Albert Penello Comments On Multiplatform Games Running At Lower Resolution/Frame Rate On Xbox One

"It's no secret that some of the major AAA multiplatform games have struggled to run in full HD [1080p] or better frame rates [60fps] on the Xbox One."

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XiSasukeUchiha1584d ago

Hopefully everything will settle down!

cleft51583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

The reality is that the PS4 has more power than the Xbox One and it is easier to access that power. It's not that the Xbox One isn't powerful, it's that it takes more time to get at that power.

If people are looking for the most powerful console than the choice is clear. If they want the exclusive games that Microsoft produce than they have to get the Xbox One. That does mean accepting that they are buying the less powerful console. It's not the end of the world, developers will get better at making games for the Xbox One, but the PS4 will always have the edge on 3rd party games unless developers go out of their way to limit their games to be on par.Those are the facts, it's not really debatable, the problem comes when people and developers try to pretend otherwise.

raWfodog1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I believe that given enough time the developers would also be able to optimize the XB1 versions of their games to have them output at similar specs. But that seems to be the gist of the issue. The developers seem to suggest that they are on a strict deadline and the PS4 is easier to get to that level in that timeframe.


jaredhart1583d ago

Panello in Damage Control speak again.

windblowsagain1583d ago

Your correct in some ways.

But XB1 will never compete for REZ and FPS with PS4.

It does not matter how much coding goes on. The GPU is too weak. Ram is not as fast.

But your correct in the fact that people can still buy xb1 exclusives.

thekhurg1583d ago

I'm shocked he's still trying to hold on to his claim that Ryse is the best looking next-gen game.

BallsEye1583d ago

I'm sure that as soon as devs will start making real next-gen games not just porting it from old consoles, xbox one will shine. Move engines, plenty of other dedicated chips and ESRAM can give huge advantage if used right, as many devs already said. PS3 had less powerfull parts on paper and complicated architecture, but later on it cought up and sometimes surpassed 360. It took time. Now XO is one with more complicated architecture, which needs to be tamed. Funny how suddenly fanboys change their tune from what was going on with ps3 - "devs are just lazy cause they don't wanna code for more complicated but new and advanced architecture of ps3! "- they said. Now all the fanboys in here favor only raw specs and simple off the shelf architecture.

Here are raw specs of ps3 and xbox 360

So what say you?

1583d ago
Why o why1583d ago

yeah BallsEye, because forza looked better than gt and all of ms's exclusives looked better than tlou and gow3 etc......lmao. ps exclusives outperformed ms's ones in many genres... Lets not try and rewrite history. It was more complicated but yielded better results in the right hands. Now the architectures are the same....only difference, which has already shown proof, is that RAW POWER......go cry somewhere else

Biggest1583d ago

I wonder. If the differences between the PS4 and Xbone are so insignificant, what the hell are they doing selling the Xbone? The X360 is not very far off from the Xbone in performance so far. I know the guy works for Microsoft, but he really needs to learn when to walk away.

creatchee1583d ago

Penello really needs to stop - every time he opens his mouth or types something, he gets jumped on repeatedly by the internet (most of those times, deservingly). His statements typically come off as "we have X, but I have no proof of this other than stuff that I don't understand or numbers that are misleading."

And this is coming from a Xbox supporter.

redwin1583d ago

Lol, it's interesting. It's a fact that when you feel that when you have to justify yourself it's because you have the must doubt. Keep that in mind when you post, I'm very happy with both of my next gen consoles. I'm also very happy that Sony came to their sences and made their controller bigger like the MS' now it's a better experience. 30fps- 60fps I'll buy the one that will give me a better experience, do you think look at the fps when I buy an Indy game? I buy a game experience. PS, I can't wait unti Infamos and TitanFall comes out, I'm loving this gen.

JokesOnYou1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

quoting another comment:

"Ps4 version is ported by nixxes who ported the pc version. 45-60 fps with stuttering. Xbo version is ported by united front games at 30-40fps

Tomb raider:Moneygrabber edition.

60 bucks for a Hd port. Enjoy."

