Zynga acquires NaturalMotion for $527m, lays off 314 staff

Zynga has announced the purchase of UK game-maker NaturalMotion for $527m.The company also announced that it would be laying off about 15% of its workforce – that comes out to roughly 314 employees.

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yellowgerbil1512d ago

How in the hell do they even need 300 employees to make Farmville 3 let alone over 2500!!!!! Seriously, can't the ripoff games they make be handled by 4 or 5 people each, its not like they require any brainstorming or creative design people.

Eonjay1512d ago

How do you spend 527 million and then lay people off? Both good questions.

IndiaFPS1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

compensating for 527 m usd

TomShoe1512d ago


Zynga got Mattrick'd

ZodTheRipper1512d ago

Don Mattrick f****ing s**t up.

DinoNYC1512d ago

Zynga was doomed for quite a while. They were definitely too ambitious in growing the company, they shouldn't need more than 50 employees. Sad to see people lose their job though, layoffs have been rough.

LocutusEstBorg1512d ago

Time to delete all my NaturalMotion games.

theWB271512d ago

Why do they need naturalmotion and their tech for mobile games is my question.

DeadlyFire1512d ago

Perhaps they are to build bigger games for consoles? maybe or vastly expand the tech with a game engine to sell/license to game developers. As Natural Motion has kept a small circle around its tech so far. Expanding it would be great.

I don't see how any Zygna game could benefit from their tech. Its possible they will sell their tech to another company.

MasterCornholio1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Zynga + Don = Dooooommmmeeeeeedddd


OrangePowerz1512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

They have been doomed before that, hence why they got Don in the first place. I'm sorry for all the low pevel workforce, but Zynga can't die soon enough.

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