Iwata Admits Nintendo had a "Divided" Marketing Strategy

During Wednesday's briefing, Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata explained exactly where Nintendo's marketing went wrong.

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CursedHero1512d ago

Interesting! Very interesting...

Madock1511d ago

Writer is clueless, didn't get Iwata san comments at all,
He meant that thier TV spot time & main marketing funding was devided possibly unfairly towards the 3ds that Nintendo put all thier marketing might behind after poor initial sales.
I think he's prepairing for thr hybrid console that will have 1 marketing campaign & will b more easily focused on

BoneBone1511d ago

They already stated there will be a new future handheld and separate home console, so no. They also stated there maybe more separate devices focoused on health and education.

truechainz1511d ago

They also stated that the architecture will be similar like brothers so it may not come out of the box like a hybrid console, but they will probably work together like one.

Madock1511d ago

He said they'll be working like brothers, whatever that means
& talked a lot about a virtual service (seemed almost like steam) but with integrated health device?!!!!
I don't know what he means so i can't comment except on the fact that he's making something new, i personally hope it's a hybrid

BoneBone1511d ago

Writer implies Nintendo didn't acknowledge people confused the GamePad for a Wii add on, when they actually did!