-Also cleft5 I agree ps4 is more powerful but not orders of magnitude more powerful as if its on par with the latest high end pc specs. In other words the ps4's ceiling this gen is still only going to be 1080p 60fps at best and so will X1, unless youre going to tell me ps4 games are going to have have higher res than that comparable pc then realisticly we arent talking about a huge future gap even though of course performance of both will get better. So the point is although ps4 might be easier to hit that benchmark X1 is more than capable but of course tools and time are a bigger factor in doing so. COD Ghost, BF4 all rushed for launch deadline which is even more obvious by all the problems post release. Tomb Raider again is a money grab trying to capatilize quickly on a port with different teams, yet there is nothing tere content wise to justify $60 re-release.

I mean any way you look at even though the X1 on paper isnt as powerful as ps4, the specs confirm its much more powerful than 360, so if 360 was doing 720p 30/60fps no problem, then X1 is certainly capable of 1080p 60fps for all but maybe the most demanding open world games, an optimized fps on a new engine or platformers, action games etc should and will be achievable but of course some would rather believe last gen ports, and early software indicate exactly what we will see all gen as if devs wont extract more performance in the future which btw I'd prefer game design was the priority vs dumbing down to ensure a game hits superficial benchmarks, as I said DR3 may be technically flawed but it's scale is also more ambitious.

thejigisup1583d ago

@ballseye what makes the architecture of the xbo more complicated than the ps4? I see weaker specs but I don't see whats making this more complicated.

@rawfodog "I believe that given enough time the developers would also be able to optimize the XB1 versions of their games to have them output at similar specs" If developers are putting in the same amount of time and effort for optimization on both consoles there will still be a potential for a huge gap in quality of the game.

ProjectVulcan1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

"There is no way we’re giving up a 30%+ advantage to Sony. And ANYONE who has seen both systems running could say there are great looking games on both systems. If there was really huge performance difference – it would be obvious"

This was the comment that started this debate.

Are we seeing a difference, where PS4 can perform 30+ percent better on the same games? Is it an obvious difference?

I don't see a way around this, it's a fact. It's all factual and Penello was wrong, and has to either apologise for being proven incorrect, or preferably- quieten down.

johndoe112111583d ago


Stop using the ps3/360 comparison. The ps3 on paper may look like it had the lower specs but it also had one of the most advanced processors ever built. This is what made it complicated.

In case you have forgotten sony was initially not even gonna put a gpu in the ps3 because the cell would have handled everything. The situation now is completely different.

Both machines are very similar in terms of architecture but not in specs. The ps4 has better specs and will only get better over time. The xone has lower specs and will get better over time so basically no matter how much better the xone gets it will never be on par with the ps4.

Nocando1583d ago

Yeah, I made my choice with the X1, but Ps4 does have the edge. I have no issues admitting that. Would be nice if we could move on and have discussions about the games on X1 without the first post almost always being a troll though.

GTgamer1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Okay Panello I'll play ball first of all except the fact that the PS4 is stronger don't try to spin this, then you say Ryse is the best looking game on Next Gen personally I say KZSF but I'm still playing ball but i wonder if he knows that Ryse is 900p and runs below 30fps :/ and its made by crytek we all know they make pretty games and for panello to says things like that it makes me think that he thinks that Ryse wouldn't be possible on PS4 but we all know thats not true.
Panello please stop your making worse it for yourself and that's the truth.

TheGreatAndPowerful1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

That dude is full of sh*t! What a despicable company.

“I think if you look at the title which we launch, which were multiplatform titles. The bulk of them were the same. I think there were 12 titles were released on both platforms [PS4 and Xbox One], leaving three, all of them had the same performance on both boxes. Everybody wants to focus on frame rate, there is Tomb Raider, there is a resolution thing going on and OK, there could be a lot of reasons why that could be true but we are just a [few] weeks in, we just shipped, it’s a long generation. People who bought an Xbox One are going to be in for an awesome generation of games that are only going to get better. I think these little things get way overblown versus like the quality of the games and the real differences in experiences which are pretty minor,” he said.

Kryptix1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

lol Albert Penello, this guy is full of contradictions and damage control.

He's right about one's only the beginning of the generation, things will only improve from here for 'both' consoles and if he only said that then fine, that's completely true but here's where his latest statement is just full of bullshit once again, keeping the fanboys in denial...

