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Submitted by Abriael 765d ago | news

Albert Penello Told “You Don’t Need to Know” on Call of Duty Ghosts Resolution on Xbox One; Explains

The saga of the resolution of Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One and PS4 continues, after yesterday evening Sony Computer Entertainment Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes revealed that the game will run at a native 1080p resolution on PS4, while the pixel count on Xbox One is still a mystery following unconfirmed rumors that it’ll be 720p.

Today Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning revealed on NeoGaf that he did ask the executive that runs third party relations at Microsoft about it, but he was simply told that he doesn’t need to know. He also explained what it means, and mentioned that he'll be "bummed" if the rumors are true. (Albert Penello, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Xbox One)

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BobBelcher  +   765d ago | Well said
I'm getting a XB1 but really?
this is a 'need to know' basis? oookay.
cleft5  +   765d ago | Well said
Albert Penello has really been doing a bad job as the PR guy for MS.

Looking at the footage of the new CoD game for PS4 I can't really imagine it not being in Native 1080p on the Xbox One. So I really don't see why they just don't confirm it or say ask the developer the way Yoshida did. This just makes me think that CoD isn't 1080p Native on Xbox One. If this game can't run 1080p Native than Microsoft has a serious problem.
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Drekken  +   765d ago | Funny
Albert Penello is doing just about as good as he can do with the product he has to represent. The only thing worse he could be representing right now is Obamacare.
Abriael  +   765d ago
To be fair, doesn't doing (arguably) a "really bad" job of PR mean that he's probably just honest?

I can and do respect that.
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Eonjay  +   765d ago
Give Penello a break though. How do you run PR for a console in 2013 that can't run the a title as weak as COD in 1080P. That is almost indefensible for a console's whose top preordered game is COD. A disaster beyond comprehension. So Penello is doing a great job actually.
Septic  +   765d ago
"Albert Penello has really been doing a bad job as the PR guy for MS. "

No he's not. he's being as transparent as he can be and I welcome that instead of the constant spouting of generic statements.

What do you want him to do? He CAN'T even give out the info, he just told you why.
pedrof93  +   765d ago

But at this point, he could simply contact someone at Activision.
joefrost00  +   765d ago
Correct me if im wrong but didn't yoshida tweet that activision will let you know
And if a game being shown on a certain system don mean its better on that system think about madden the only nex gen footage we have seen is from the X1 version
Didnt eurogamer confirm call of duty back in june was 1080p 60fps on both console
Besides looking at that ps4 footage 1080p didn't reLly help it any
Also obamacare is lack of information
If people.would.take time and and not go off what certain people tell you on TV I find it hard for anyone to criticize it
Saviour  +   765d ago
Albert already told them to ask Activision, but they still asking again n again. A CoD true fan don't care abt rez, these are more likely trolls who'r asking.
LightofDarkness  +   765d ago
But he's been told he's not allowed to know. Asking someone at Activision will yield the same results.

I MUCH prefer his honesty and transparency. Saying "he's not doing a good PR job" is effectively saying he's not lying to you enough. I wish more people in this industry were like this; he's giving it to you straight, with as much info as he has available to him. I'd never disparage someone for their honesty like that.
torchic  +   765d ago
given what he has to work with, Penello is doing a decent job. it's pathetic that in 2013 a brand new console isn't running games at native 1080p. a day at work for the poor guy must be equivalent to climbing Everest.

the problem with Penello was his initial foray into GAF where he decided to speak up in defense of Xbox One specs. now he has created a culture for himself where he's forced to defend the hardware in X1. he shouldn't have touched that issue, rather focus on X1 positives
badkolo  +   765d ago | Well said
joefrost , hard to criticize forced healthcare that cost more with higher deductibles then before??, no thanks,
ElementX  +   765d ago
I think he's doing a good job. He's asking questions and reporting what he finds. I mean he's doing the best he can with the information he has.
mistertwoturbo  +   765d ago
You know, in retrospect Penello is nowhere near as bad as the likes of Aaron Greenberg or Don Mattrick. I'm pretty sure if Penello worked for Sony he would have a much easier time.
J-R  +   765d ago
If the Xbox One can only run COD: Ghost at 720p that may be the reason we are seeing a lot of the footage of the game being done from a PS4. The HD videos that IGN has been posting lately have all been from PS4.
badz149  +   765d ago
if the rumor is false, it's fairly easy to shoot down by official words from either MS or AV themselves just like how Adam Boyes confirmed 1080p for the PS4. the words are there and there shouldn't be anymore speculation.

however this Xbone 720p rumor is yet to be denied by officials but instead, what we got were "looks fantastic" which is highly subjective disregarding the native res and now "you don't need to know" thrown at Panello by the face! with Ryse toned down to 900p, KI running only 720p (it's F2P so there's that) and rumors of DR3 struggling to maintain 30fps, MS should have known better about the importance of shooting this rumor down for good!

it's not like CoD suddenly became the most wanted game of next gen, (I'm not gonna buy it EVER) but looking at the PS4 footage which are already confirmed to be 1080p/60fps, the game clearly lacks fidelity of next gen material and looks more like this gen material TBH but somehow the Xbone is rumored NOT to be able to run it at 1080p?? it's no longer the question of how crappy the game looks but rather how crappy is the spec of the Xbone itself.

no matter how you see it, it's not looking good for MS, not AV! after all the talks of "the power of the cloud" and stuff, this is the last thing they want to happen!
extermin8or  +   765d ago
@Drekken: obama wants millions of americans to have access to free healthcare and that's bad?! Not his fault the opposition prettty much shut parts of the country down by refusing to cooperate over a deal todo with finance's and a plan. (think that was the issue)
SilentNegotiator  +   765d ago
Penello has taken pathetic to a whole new level. 720p/900p COD Ghosts on Xbox is now confirmed as far as I'm concerned.


