

xtremeimport1763d ago

Definietly didnt.

The store is god awful to this day.


that picture is priceless

Plagasx1763d ago

hallelujah Praise jesus!

UnholyLight1763d ago

Totally agree with what you're saying @dedicatedtogames BUT, I think you took what Major Nelson said out of context. I think he was referring to the constant updates and "improvements" to the very base experience the Xbox 360 brought along like the different dashboard updates and the "New Xbox Experience" or whatever they called that major update that brought avatars and a similar setup to what we see today. Also worth mentioning I enjoyed having the reminders of constant sales always happening being advertised and one click away from taking you to a discounted game/DLC or free game (Not the occasional single tile ad, Obviously I hate that)

I hope Microsoft wisens up a bit and remembers what made the Xbox 360 the greatest (pre Kinect) although I actually enjoy the idea behind Kinect when it works though..

maniacmayhem1759d ago

Dedicated did take what Major Nelson was truly saying out of context. Once again a poster read the title and decided to give his own opinion and go in the complete opposite of what the story was about. All the while laying out his bias for a system and rallying the troops on this site.

The sad part is he gets a "well said" and not an off topic which is mind blowing.

Utalkin2me1763d ago

I have to disagree, 360 was the worst machine out of launch but people bought into it due to the the original xbox. Huge failure rate and being behind in every technical aspect. And i consider it as one of the worst technically launches of all time, as do statistically as everyone else.

UltraNova1763d ago


Bubble up for you man. You wrote down every single thought I had while reading this post.

ramiuk11763d ago

100% perfect comment.

the 360 was amazing imo from day 1,the online community was having a laugh and no idiots(well minimal).
the games were great too,spent hours on modern combat with folks from all over world.

it goes to show that kinect and media is there main goal surely if they think the1st 4 years were the 360s weakest

UnholyLight1763d ago

What is actually a little depressing is the Xbox 360 brought me into the world of online gaming at the age of 13 way back in '06 and you used to be able to chat with people from all over - Many awesome conversations were had with Germans, Norwegian, British you name it...Nowadays it seems like the matchmaking system only throw you in with people from the USA (Don't take it the wrong way, no hate my North American brothers!!!)

Those were the days. Also, people weren't as retardedly good at multiplayer video games as they are now, which I find ruins my online experience ahah :/

UltraNova1762d ago

Thats why I dont even bother with multiplayer after MW2..people just missed the whole point of multiplayer now its all about body counts and leveling up while they scream like bitches...the FUN part is totally gone its all 'business' now.

This is why I prefer Sony's platforms, because I get to play the best (9/10 times) single player games on their platforms.

Last gen I had 2 360's (which I abandoned after the second one that was refurbished still died) and stayed with my PC and PS3...I was a happy dude..

Today until MS gets its shit together I wont buy the one. I recently upgraded my PC and I will be getting the PS4 soon (If I ever find it in stock).

But! I'm definitely getting the Wii U when the price is cut. I just have many feelings for Nintendo what can I say the N64 got me really good...

Azzanation1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

There not talking about the games in this article (There coming anyway) there talking more on the lines of the Console improvement with features and patches etc.

360 had a strong start but when you play Halo 3 then play Halo 4 there are major differences in visual quality, and you wouldn't even know that Halo 4 was on 360 with the way that game looked.

Same will happen with XB1. It doesn't have to look better then PS4 they just have to look good.

DarkLord10031763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

At the beginning the 360 had so many good games. And they also were quite different. Not only shooters but also JRPGs. Good times...

The last 2 years or let's even say the last 3 years were bad for the system. Forza, Halo and Gears are not enough. Where is Alan Wake 2, an new Viva Pinata or any other non-shooter exclusive? I really hope with the ONE MS is going to broaden their appeal and focus on a wider range of gaming genres..

rafaman1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Xbox Live, in the early days, there wasnt Demos or Videos to download. No netflix and lots of other awesome apps on xbox live.

It evolved A LOT in the years after. The only thing that got worse was the performance, but it is something to expect given the features added in a console with only 512mb.

Gamer19821763d ago

360 drove ahead due to early release we all know this. If hes talking about maturity in software then sure I can see that look at the old initial blades OS 360 had.. It was decent but not great.. He talking about it this gen aswell I'm guessing saying the OS is gonna change again in a few years.. The obvious issue with that here I see is I don't find many who like this new OS. Although its similar to 360's OS it's actually worse and a step back compared to it.. My friends who own an Xbone don't like it and they are stuck with it now. PS4 however took a massive positive step and finally (sorta) ditched the XMB.

lifeisgamesok1763d ago

It's the opposite MS is focusing on big triple A experiences

Sony is focusing on smaller budget games without multiplayer and different modes

Jdoki1763d ago

I'm a bit late to this comment thread, but had to post a 'Well Said' to dedicatedtogames.

I want to buy an XB1, but for all the reasons you stated I am suspicious of MS.

Kameo was a great launch title, and with refinement a sequel could have been fantastic. Viva Pinata was something really different and fun. Then we got Gears of War, which was stunning. good times - then 2009 happened and MS went off the rails for me.

DVAcme1763d ago

Spectacular comment, I salute you, sir.

Jessika_S1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

But doesn't that mean that after all the work they put into the 360 you learn from it so that when you create your next system you don't have to start over, you continue from where the first one left off. I'm enjoying my Xbox One but I feel like if it's going to take them the same amount of time that it took to get to where the 360 is today than whats the point by then a new Xbox will be on the horizon. I WANT MORE APPS.....

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insomnium21764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

By mature they must mean "has no games". X360 had plenty games in the first 3 years it was available and after that it got mature and stagnated to the same 3 franchises? Kinect?

XiSasukeUchiha1764d ago

Hopefully the long game actually works!

OlgerO1764d ago

360 got worse in the second part of its lifetime, glad he told us before hand that the same thing will happen again.

BX811764d ago

I think you're confusing the console with game selection. The 360 was/is an excellent system. It sure could've used a lot more game support towards the end of the cycle, but that doesn't detract from the catalogue of games it already had.

Qwagy UK1764d ago

So we all need to wait 2 years before we buy one. Thank you I was only going to wait a year before I bought one.

pompombrum1764d ago

Nope wrong, if he's comparing how the Xbox One will grow to the 360, it means buy one now and then sell it in four years time.

esemce1763d ago

I'd wait for the slim and a massive price cut, yeah and maybe some decent games that don't look like they are running on a 5 year old PC.

strigoi8141764d ago

360 was best at launch and got stale at the end..xb1 we dont know yet