Nintendo’s Statement for the Future

Nintendo’s Mr Iwata had a managerial briefing in which he made some statements about the future of Nintendo. This included short- and long-term plans for Nintendo.

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KevinCubes1575d ago

Offtopic: Why do Nintendo fans always complain about losing rare ware due to Microsoft.......MOVE ON what's done is done.

wonderfulmonkeyman1575d ago

We complain because Rare deserved better than what it got when Micro bought them.

Most of their best talent has moved out of Rare since the acquisition, though, so it's not like the old guard with all of that shining talent is even there anymore to pick up the slack.
IIRC, some of them even joined Retro not that far back in the past...

On-topic: I'm glad that Nintendo is sticking to its guns and not dropping consoles or going mobile/third-party.
I'm also excited about them letting third parties use their characters for spin-off games.[under close watch, thankfully, to preserve quality control]

The only downside to that, is that it's kind of a telling thing about third parties and Nintendo systems as of late.
After the poor launch line-up from third parties, it seems that most Nintendo fans have almost entirely given up on some of the big AAA third parties.
So now, in order to counter what seems to be hesitance on consumer's part to trust these third parties enough to buy their games, Nintendo has had to pretty much resort to this.
Using Nintendo characters to sell their games is starting to feel like the only way some of these third parties could make a game that people would be willing to try, after debacles like Sniper Elite V2 and ME3...
Thankfully, some third parties are immune to that because they've shown talent in making games for the system despite low sales,[Ubisoft, Platinum, Shin'en]but I get the feeling that TP's like EA would have to beg for some character license rights before they'd be able to sell their games to an audience that they burned early and left early...[assuming they could do something good with the characters, that is.]
I don't think I even need to mention the ones that haven't even tried to make a game at all on the console.
They'd have the hardest time selling unless they made something new and spectacular.

Kriandis1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Most of Rare's amazing talent left before the acquisition and formed Free Radical....Hence the reason Nintendo sold them.
Plus, Chris and Tim Stamper leaving a few years after the acquisition just added to Rare's Woes.
Rare did make some classics though. R.C. Pro Am, Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country, and Banjo Kazooie are still some of my all time favorite games.

KonsoruMasuta1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Very few complain. Rare isn't what they once were.

Metallox1575d ago

I don't want Rare back to Nintendo. Not many people of the Golden Age are still in the company.

wonderfulmonkeyman1575d ago

I would want Rare back into Nintendo's fold for two reasons:

#1 Rare's IP's would be Nintendo's IP's.
#2 The teams within Rare could be re-filled with talented individuals instead of left in a "shells of their former glory" state, as they are now.

I think that we deserve a true sequel to Banjo-Tooie, after the enormous f***-up that was Nuts&Bolts, and it doesn't look like Microsoft can provide that, so far, as Rare's parent company.

neogeo1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Why can't they just go back to basics. Drop the gimmicks and just make great games. The kind of games that take hard work like Super Metroid. No shortcuts just blood and sweat and sleepless night of making fantastic games and greatness will follow. It is tried and tested and proven to work. Everyone said that Sony was wasting money buying up so many exclusive 1st party company's and focusing on gamers only while MS and NIN went for the casual and gimmicks. What MS and NIN forget about is loyalty. casuals are loyal to none and hardcore gamers spend big bucks and you can earn our loyalty by just making some good games and not trying to rob us. Why fight it?

KonsoruMasuta1575d ago

Yeah, some of the gimmicks are bad. I hated the wiimote and the motion control stuff. The gamepad isn't as bad though, although the battery life is annoying. I think this whole situation has shown them what they need to do. Iwata's plans sound good.
What I like the most about the announcement is that they're licensing some of their characters out to third parties. That way we can see some of the older Nintendo series come back to life. Hopefully they get put in the hands of the right developers.

McScroggz1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I've gone into more detail in other posts, but the biggest problem is their target audience (children/family friendly/casual). Simply put, their focus is either growing up and moving on to other platforms or moving towards mobile/tablets.

There are other issues that compound the problem, but Nintendo built its base on sand and the tide has been coming in for a while. Their handheld dominance has helped them sustain a consistent profit; but it is getting to the point where it's not enough anymore and they need to readjust their strategy or they will drown. I most certainly don't want them to drown.

SonyKong641575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I complain, I miss them so so much = /

To me, it's as if Microsoft stole my childhood memories and replaced them with the slow lubricated rape that is Kinect..

They're only interest in acquisition of Rareware was to hurt Nintendo. Greed and jealousy is all Microsoft knows, and they scarred me for life dammit..

It gets brought up a little more often lately only because they've been called out and seen for who they truly are, and that's not a friend of gaming.. by any means.

Control and maximum profit, that is all they seek. All that is wrong with the world, control and maximum profit schemes = /

FlyingFoxy1575d ago

We'll never see a quality Conker/BK game again.. at least not on Wii U, probably not on MS's consoles either. And for that matter, probably not even similar games.