What's bad isn't that they're trying to make healthcare more accessible. It's bad that they're (1) forcing people that don't want it to pay up to a $1000 fine/annual, (2) forcing people to pay maternity/child care in their personal policy (they're trying to fix the healthcare disparity by subsidizing a highly profitable industry - massive logic failure there) whether they're single, gay, castrated, impotent, etc or not, (3) doesn't fit into our budget (hint: the shutdown happened because our budget was messed up, not because "the opposition" refused to agree on a budget - it was because they didn't want to agree on making the USD even more worthless by printing more money).
...I could puke at the amount of ignorance from both sides on the affordable healthcare act. But that's what happens when you force a gigantic bill through before more than 12 people get a chance to analyze it.
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scott182  +   765d ago
It will be 1080P on the Xbox one. Seriously there is no reason for it not to be, X1 is plenty powerful. I don't see it ending up less than 1080P...
christocolus  +   765d ago

c'mon dude albert is a great guy and he has been as open as he can be..cut the guy some slack.if this one(cod:ghosts) doesnt hit 1080p and its sequel (which obviously will be alot better looking)does, wouldnt it confirm the fact that this title had already gone too far using the earlier dev kits and hence the devs couldnt re-code in time for launch?...its what devs have been saying..they got dev kits late and the drivers also are not near shouldnt take anyone with some commom sense to know that 1080p isnt an issue for the xbx one..if youve been reading articles online you would have figured this out.devs who have the recent kits are actually seeing the difference..its just unfortunate that some games have gone too far already using the old not trying to debunk or confirm the rumor all im saying is we should wait to see how games coming out next year will fare...though imo 720p and 1080p still aint a big deal to me cos it doesnt change the basic gameplay experience of the game..just ask the casual gamer and he will tell you they all look same to him or join a match online and ask gamers currently playing cod what they feel about this and they will tell you same thing..when i bring this topic up when playing with my friends they actually call me a geek which i aint and its all because majority of gamers dont give a damn about all that crap.they dont even know there is something called 1080p..all they know is that it looks great on their flat panel hd tvs..
wsoutlaw87  +   765d ago | Well said
@silent the government was shut down as a method of extreme people in the republican party to try to force congress to delay the health care bill a year because they dont like it. People are out of work because a group of people are mad that a law got passed. This isn't the place for this discussion, but it drives me crazy when people go around complaining about who ever is the president or things like the health care bill when they dont know the first thing about it and just go off some obviously biased "news" channels or super pac commercials. You need to understand why health care is so expensive and rising way faster than any thing else. You are already paying for anyone that doesn't have insurance because hospitals need to make a profit. Please just actually read something before talking, no matter what you think about it. The bill has a ton of flaws but the shut down isn't helping them and is childish.
Anzil  +   765d ago
@Abriael your saying hes being honest? lol you xbox fanboys will say anything to convince yourselves haha. He said "you don't need to know"!!!!! this is bad PR period at least sony fanboys have a reason to rally even if they are most of the time ridiculous but the excuse after excuse is getting old and frankly your pathetic...xbone might have good games coming to it but man was it a massive screw up from start to launch. MS Screwed up and your doing the absolute worst thing you could for the xbox brand and eventually even you will dislike microsoft if not xbox......get it together your worse for the industry than mobile and cod itself
Gamingisfornerds  +   765d ago
@ anzil, cleft and all the other idiots that can't read: I'll modify the text for you so you'll understand as well:

Today Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning (ALBERT PENELLO) revealed on NeoGaf that he (ALBERT PENELLO) did ask the executive that runs third party relations at Microsoft (SOMEONE ELSE) about it, but he (ALBERT PENELLO) was simply told (BY SOMEONE ELSE) that he (ALBERT PENELLO) doesn’t need to know.

Got it?!
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bakasora  +   764d ago
Jesus Christ joefrost00 I don't understand any of it.
Palaven  +   764d ago
LOL @ the people who can't even read the article properly before raging about Microsoft in the comments.

Where is the part that confirms CoD isn't 1080p on Xbox One?... There isn't one.
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Drekken  +   764d ago | Well said
@extermin8or - OMG. You are the reason we are in such trouble. People like you, the uninformed, are dangerous because they say stupid things like " Obama wants to give free healthcare to millions of Americans" with conviction.