He said, quote on quote, "I still think Ryse is still the best looking game on any platform. Period. End of story," but fails to realize that many, many sacrifices were made to create that game. Not only is Ryse running at 900p native but also runs a bit lower than 30fps and is very linear and boxed in. With no variety of enemies which doesn't hurt performance as much as having different types in one area. Now look at the sacrifices Dead Rising 3 had to make to have dozens and dozens of zombies in one area. That game is running at 720p, 30fps with visuals that aren't really considered next gen. Doesn't seem like the Xbox One is making games on par with the PS4 without having sacrifices here and there.

And it's kinda funny he had to bring up Ryse to answer a question on why the PS4 is running multiplatform games better than the Xbox One. Why can't he just admit the PS4 has better hardware then he can tell everyone it's not about the power of the GPU but about the new experiences next gen can bring.

If Microsoft stuck with that then fine, that's their plan, to focus on gameplay first, but it's just ridiculous trying to keep talking up stuff that isn't true. If you had to reply to a growing pattern with something stating the opposite, then you're doing something wrong because the facts are starting to get clearer. Well, for the people that were born with with a pair of eyes. It seems like JokesOnYou has 2 glass eyes and something else wrong with that messed up logic.

morganfell1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Penello's attempts are only making matters worse. Even Xbox supporters are tuning on him.

The Gaf thread was out of control and funny as hell:

1OddWorld1583d ago

Mark Cerny said that the time to triangle was faster on PS4.

Man speaks nothing but facts.

1OddWorld1583d ago

@JokesOnYou - Your point that games will end up at some point 1080p and 60fps on the XB1 is a great point.

But, While XB1 is struggling to reach the standard 1080p 60fps. Sony is using its faster memory/more memory/faster GPU to create bigger better games. XB1 will never be able to reduce the 30+ percent power advantage that the PS4 has. No matter how good the coding and engines get.

PS4 will always be ahead of XB1 due to XB1 hardware limitations.

IceKoldKilla1583d ago

@BallsEye WTF are you drunk? The PS3 has better hardware on paper but it took too long to program or something like that. It was harder to access the power. But with time, devs got better at it but was still longer because of that Cell processor. Still Gran Turismo, God of War III, Uncharted 3 and more games showed that it was possible but of course 3rd party games were never gonna achieve that. The devs have a dealine and need it to work well on both consoles. No time to make it better on PS3 and no point either unless they were paid by Sony in which case they'd probably would have done it.

USA0071583d ago

@1OddWorld Although I agree with you the PS4 is more powerful, (not 30% in my opinion) and both have a long way to go with optimization. The X1 does have a lot of things that aren't optimized right now, that the PS4 doesn't have. The X1 has the esram and other fancy chips and such, that developers simply aren't using, or aren't using efficiently right now. It will take a while to get all these parts working efficiently, but I do think they have potential to help the X1's games. I still don't think the X1 will ever beat the PS4, but it will help.

@BallsEye You do know those tests that you linked are pretty pointless right? Those tests would have been designed for a normal computer, and the cell processor wouldn't have handled everything as efficiently as it could have. The PS3 and 360 have roughly the same specs in terms of performance. Some things the 360 has a slight edge on, and others the PS3 has a slight edge on, but they never have any large differences. It is difficult to compare the different architectures as tests like the one you posted simply don't work.

b777conehead1583d ago

I have ps4 and xone so that's the other choice. I get best of both worlds. they both have strength and weaknes. and I am very happy with both consoles.

solidboss071583d ago

@Balls 'n the eyes

That's funny.

AndrewLB1583d ago

"If people are looking for the most powerful console than the choice is clear."

It sure is. It's to not purchase either console since both console designs were half-a$$ed and don't have the power to run ALL games at 1080p. Developers SHOULD be talking about how much freedom these consoles give them to be creative due to all the extra power they have to work with. Instead, Devs are clearly having problems with the lack of power on both consoles and how they're having to dumb down aspects of the game like shadowmaps, shaders, LOD, and over-blurring backgrounds to hide these things.

At the very MINIMUM, these consoles should have had the ability to match PC games from 2012 on Ultra settings @ 1080p. Sadly, they can't.

My brother for example has refrained from buying either Xbone or PS4 because first off, there are tons of great games he has yet to play on his PS3, and combined with the launch bugs on both consoles and the announcement of SteamBox, he's in no rush to buy.

edit\ actually his PS3 is now randomly freezing so he's going to give it to me to see if I can repair it and use it myself, and he's going to buy a replacement PS3. He's going to drop it off sunday.

