PlayStation Has News That “Gamers Will Be Excited About” At GDC 2014

iGR: "GDC 2014 is fast approaching. From March 17-21st, the Moscone Center will play host to thousands of industry professionals, aspiring developers, and press alike. It’s one of the largest gaming-related gatherings in the United States. I had a chance to ask PlayStation developer relations manager, Brian Silva what himself and Adam Boyes’ team had in store for the conference."

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dedicatedtogamers1629d ago

Announcement of an announcement...

These companies might as well start saying "we are going to release games for our system this year. BE EXCITED!"

EBTpickle1629d ago

I honestly think they're contemplating what they can announce between now and E3 and still blow everyone away in June. I believe Microsoft is in the same boat.

xHeavYx1629d ago

Nothing wrong with creating some hype. I just wish I didn't have to wait almost 2 months to know what they are talking about

UltimateMaster1629d ago

Yeah, wasn't it the same with the new Gears of War.
The franchise ended, there's nothing more to make of it. Without Epic Games, it's not a Gears of War. But Die-Hard Franchise lover will pay up the cash anyway.

When it's made by another studio, it's either a good/decent replica without anything new or a complete disaster in the making.

showtimefolks1628d ago


over the last few years sony has announced most of their stuff before E# but still kept few surprises. I believe they will do the same with PS4 and here is why

why only dominate E3 when you can have all the news to yourself weeks before E3 when you have no competition so all the games announced get full attention from media and gamers

than come E3 show more of what you announced and maybe show couple of more surprises

sony knows how to do E3 better than most imo

Blastoise1629d ago

Spoiler alert: Sony will show some games at E3


thekhurg1628d ago

Dude WTF, I try to avoid spoilers.

MightyNoX1629d ago

Oh hush, you know you love it! :P

thehitman1629d ago

Its called building hype lol. You want people to tune in and focus on your product. Nothing abnormal about that.

-Foxtrot1629d ago

True but I mean GDC isn't untill March

They could of said this a few weeks away from it like near the end of Feb...least then we wouldn't be waiting as long

thehitman1629d ago

March is only a little more than a month away. GDC is a huge event marketing and build up starts usually for these events 1-2 months before it.

Games_R_Us1629d ago

Its how PR works today, get people excited for the announcement and its a good way to get people to plan to tune in to it when it happens. For me, its annoying as it starts massive debates now over what it is, builds up hype and false expectation and when the event happens, if it doesn't live up to that user generated hype, people are dissapointed.

I wonder if people just tuned in and we didn't have all this pre talk, would we find the events better and more satisfying?

Food for thought. Agree? If so, bubble me up, I need it! :)

alejandroelputo1629d ago

This are one of the news I like the most, when there is really no news. Just a news that there will be a news, it is just so tempting and awesome that it feels good.

Lukejrl1629d ago

It is actually a problem with the way people receive their news today. It is Instant. So in many circles, not just gaming, any little tidbit of information is now news. Any announcement is worth reporting to fill the void that people expect to be filled while still creating hype.

hellzsupernova1628d ago

"Please be excited for E3"
Square enix

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Dark_Anakin1629d ago

Well they won't say it will suck of course... :-/

ANIALATOR1361629d ago

I reckon its about the recent emulation rumour

EBTpickle1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Could be, my money is on Unity for PS4 support. Then announcing some new games that are coming to PS4 as a result.

@kiz2694, I meant the Unity support going live, not that there WILL be Unity support.

kiz26941629d ago

Already confirmed that the PS4 has Unity Support

Lionalliance1629d ago

There's been a lot of Sony related news today.

EBTpickle1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Microsoft pretty much had yesterday locked down with the Gears of War purchase, but there's two sides to every schwartz

curtis921629d ago

hey at least it's gaming related. #NFL

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