I am not going to get into a political debate here, but Obamacare is not free heathcare. He is forcing everyone in America to buy insurance. Because of this policy insurance rates are skyrocketing, deductibles have gone up, and hundreds of thousands have lost their insurance policies. While all of this is going on the main way to sign up for Obama's "free healthcare" is broken. I would like to know though... how the hell could you consider his "free healthcare" free when peoples monthly rates are doubling and deductibles are as high as $11,000.00. What is the point of healthcare if you have to pay $11k when you need it? Get informed and talk to some responsible, job holding adults before you start talking about things you are clueless about. I will tolerate you and your kind telling lies about game consoles, but I will not listen to your crap about politics.
amiga-man  +   764d ago
He is correct, I don't need to know because I'm getting a PS4.
Bobby Kotex  +   764d ago
Seriously, that was a YES or NO question and he couldn't answer it, so I would assume it's not 1080p.
hakeem0996  +   764d ago
Dude is doing a great job .He is right COD is not an XBOX ONE product ,it is an Activision game 720p or not who cares ,It's Activison's question to answer, and it's on them if the product is subpart although i don't see Activison making a 720p and a 1080p version of the same game knowing that it would cause conflict and a dip in sales .that's just bad business. they will both be the same version
Death  +   764d ago
If the upscaler outputs the game to the tv at 1080p, is there really a big differance? I do understand that upscaled is not the same as native, but if it's not enough differance to see unless you count the pixels or freeze the image and compare them side by side, what's the big deal? Way too much focus on pretty and not enough on creating new or better experiences. If pixel count is what you are after, buy a PC.
SilentNegotiator  +   764d ago
"the government was shut down as a method of extreme people in the republican party to try to force congress to delay the health care bill a year because they dont like it"

So the expenses of the healthcare act has nothing to do with the fact that we hit a budget crisis? Believe it or not, without making the USD even more worthless, we couldn't afford everything in the Healthcare act at all, and that's part of the reason there was a problem. You can't fault politicians for voting in a way that tries to stop things that they disagree with and push things they agree with; that's what politicians do (until you disagree with them, I guess).

"but it drives me crazy when people go around complaining about who ever is the president or things like the health care bill when they dont know the first thing about it and just go off some obviously biased "news" channels or super pac commercials. You need to understand why health care is so expensive and rising way faster than any thing else. You are already paying for anyone that doesn't have insurance because hospitals need to make a profit. Please just actually read something before talking"

I am informed. 99% of people have no idea about the idiotic maternity/childcare requirements for EVERYONE, for example.

Me paying a MUCH larger premium for maternity care and childcare has nothing to do with fixing the costs that we pay for when hospitals don't get paid; it only helps an already very profitable industry become more profitable.

Fining people for not being able to afford healthcare (even with subsidies) does not solve that problem either.

You probably think I'm against the healthcare act entirely because I'm aware of massive flaws in it. You already implied that I watch FOX. Maybe you should stop looking at everything in black and white like the politicians causing these issues.
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Redgehammer  +   764d ago
So far I have found Mr Penello to be forthcoming and honest. I have appreciated his candor, and his attempts to fight against a backlash that I found to be biased and unfair on many levels. Did MS make some mistakes? Sure. Did they climb through anyones window and abduct their child? No. Still to this day, I have found most of the seriously biased stuff from all the usual suspects, in all the usual places. I am for buying what you like, and what you feel best represents your gaming habits and lifestile. The PS4 Sounds great for a Sony product. If it had Samsungs name on it, I would be way more apt to give it my money. To you Day one people, Kudos.. i hope you have fun, fun, fun!
tigertron  +   764d ago
It would be good if Activision actually came out and confirmed the resolution.

As for Obamacare or whatever, I don't claim to understand the details as I'm not an American, but wouldn't it be great if you all stood up to these insurance crooks and demanded free health care? it's a basic human right and we have free health care in the UK, it's paid for by the tax payer. It's not perfect - it has many flaws, but our health care system is the envy of the world.
JBaby343  +   764d ago
@ Drekken, Silentnegotiator, and others who know how to think and not follow blindly: I appreciate your efforts but don't try to educate, talk common sense, or discuss economics with Obama followers. They cannot seem to understand even the most basic of principles in these areas. They cannot fathom why you can't just print more money or take it from everyone else as you please. They see no problem with raising the debt ceiling, increasing taxes, increasing spending, and other destructive acts. I still haven't figured out if it's the school system or the individual at fault.

People need to stop thinking the parties are working for them. They aren't. Every side is serving themselves. They are all corrupt. What sad state America is in.

OT: There can really only be one reason that MS responded this way. Time will tell what the resolution is come release day.
ramiuk1  +   764d ago
exactly,big problem because it isnt even good looking imo.
sound,animations,movement identical to all other cods,
infact if it was labeled as DLC for ps3,xbox360 i would believe it i think.
yet other games i can tell there is a graphical jump.
even on ps4 it looks current gen
scott182  +   764d ago
"They see no problem with raising the debt ceiling, increasing taxes, increasing spending, and other destructive acts"

And is anyone dumb enough of think that any of this was any different with a republican at the helm? At least President Obama (respectful way of referring to the US leader) is trying to figure out a way to get care to people who can't afford it, perfect or not. I will pay money to help the less fortunate out. Greedy, rich fat cats should be willing to do the same.
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JokesOnYou  +   764d ago
This is stupid have you seen COD graphics, they arent anything special over current gen, so why wouldn't it be 1080p?
Gamingisfornerds  +   764d ago
Apologies to cleft5.

