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"Picture a scene. You arrive at the grocery store. You see a man standing at the end of the hall. Act casual, you think while he eyes you. Try to look natural. You extend your wobbly, jaundiced limbs and wander down the hall, knocking over displays and accidentally smacking the poor fellow in the head while trying to pick up a magazine. Play it cool, you think. You notice a Segway at the end of the hallway. You always wanted one, but your wife said no, because you’d look like a total douche on one.

You think, now’s my chance. You grab the nearest pair of shutter shades and hop on that Segway, cruising into the grocery store. Suddenly, you realize that with boneless limbs, it’s quite difficult to navigate the machine properly and end up crashing into the cereal aisle and run a woman over. Trying to save face, you maneuver your way to the other end of the store, only to smash into a watermelon display and slip on some poorly placed banana peels. It is at this point that the people around you realize that you are not the unassuming man they thought you were. You are an octopus.

This is the glorious experience of playing Octodad: Dadliest Catch." - Christian Mincks of Geekenstein

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