Rumor – Titanfall to Have 16 Maps at Launch, Followed by First DLC 45 Days Later

MP1st - Titanfall has been in the news all week, with rumors of a beta on Valentines day, later confirmed by Respawn, to the announcement of cloud server updates to eliminate gameplay interruption.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31629d ago

I was getting ready to ask if that was a decent amount...? You never know around these parts :P

AngelicIceDiamond1629d ago

From what I've heard the maps are pretty big as well.

I think Ghost has 14 maps at launch.

Its a MP game only so I'm lead to believe the rumor is true, it just makes sense to have that many. Respawn isn't focusing on SP or anything else so I can see that.

16 different varied maps big sized maps that I'll have to learn before the first DLC comes out.

Challenge accepted.

superbhoy1629d ago

if its true then great but its EA so im doubtful. they like to release the other half of the game in DLC

Septic1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Also, these guys made the best maps on Modern warfare 1 and 2. Remember Afghan, Terminal etc?

The map designs really stand out so I hope this carries over the legacy. The map I played was decent but I hope for more variety. Like a desert map or one in space etx. Who remembers the Unreal tournament map in space (the moon iirc?) With two bases opposite each other?

Bolts-N-Rays11091629d ago


As well as Overgrown! I could play that map for hours.

VENOMACR12271629d ago

16 maps are more than enough. I was thinking it would be like 10, maybe 12, but 16 is excellent. Nothing worse than playing the same map over and over and over. Sure your going to eventually but with 16 it won't be as tiresome.

I wonder if the DLC will feature not only new maps but new Titans and weapons.

TomShoe1629d ago

DLC in 1 1/2 months?

EA's at it again (;¬_¬)

ambientFLIER1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

"DLC in 1 1/2 months?

EA's at it again (;¬_¬)"

(insert company name here) at it again. I know that EA is now the default company to blame for literally everything, but give me a break with this stuff. Everyone does it.

truefan11629d ago

Hopefully this rumor is true, I'm excited because COD 1 and 2 had the best maps. I look forward to practicing verticality and wall running. Standby for Titanfall.

pompombrum1629d ago

If the map designers are the same ones that worked on COD4 and MW2, then 16 maps is in-fooking-credible!

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1629d ago
1nsomniac1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

As a multiplayer only game & charging the new standard asking price of £60 I would be very disappointed if it had any less!

Zeniix1629d ago

Well since there's only multiplayer you wouldn't expect 8

3-4-51629d ago

16 is the minimum multiplayer FPS games should ship with.

Halo 2 had like 35 + maps and 90% were awesome.

Since then ( 2004), games have scaled back how many maps and also a decent amount of maps are becoming more cookie cutter and generic.

Gamer19821628d ago

Not a lot really if you remember theres no single player.. Would expect at least 16 to be honest. If they came out with say 8? People would be in uproar paying £50 for an Xbone game with no single player and only 8 maps. 16 at least makes it feel like you got a few pieces of DLC. Still think no single player is ripping people off though.

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Fishy Fingers1629d ago

Decent amount. Hopefully there is some nice variety on the environments.

cell9891629d ago

considering its an online Multiplayer only game its a given, nevertheless its a good hefty amount of maps, good call Respawn

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