Unlike anzil and others, cleft5 did actually understand the article.
JBaby343  +   764d ago
@Scott: You must have only read the first paragraph. We have many problems both sides have caused in various ways. Obama is singled out now because he is the president now. George Bush screwed things up in his own way. So did Clinton. I don't know anyone who is against helping people in need. What people don't like it being forced to give without any ability to control what happens to what they "give". We didn't need socialism to improve healthcare. It will only make it worse.

Don't fall into the "rich fatcats" garbage either. Class warfare is not the answer. You could tax everyone who makes over a million dollars a year at 100% and it wouldn't cover the deficit for one year. It's not the fatcats. It goes much deeper than those few.

P.S. I didn't disagree with you :)
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Sono421  +   764d ago
How are Xbox fanboys not understanding? Like seriously? Your confused on how we come to the conclusion of it being less then 1080p.. really? Well let me break it down for you

1. In previous call of dutys Microsoft's consoles have ALWAYS been the console cod was showcased on.. now this gen it's PS4. The thing is Activision and Microsoft's contract hasn't ended or anything, they're still partners.. as a matter of fact it was just renewed like.. a year ago? So there's one reason.

2. In the article they directly say that this information is being kept private.. just click the think you'll see it yourself, but why is it being kept private? They (AV) confirmed it's 1080p on the PS4.. so why not on the Xbox One? The console of the company they are partnered with? Shouldn't they be trying to advertise their partner more? Sure AV is teaming up with Sony when it comes to Destiny.. but as for Call of Duty Microsoft and Activision are still hand in hand.

You fanboys seriously need to wake up.. in what way do you see this pointing to it being 1080p? The spin is strong with this one.
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Anarki  +   764d ago
You don't need to know about this resolution so please buy our inferior product, ok?
rainslacker  +   764d ago
I actually wonder why people don't just ask Activision directly. It is their game after all. If Activision isn't willing to disclose that information for whatever reason, then there is no reason to assume that MS would be allowed to disclose it.

Otherwise, I like Penello alright. He seems like he wants to do a genuinely good job. It's like the people at my work that I manage. If they try hard and seem like they want to do well, I am a lot easier on them than those that don't.
BattleAxe  +   764d ago
Albert Penello actually seems like he's a guy with integrity. He's been trying to find out what the real comparisons are for Xbox Fans, but he's being stonewalled by the company that he represents.
DOMination-  +   764d ago
Man I love the NHS.
jackdaddy  +   764d ago
Yet still the xbone wise monkeys will defend it.
This console is not fit for next gen, it's not even on the same level as the PS4, not even close!
Does that make me a fanboy and a troll? i don't care lol, i'm not the one who is going to buy a overpriced, under achieving tv box. COD cant even run at 1080p native? if this is true, this M$ piece of crap is doomed before launch lmfao.
But it does have Ryse and a Camera....... :/
Hitman0769  +   764d ago
@cleft5 exactly. Forget about the COD Graphics for a second and ask yourself this:

Is Microsoft being sabotaged from within? Why is Penello still making awkward, negative headlines? The guy seems incompetent.

I asked Aaron Greenberg but I do not expect a reply...
MajorMayhem70  +   764d ago
Or even worse, trying to convince America that the republicans has their best interests at hand.... Not even Jesus could pull that one off.

Keep being ill informed by watching Fox News. I don't think they believe half of what they say.

My main problem with the Republican Party is that for a country like the great U.S of A. that is soooo diverse, yet that party doesn't seem to represent the diversification. Not just race wise, but even women in the party. You have a bunch of men (majority Caucasian) that want to tell women what to do with their bodies.
Next point. They hate Obama soooo much and yet Obama beat them twice. Why did they lose? Cause the party is out of touch. Why do I know that? Cause the party believed they lost cause the candidates weren't conservative enough. Really?!? How about that party is toooo exclusive. That is why they lost and will be beaten again by Hillary come 2016.
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Eonjay  +   765d ago
Penello is a great guy and he is really too honest sometimes. The problem is that if the Xbox can't render native 1080P, this is a disaster. Call of duty is a weak game graphically. There is just no way.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   764d ago
I think this is some kind of pubicity stunt on activion and M$ part, because they is no way in hell that the xbone can't run this in native 1080p.

I'm not getting a xbone but the game is hideous even in 1080p so xbone should have no problems running this at full resolution.

And if it can't omg if it can't.
warczar  +   764d ago
Penello is trying to Jedi mind trick us... 1080p is not the resolution you are looking for... you can go about your business... move along.
kparks  +   765d ago
I agree wtf is goin on @ m$ if it runs 720 who cares come out and say it or say currently its at 720 but our goal is 1080 they need to stop with there stupid PR BS!
devwan  +   765d ago
He's the main PR guy, he's got literally 1000s of people hanging on his every word... but sure, he doesn't need to know.

