EA: Mobile won't kill consoles

"I don't see a day when [mobile] takes over the console experience," CFO Blake Jorgensen says.

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daggertoes831648d ago

Ea finally does/says something right.

Yi-Long1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Not exactly. It certainly won't 'kill' consoles, but if in 5 years from now 50 million people are carrying an Android device in their pocket that holds the power of a PS4, and when those people come home and can easily connect that phone to a TV and thus are able to use it as their personal entertainment-system, while it is also linked to their steam-account, and you can just use any great wireless PS4/XBO/360/whatever controller.... well, my friend, you can figure out the potential of that future.

And yes, in 5 years time, phones WILL hold that power. Already we now see Chinese phones that come with 3GB RAM, FullHD screens (or better), HDMI-out, very powerful processors, etc etc.

You need to look a few steps ahead, and step over your fears that console-gaming will 'die' (it won't), but when you have such a huge potential market walking around with amazing pocket-sized hardware, developers will want to produce games for that market.

cemelc1647d ago

While i do agree that eventually phone tecnology will catch up with consoles (i mean theres a new gen every year), i dont see how the AAA games are going to be ported with current price structure. Seeing a 50$ game on android as it is would be crazy.

And lets not forget hard drive space, now games are 30gb (more or less), in five years games are going to be 50gb a game.

Aside, in a few year were might have a new kind of input device and phones become relics, you never know.

Spinal1647d ago

It Will never happen.

Just remember, people still need their devices as Phones primarily. They're not going to hook it up to the TV so that when they get calls they have to keep running to the phone to pick it up.

I love my iPhone but I use it as a Phone first then a multimedia deivce to pass the time on my train to and from work. When i get home, I jump on my PC and get to gaming.

You're very wrong in assuming those 50 mil+ devices are people who game. A person who plays Angry Birds is not essentially the same type of person who plays Killzone/Uncharted on a console. My gf plays Walking dead on the phone but she doesnt play home consoles or any games other than that. Nor do her friends.

Mobiles will never replace home consoles. End of.

Yi-Long1647d ago

@Spinal and Cemelc:

Ok, think about it like this: I'm a PS4 gamer. 5 years from now, I have a phone that's as powerful as my PS4, it has access to my Steam-account or whatever, and when I get home I can plug it into my dock, connected to my HD-screen, and use it as a console.

Still with me?

OK, let's say FIFA 19 is being sold for 50-60 bucks for PS4, yet the EXACT SAME VERSION (graphics, gameplay, content, etc) also has an 'Android'/Linux release, and EA sells that version for 25-30 bucks. And it being available for my Android devices, in this case my phone, it means I can also always just take my complete collection of games wherever I go, hook it up somewhere else, at a friend's house, or in another room, or on vacation, and still enjoy it.

Just think about that possibility.

So the game, in terms of graphics, gameplay, content, etc is completely the same. The price is much lower. And it's much easier to take everywhere you go. Not to mention it will be in your account and thus possesion forever (theoratically), so you don't have to worry about backwards compatibility...

Now... given that choice, you have both machines, both experiences are basically the same, will you buy the 50-60 bucks PS4 version, or the 25-30 bucks Android version!?

You might still pick the PS4 version, but I'm sure many millions will choose the Android version instead.

About the storage-question: I'm sure that when phones like these take a bigger place in the living room entertainment space, we will see the docks coming with a HDD, or simply able to hook up with an external HDD, which can hold all your content/games.

tigner1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Yi, you're saying what friends and myself have been stating for the last couple years. I just saw some phone (wish I knew the name)..that has 1 gig of Memory just for a separate Nvidia Graphics Card/processor! Its amazing what they are putting out as far as smart phone technology.

I agree w/ you also...there will be some sort of docking station that will deliver a wired or wireless feed to the TV. The dock might even allow for greater graphic capability because its going from the small screen to the big screen. (and up converter if you will)

The dock will even have flash memory (that keeps increasing in size and getting cheaper) to store your games. OR you'll stream your games over the internet.

Look at Nova 3, while not console worthy, for the small screen, wowzers it looks amazing on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S4....and costs what...when not on sale...$7?...

I'm there with ya buddy...I may not agree with your time frame...I'm thinking more in 10 to 15 years (basically at the end of this current gen)...but in the next 5 years, we're going to see some amazing leaps in Smartphone tech and gaming.

hay1647d ago

With Dungeon Keeper Mobile not only they have introduced for the first time in history "dung" in DUNGeon Keeper, but surely did a fare share of assuring mobile won't come close to consoles anytime soon...

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3-4-51647d ago

Far too many people invested in Mobile and now they have to convince you that it's "better" somehow.

50% of those buying ios games Might not be doing so 3-4 years from now.

Something else will be "in/hot/cool" and the casuals will jump ship they always do.

Then whatever the "new" thing is, will be "next console killer" and so on ect...

Handhelds are here to stay

Consoles are here to stay

Physical Copies & Cartridges are here to stay

chrissx1647d ago

Ofcus mobile won't kill console gaming. They are two seperate worlds entirely

The_KELRaTH1647d ago

Its an irrelevant comment as he's referring to todays technology.

4ShotKing1647d ago

"You're god damn right" - Heinsenburg

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