Kidmyst1583d ago

This will be interesting how 6 Months, a Year form now how it looks. If Devs figure out how to push more from Xb1 or if this will still be the case. MSFT can't keep falling back to a launch game, as games come out they are supposed to get better and better. I have not seen anything on Xb1 yet to get me to buy one that I can't play on my PC or PS4 so MSFT better live up to what they say and release some stunning games or I won't be joining the Xb1 camp anytime soon.

British_Knight1583d ago

You may be correct, but I'm not 100% certain. If XB1 can stream live NFL games at 1080p and at 60fps, doesn't that mean that XB1 can run games in 1080p and at 60fps? Hell, NBA 2K14 runs at 1080p, 60fps on the XB1. However, the news does prove that it is easier to dev for the PS4 than the XB1 this time around. Also, Penello is right, Ryse Son of Rome is the best looking game on either console - for now.

XB1_PS41583d ago

This site is filled with gypsy future seers apparently. How do you guys know that in the future the XB1 won't compete with the Ps4 graphically? The PS3 started out very rocky, and they eventually took the race in the end graphically. I'm not saying the XB1 will do that, actually i'm certain it won't, but it may compete still.

Anyone know the PA lottery numbers?

USA0071582d ago

@British_Knight Streaming is different than actually rendering something. The XB1 can stream something 1080p, but usually TV and the like are about 30fps not 60. Streaming is more dependent on bandwidth than actual computer power.

@XB1_PS4 Why do you call everyone gypsies when you make your own prediction? Contradictory? To answer your question about graphics, the ps4 has a more powerful GPU, which will be hard for the XB1 to overcome. As only driver updates and optimization will help improve the XB1, which the PS4 will also be getting.

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blitz06231583d ago

"I know what is going behind the scenes and I have access to more information about some of this thing than a lot of people."

"I still think Ryse is still the best looking game on any platform. Period. End of story"

Why bring up Ryse when asked about resolution and framerate?

PR at it's finest. Can't say he isn't doing his job well

MysticStrummer1583d ago

lol @ "Period. End of story" after stating his personal opinion.

raWfodog1583d ago

I like how he's still trying to state his opinion like its a fact, and not a matter of perspective.

KillrateOmega1583d ago

Hey guys, didn't you know that facts = opinions nowadays? Didn't you get the memo?

imt5581583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Quote :

He thinks despite all the resolution and frame rate debates, Xbox One has the best looking game on any platform: Ryse: Son of Rome.

God damn, Penello! Please stop. You are the member of neoGAF site. Go tell this PR bullshit there. I wonder why you wont show up there.

But anyway, i miss this guy and his PR statement.


I miss you too, especially your PR bullshit.

BallsEye1583d ago

You even thinking? Talk was about graphics, he brought up Ryse because it IS graphically most advanced next-gen game. What's wrong with bringing up an amazing looking game into a talk about graphics?

Gamingcapacity1583d ago


Ryse had to sacrifice a lot to get it to look good. Why do you think it plays so bad???

Kayant1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Why am I not surprised this is the same guy that made statements such as this -->
and this -->
and this -->

He has yet to go back to gaf since the launch of those systems and where is that apology he promised to gaf seeing he was wrong about the FPS difference that could come up.

Well I will give that he did his job well during pre-launch.

Where in the title does it talk about exclusives anyone could easily make the argument with KZ.

Oh i see you're another misterx believer what a surprise /s

News flash PS4 & XB1 have the same exact architecture the only difference that is the ram setup. This is not the same as X360 and PS3.

But anyways keep waiting for the second SoC to be activated later this year...

zenezrail1583d ago

So Albert Penello knows more about what is going on behind the scenes, but was told "you don't need to know" when he asked about Call of Duty resolution?

GamingNerd0131583d ago

I know right I mean really this guy is just stupid and does a bad job at damage control with whatever he says. fine yeah we know it will get better over time X1 games. 2 things A there's a huge difference already with how powerful the PS4 is and that all 3rd party games have look and run better on PS4. 2 still about ryse having the best graphics really how about playing KZSF cause it's vastly better in everything to that shit game ryse. Really this Albert guy is a moron most of the time when he speaks he gives xbox a bad rep with what he says.