It's that balance thing again... balance between facts and secrecy. Keep a secret and people will hang on, keep their pre-orders and hope for the best. Admit the truth and... whoa, wouldn't want to upset that balance, you don't need to know... there there...
n4rc  +   765d ago
He doesn't.. And either does anyone else!

Its all getting ridiculous at this point.. Since when does all this matter? Why now are we arguing over any obscure technical aspect instead of just talking about the product we get in the end?

Its all for this bullshit fanboy war.. the public doesnt need to know every detail abiut development, especially when the info is only going to be used to talk trash to another group of their customers..

More should follow suit.. Stop feeding into this crap.. Microsoft doesnt disclose 3rd party info.. End of fkn story.. If it really was an issue, dont you tjink theyd be announcing nba2k was 1080/60?

But they didnt.. Because they dont disclose info on 3rd party games even if its good.. They let companies speak for their own product
devwan  +   765d ago
@n4rc A BS fanboi war? You seem genuinely hurt and upset, it's just games consoles.

What people have issues with is there has been all this playing down the performance difference yet, if we're to believe the strong rumours, the same game from basically the same engine on similar type hardware is pushing less than half the pixels. That's big news.
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warczar  +   764d ago
@ narc

hate to burst your bubble but this isn't some obscure technical aspect, if it were you wouldn't see the resolution listed on every t.v. you buy. In fact 1080 has been a selling point for t.v.'s for about 10 years now so I think it's about time that our video game consoles take advantage of it.
True_Samurai  +   765d ago
Ikr! Son I'm investing into your console. Dont make me make myself become accustomed to the ps4

But I'm still on the edge of how the other game are 1080p 60fps. So cod is probably the same as ps4 version but not really a big deal or difference
#1.5 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   764d ago
True_Samurai  +   764d ago
Aw poor pope :-'( you used your only bubble. Thank goodness I don't care about Lil 13yr olds like you
FlunkinMonkey  +   765d ago | Well said
"You don't need to know"?!!!

Who the f*** does he think he is? I NEED TO KNOW.. you know, just incase i spunk my months wages on the machine you are trying to sell me.

What a joke, and what an arrogant, clueless company.

Skanks, the lot of them.
#1.6 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(44) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
IcicleTrepan  +   765d ago
He doesn't need to know because it's not for him to tell people, it's for Activision to tell people.
devwan  +   765d ago
@Icicle and you can bet your life if it was 1080/60 HE'D KNOW.
badkolo  +   765d ago
wow , you didnt even read the article did ya. troll much
shadyiswin  +   765d ago
if youre only getting an xbox one for call of duty,i much prefer you get the ps4.
FlunkinMonkey  +   765d ago
badkolo calling ME a troll, well that is something special.. Take a look in that broken mirror buddy.

Yes i did read the article, and i think it's complete BS.. Wouldn't surprise me if he made up this quote to save face.. why have Sony had no problem answering? Why is everything that MS should answer straight forward shrouded in mystery? Why never a straight answer?

They continue to clutch onto their MicroStraws and either lie or try cheap tactics to reel clueless folk in.

Mirrors and Smoke (MS)


I'm not getting this regurgitated, sorry excuse of a game thanks, but this is a great indication of the future of multi plats, no?
#1.6.5 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(6) | Report
ramiuk1  +   764d ago
its as simple as this.

if it was native 1080p they would say it is.
there is only 1 reason a company would say no comment or u dont need to know and that is if it was under that.
the difference between cod and bf is huge,scale,graphics,audio totally different.

so i accept the sub 1080p res as they havent had long to get it on console and new tech etc.
but a game like cod has to be 1080p as its nowhere near as demanding as any of the BF series(no matter what console,pc)
BABY-JEDI  +   764d ago
What is so difficult with informing people about the resolution of a game on a console? Gamers deserve to know so that they can make an informed purchase!
MS really should get their act together. Did anyone experience the likes of this on the Xbox 360?. I don't recall anything like this.
sephiroth420  +   765d ago
so long as it looks and plays better than the last COD, does it really matter what the resolution is?
ado908  +   765d ago
Lol that's the problem, it doesn't look any better than the last COD
Cryptcuzz  +   764d ago
The problem is, if it is not native 1080P and the PS4 version is, it is telling how the X1 is compared to the PS4 in terms of future multi-platform games.

Think about it, COD is a huge franchise (I don't play it much since I suck at it) and if word comes around to the millions and millions of people who will buy and play it with their friends that the PS4 is the better version, it could lead to a lot of people switching to the PS4.

Of course not just this one game will do that, but it could be the start of that trend and be imprinted into most gamers mind whether true or not. Same thing happened to the PS3 this gen, but with PS3, it did have the horsepower to show for itself that it had the best looking games via its first party games.

The other problem is, Penello has to know what the native resolution would be for COD on X1. Ask Activision for the answer? Why? When Boyes from Sony could confirm what the native resolution for COD on the PS4 would be. So both high executives from both parties, but only the one from Sony is in the know?

Think about it, MS should come clean and just say it. Being silent about it is only going to make it worse. You say resolution doesn't matter, but with a multi-platform game it should matter, since the consumer should have the right to know all the facts and be able to decide which version is best for him/her.
cedaridge  +   764d ago
Yes it do! I can play 720p res on my ps3 or xb360. I don't need to pay $500. for the same res as my current connsole.
Elsupacabra  +   765d ago
Bob...Man, that's like saying, "I'm going to eat some shit today, but you know, I don't really like the taste of it"
#1.8 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Gamingisfornerds  +   765d ago
#1.9 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
walkincarpet  +   764d ago
I'm also going X1 at launch because their exclusives, controller, multiplayer gaming and kinect out weigh PS4s graphical edge, but if X1 can't handle 1080p on a crappy game like COD Ghosts then I have to ask how did MS screw up their console so badly when everything else is better than the competition?
HugoDrax  +   764d ago
Funny you say that, because Forza 5 is 1080P 60FPS is it not? Also Microsoft will be showcasing Battlefield 4 live on XB1/XBOX Live on November 1st. If they are willing to do this live, I'm sure COD Ghost will be the same on XB1&PS4.


AlphaJunk  +   764d ago
I have my X1 pre-ordered and paid for, but this news is an issue if 720p is true for the game and not good for M$ hardware.
MYSTERIO360  +   764d ago
Activision cheating on MS? this is like a soap opera. JK
Red_Devilz  +   764d ago
And still you are getting XB1. Irony.
pedrof93  +   765d ago
He could simply call someone at Activision. Or say that Ps4 simply is more powerful and ask to stop the comparisons.

Or simply stop replying to people, instead of replying to simply say "We don't now".
#2 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
mhunterjr  +   765d ago
If you read the article, you'd understand that isn't his relationship with 3rd party devs. There is a MS employee who knows, but panella isn't privy to the info, nor would it be disclosable if he was.

MS saying the PS4 is more powerful would 1) certainly NOT stop comparisons, and would 2) be a ridiculously stupid business decision. It's pretty silly of you to even suggest it.

The backlash is just as laughable as the fact Activision is having trouble with the Xbox version. If the media asks a question and MS doesn't answer, they are ridiculed. If MS is asked a question and does answer, they are called liars. They are damned either way, apparently.

And before anyone responds with "well, who's fault is that", note that I'm not implying MS is blameless (they brought it on themselves, surely) I'm just noting how ridiculous and unnavigable things have gotten for them. What happened to objectivity?
#2.1 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   765d ago
That somebody else knows and he's not the designated person is irrelevant.

The point is that it's not that hard for him to find out, and that this has become a big enough deal that he NEEDS to know; since he doesn't know, apparently, that means he NEEDS to find out.
n4rc  +   765d ago
A big enough deal to who?

Sony fans on GAF and n4g? Lol.. Not the end of the world
mhunterjr  +   765d ago
@Hicken, you seem to not understand the basics. It's Activisions call. The game is not pressed yet. Obviously they won't reveal the final resolution, until they are sure of the final resolution. If anyone knew for a fact , inside of activision, that it would be locked 720p, they certainly would have said so, but it remains a work in progress.

PS how do you know how hard it would be to find out? Secondly, as he stated, if he did find out, it wouldn't be his call on whether or not to reveal the information.
#2.1.3 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report
Hicken  +   764d ago
So an exec at Sony knows- ostensibly because somebody at Activision told him- but they're keeping that info from the people at Microsoft? Does that make sense?

You say it's still a work in progress, so Activision isn't yet sure... there's a problem there, don't you think? The game'll be out in less than a month, and you don't know what the resolution is gonna be on one of the consoles? Framerate I could understand, but resolution just seems like one of those things that gets locked down as early on as possible.

It's a big deal because it's one of the year's biggest launches. It's an even bigger deal because we're talking about one of the launch titles for the next generation of game consoles.

The negativity surrounding this is bad for both Microsoft AND Activision. I can't imagine they'd WANT such bad news hanging around, so I don't see how they'd WANT to leave people with an answer as insufficient as "I don't know."

Hell, at least say you're looking into it, even if you know full well you can't be told yet. Then, when news IS available and you let people know, they at least THINK you made the attempt.

But this is none of that. This is, like so many things next-gen-Microsoft-related, poorly handled, at best.
ziggurcat  +   764d ago
@ mhunterjr

It's a month away from launch. The game's resolution was established a looooooong time ago. They don't decide right before pressing the discs what the output resolution is going to be...
mhunterjr  +   764d ago

1) the people at sony were informed, obviously because they've locked the ps4 version at 1080p already.

2) there IS DEFINITELY a problem wit the fact that this isn't locked at 1080p already. When did I suggest there was no problem? But the existence of this problem doesn't change the fact that panella has nothing to announce yet.

3) the negativity IS bad for MS and Activision, but their options are limited. They can either a) announce it at 720p and give up on making the game as good as possible b)announce it at 720p, keep working on it, and risk losing sales despite being able to get it to 1080p before launch c) announce it at 1080p and risk coming up short and creating a bigger backlash or d) waiting to make an announcement until they have finalized the resolution.

Obviously, the best (ethical and economical) option is to wait until they know for sure and allow the developer to make the call. This is EXACTLY the same approach Sony took.