SpinalRemains1381583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )


Panello pulled a Palmiero and both men were full of it.

Everyone make a mental note. "Period", means full of crap.

ShwankyShpanky1583d ago

"If it comes out after we launch that the difference between 3rd party games is maybe single-digit FPS between the two platforms, will I get an apology or concession?"
-Albert Penello

Penello is a punk. He hasn't had the stones to post on Gaf since 11/22.

johndoe112111583d ago


That just shows his level of stupidity and arrogance, even for a pr person. That was uncalled for when you consider the topic they were discussing.

Cyanide851583d ago


As stated by others the X1 & PS4 has practically the same specs where the difference lyes is PS4 has a faster GPU which the X1 probably never can compensate for, and the PS4 has much better RAM when it comes to graphics.
The esram of the X1 is to small to ever compensate for the performance difference between the X1 & PS4.

The X1 is designed to do too many different things which imo will be its downfall, at least here in Europe where not many of these features even work so we're just stuck with a console that has less power and not many other features to make up for that.

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Septic1583d ago

Yeah well Albert Panello's comments don't exactly reinforce confidence.

"Look, I had a lot of time to think about this and I believe in what I said....I know what is going behind the scenes and I have access to more information about some of this thing than a lot of people."

Respectfully, Mr. Panello, the only information we have is the resolution and performance disparity in front of us. And ultimately, that is all that matters.

It doesn't matter what info you have, if you're not going to bother divulging it then why even make that statement? What purpose does that serve? I'm sorry but it just sounds like damage limitation and a very bad attempt at that.

Just come out and say it. You owe someone on NeoGaf an apology after all. I'm quite a patient guy (especially compared to some axe wielding guys on here lol) but I'm starting to lose patience with these self-serving statements.

Mikelarry1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

lol the same albert penello that could not give us the info about the COD resolution and his reply was that info is beyond his current pay grade, that penello..... nah he doesn't know much

Riderz13371583d ago Show
GribbleGrunger1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

"Look, I had a lot of time to think about this and I believe in what I said....I know what is going behind the scenes and I have access to more information about some of this thing than a lot of people."

That's very interesting because it is not what he said on Gaf. In fact he said the complete opposite. When asked about what resolution games were in he brushed it off by telling everyone 'I don't know, that's not my department'. I'm paraphrasing there but he definitely said that because it spurred about 20 pages of debate and accusations of lying.

He's talking about better framerates and resolution on the 'cheaper' PS4 as if they don't matter, and YET, last gen Major Nelson regularly pointed out that the 360 had better 'resolution' and 'framerates' than the PS3.

And not many titles were different? This won't end well.

PR at it's worse and once again MS have just opened themselves up for attack.

GarrusVakarian1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Lol, Penello should just keep his mouth shut, contradicting himself like that....smh. He isn't doing MS's already tainted image any favours.

Saying he doesn't have access to that kind of information one moment, then saying he knows what's going on behind the scenes and knows more than most.....then comparing exclusives to multiplats.....smh.

GribbleGrunger1583d ago

They just need to shut up. If the differences between 720p/1080p and 30fps/60fps are 'minor' then what the hell is the point of buying a next gen console? I know there's a lot of other graphical effects that require better hardware, but this is Tombraider, a last gen game with a current gen lick of paint. If it's struggling to run this game then how is it going to compete with the PS4 when games are actually created using next gen assets and tech?

GarrusVakarian1583d ago

^^^ to that entire comment.

GribbleGrunger1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Here's one of his many wonderful quotes:

"Given the rumored specs for both systems, can anyone conceive of a circumstance or decision one platform holder could make, where despite the theoretical performance benchmarks of the components, the box that appears “weaker” could actually be more powerful?"

Yep, he said that ...

MightyNoX1583d ago

Best part of this ordeal is that a Sony insider on NeoGaf confirmed that there's a lot of eyerolling at Microsoft's b.s.

EXVirtual1583d ago

Exactly. He's just embarrassing himself.

The PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One. Yes, the XBO will get better due to devs being more efficient with the hardware and driver updates, but so will the PS4. The gap will widen between the two.
If it really isn't that big of a deal to you, why are you damage controlling?
Lol, the Ryse card. If Titanfall is actually 720p, I can't wait to see what he says.

pyramidshead1583d ago

Maybe Penello knows about that Stacked SOC they've been hiding, bahahahahaaha!