4) he DID look into it, and he he gave every indication that he WILL present the information as soon as he can. But he simply cannot. He's been nothing but upfront about the entire situation.


A resolution isn't something you just decide... They code with a target resolution in mind, but they are limited by the performance of the system, their engine, and their code. No doubt they "decided" to get 1080p on the day they started brainstorming the game, but as of yet, haven't been able to achieve it at 60FPS, which they have always said, in their philosophy, is more important than resolution.
#2.1.6 (Edited 764d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report
MikeNike310  +   765d ago
Ohh Penello... Smh
GamerXD  +   765d ago
Get the ps4 and you'll get 1080p and you wont need to know this. If ur getting x1, deal with it, ghost x1 version will be 720p. sshit aint rumors, its real
Mrgolden79  +   764d ago
MasterCornholio  +   765d ago
Wow this is just sad.

If it was 1080P 60FPS he would just say it. There's no reason to hide this type of information unless the 720P rumors are true.

Nexus 7 2013
123pol  +   765d ago
hahaha .. Microsoft please Fire penello and major douchebag.. if you hope to get someone to buy your console those people need to go .
Drekken  +   765d ago
MS need to fire the people that designed the Xbox and the ones that are forcing Kinect into each box for a $100+ premium. Those people are the reason Penello is having such a hard time explaining things.
iceman06  +   765d ago
Penello doesn't need to be fired. He is actually doing his job. In PR, you have to be careful about what you say. You have to be confident that your answers are actually as truthful as you can get, even IF there is some dodging and spinning involved. MS has obviously seen him swimming in a pool of wonder and no one has stepped forth to help him. If anything, I kind of feel sorry for him. Not even "one of his best friends", the 3rd party rep, would help him out. Lack of a cohesive message, lack of access to information, etc. are the things that are hampering his ability to do his job.
jmc8888  +   764d ago
Not really. I understand where you are coming from, but the fact remains that if your PR is all spin and obfuscation, then he's toeing the company line to the detriment of potential customers.

People would figure it out, and a backlash would come. In decades gone by little could be done about this. But we've entered a new era where information moves quickly and backlash lingers a long time, thanks to the internet. These days and into the future, anything less then complete disclosure is a disaster.

But even if you wrongly disagree with the above you can't disagree with what I say next.. (not legitimately at least)

Penello went where he didn't need to and then stuck his foot in his own mouth (that's two mess ups). He's made a ton of errors that he didn't need to. He's made a ton of asinine statements.

So if he's going to go where the stakes are really high, he better have his facts straight. If he doesn't know he should do one of two things....

a) say he doesn't know
b) keep quiet

He specifically chimed in with guesses and buck passing. Also outed himself as a complete gaming novice.

If he really wanted to do his job he should know the entire landscape of gaming from Atari 2600 to how well the new PC video cards run 4k and what it looks like. That way when he says something looks 'amazing' we know it's because he's seen something better then an Xbox 360 game before.

Penello is amateur hour, and I am going easy, because Microsoft put him at such a huge disadvantage. But it doesn't mean he hasn't completely screwed up what he's been doing. Because he has.
iceman06  +   764d ago
@jmc8888...I also understand your point of view and respect it thoroughly. Penello DID stick his neck out...and took some slices on it along the way. He did this, no matter how misguided, in attempt to quell some "noise" that was being made. (guess doing what he thought was part of his job) He has shown that he is ill equipped with answers at the ready. BUT...once again this goes to my argument that he has been hampered by the total lack of cohesiveness surrounding the XB1. He has stated on multiple occasions that he doesn't know...but will try to find out (at least in the GAF threads).
In the end, I NEVER said he was doing a GREAT job. I was simply saying that pretty much...PR is a job that involves toeing the company line, avoiding tough questions, and spinning disadvantages toward advantages. This is what he has done. Maybe not successfully, but it's what he has done.
It would be great if every company could be transparent and just state the facts. But, that's not what many companies do. Instead they sell products, potential customer be damned,to anybody that chooses to believe the ads, PR speak, etc. that surround the product.
grassyknoll  +   765d ago
Worst PR for a console since the Saturn.
The_Infected  +   765d ago
"Today Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning revealed on NeoGaf that he did ask the executive that runs third party relations at Microsoft about it, but he was simply told that he doesn’t need to know."

Wow really? I guess that confirms 720p since they want deny all the rumors.
Mikelarry  +   765d ago
atleast he tried but why is the resolution of a game coming out in weeks a need to know only lol like anyone who is going to get the xbox is going to cancel their pre-orders even if it only does 720p.
devwan  +   765d ago | Well said
Well actually, when people are being tricked into thinking the two new consoles are on a par with each other when in fact the more expensive one is weaker, yeah, you can bet people would cancel their pre-orders in a heartbeat if they saw the real-life consequences of their misplaced trust.
Mikelarry  +   765d ago
there are other games that can do 1080p on the xbox 1 forza is one of them. my comment was more to cod really people that are concerned about cod for resolutions are they kidding me, cod has been using the same engine for how many iterations. if gamers are going to cancel their pre-oders do it over something more tangible than cod resolutions

@iceman: ok i see your point, well said
#9.1.1 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report
DevilishSix  +   765d ago
well said devwan, well said.
Bigpappy  +   765d ago
Exactly. Most games last gen weren't even 720p 60fps. The dedicated servers are way more important to online gamers than native resolution.