Shinox1583d ago

Lol , Don't you guys get what he is trying to do to market his system ?

He is talking to the ignorant people / his blind sheeples who don't know the difference between the two consoles , he literally gives 0% fxxks about GAF or any gaming community that criticize what he says , He is just desperately marketing his system with lies xD

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MestreRothN4G1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Sure, specially if you think the generation is only beginning.

I'm a Playstation fan from long date, as lots of people around here. Yet, we have to think about the last gen.

Most games ran better and more beautifully on X360. I know some people deny this, but who owned both (my case) can clearly see the differences specially on the performance side.

Well... Even with X360 running the games better, which was your platform of choice? Which had the best games and value? Which was majorly considered the best console in the end?

I prefer the PS4 for a million reasons, but it doesn't mean that, in a few years, XB1 can't have the best games.

PS: inb4 "PS3 was more powerful", that ultra fast X360 RAM made quite a difference, as well as unified memory and the more programming-friendly architecture. So, despite the power being bigger or smaller, what matters is that X360 (as PS4 now) ran the games better.

ssj271583d ago

This is different situation..
Last gen PS3 was more powerful but hard to develop for, those who put time into it end up nakibg their game look and play better.

This time the PS4 is more powerful and it has a easy development technique and that is why multiplatform games look abd perform better on the PS4.

If you choose a xbone is because you like the company more but Don't deny facts.

MestreRothN4G1583d ago

The point is that Microsoft still can bring different approaches that turn the tides on their favor, as Sony did in the past. A bunch of high quality exclusives, for instance, which is what Sony used (plus PS+) to overcome the odds.

LeCreuset1583d ago


What Sony used to overcome the odds? I think there's a lack of understanding of just how heavily the odds are in Sony's favor. Think about it. The PS3 was a bad gen for Sony, comparing it to other gens. So far in this "bad gen" they've outsold 360, despite launching a year later, and may just outsell the Wii.

iceman061583d ago

You are right...the situation is actually JUST like last gen, but in reverse. The reason why games, and they were multiplatform games, didn't perform as well on PS3 had a lot to do with the fact that it required more time and resources to pull out the same performance as the XBox 360. Now, Xbox One is the console that is taking more time and resources to deliver...and it's not yet delivering. Over time, drivers will update and techniques will be discovered to make BOTH consoles easier to develop for. This COULD be the issue. If we believe that PS4 has a lead now, then that lead will remain (at least with multiplats) because the techniques will be applied to BOTH systems.
I'm not all for the console war stuff. But, this just makes sense. Both consoles will have games. Both consoles will have some great games that are exclusives. It just seems like one will have the easier time in development.

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MightyNoX1583d ago

@Jaredhart - Can't blame him, though. He's seen how easily fooled some people are so logically, can we really hold it against him if he keeps hoodwinking them over and over?

1583d ago
johndoe112111583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

What did we expect him to say??

assdan1583d ago

Every game on the ps4 looks better or the same as it's xbox one counter part. The only games that look the same are sports games. Penello also failed to mention that the ps4 isn't only getting higher framerates, and resolutions. The details in almost everything I've seen are noticeably higher (AA, textures, etc). On top of that, Ryse being "the best looking console game" comes with tons of caveats. Lower res, next to no AI, and essentially no gameplay (based on what reviewers have been saying).

MRMagoo1231583d ago

Give Ryse a go lol, the game gets boring within minutes, they tried to compare it to God of war 3 but the thing with that is GOW3 had variety , Ryse has nothing going for it, they even had to dumb everything down to make it look nearly as good as KZsf.

PSVita1583d ago

Why don't they just use the cloud and make it 4 time as powerful.....

Oh yeah cause it's BS just like this and their entire PR team.

gapecanpie1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Just get a PC if you want the best graphics and smooth frame rates higher then 60fps and resolution beyond ancient 1080p or continue this stupid fight about which system is better then the other even tho they both are outdated and that was even before they were released.

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Mikelarry1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

right!!!! albert compare a first party title to a multiplatform game, in that case ryse will only hold that title until the order and ND next game comes out