This push for resolution info on X1 version, is more about proof of power than it is about which version of COD to buy. But this is not a good game to show off power. The graphics are limited and might be able to run 1080p on 360 and PS3.
iceman06  +   765d ago
You are correct. THAT is the very issue that people want to put to rest....or in some cases bring to the forefront. IF XB1 can't even get CoD up to standards, there is the assumption that it will struggle with more intensive multiplats like Watch Dogs, Destiny, and The Division. I know it's different developers and different skill sets, but that is just the general "worry" at the moment.
grassyknoll  +   765d ago
Shame for Microsoft then, both PS4 & Xbox One have dedicated servers.
Redgehammer  +   764d ago

Are you saying that Sony is giving every developer free dedicated servers? That is what MS is doing; however, I don't think that is what Sony is doing. If i am uninformed Please feel free to inform me.
Bigpappy  +   765d ago
I sense that when the X1 version is shown it will have some kind of edge over what we saw of the PS4 version. There was nothing at all impressive about that video. It kills the argument that because a game is at 1080p it will look great. Not so with COD apparently.
Thegamer41  +   765d ago
You wont see any difference until you are playing it yourself on your own TV. If they do show the Xbox One version on youtube or whatever, they will probably look very similar.
Bigpappy  +   764d ago
Funny how now that I said this, everyone is quick to acknowledge that there will be no difference.

Why didn't you tell that to your PS buddies when they tried to act like COD will accomplish something on PS4 that can't be done on X1? You guys are full of it. Very dishonestly letting your minions go out spreading nonsense and saying nothing. When I point out that it is easy to better what has been show, you are quick then to jump all over me.
Ron_Danger  +   765d ago
This might be the most delusional comment in history. The only edge it will have is timed exclusive DLC, and that's not even a real advantage, it's a distraction.

Stop acting like once it's revealed on XBox One that it's going to graphically rival Ryse or Killzone: Shadow Fall.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   765d ago
theres nothing impressive in that video because theres nothing impressive about call of duty. the platform being shown is completely irrelevant
Metfanant  +   765d ago
misterXmedia is that you?
Kayant  +   765d ago
Oh shit the denial has reached new levels. Seriously look at the situation here. MS has been doing a partnership with activision for COD for a number of years now and every new gameplay footage has always been on Xbox when showing off new stuff with the game yet PS4 is being used for new stuff on IGN this week. Also almost all multi-plat videos we have seen so far as been on PS4 so unless you're saying Sony is Money-hatting every single third party dev then a problem does exist & that PS4's power advantage is real/evident & Albert should stop trying to downplay that like he has. Either not talk about it or admit the advantage.
Brix90  +   765d ago
I agree hard to believe that MS couldn't get the information but Sony did with no problem and considering MS exclusive deal they have with them how could hey not give you that information. I just hope Activision can confirm soon so we can move on.
deadfrag  +   764d ago
Resolution is not everything people!Dont you people forget that by having a lower resolution on the X1 they can put more effects on the game.Im not saying it does but it will be a big slap if the PS4 comes running at 1080p 60fps and the xbox at 720p 60fps but with better AA and effects overall,some people are only thinking of resolution but a case like the one i mention can happen!I still say i prefer that they make a game for my PS4 at 900p or even 720p but with 60fps than making the same game at 1080p and 30fps.Better smooth play more effect technics ,AI, than having a higher resolution that is only trully seen in 50inch and above hdtv´s.I play on a 42inch panasonic and i almost cant tell a diference between 720p and 1080p.
#10.6 (Edited 764d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
My_precious  +   765d ago
i have the feeling that this guy soon will join Don and Oth's team
Goku781  +   765d ago
How do they know/ or say one game is 1080p for PS4 but not know/or say for Xbox 0ne?

there it is again.....
FITgamer  +   764d ago
Maybe the still haven't got it running on X one hardware. I mean we haven't seen any footage of Ghosts or pretty much any other third party games except BF4 on X one.
Stoppokingme  +   765d ago
Someone needs to come out and confirm these rumors and end the speculation.

The whole issue is getting beyond ridiculous, but maybe i'm just ranting, I'm tired and it's 10:80 in the evening. Which sucks because I have to get up at 7:20.
zekk  +   764d ago
10:80 at night?.....did someone change the number of minutes that is in a hour recently?
ambientFLIER  +   764d ago
Poor baby, if you went to sleep at 11, you'd only get almost 8 and a half hours of sleep! :( :( :(
MrPerfect813  +   765d ago
The saddest part I am getting from this is that Sony can share that tidbit of info but Microsoft can't. Its not like Activision told him you don't need to know. Someone at Microsoft told him he didn't need to know.
svoulis  +   765d ago
SO he is basically saying its nothing to do with him, and even if he DID know he wouldn't tell anyone anyway. Really? So Microsoft paid Activision HOW MUCH for timed DLC? Yet, they don't keep in contact with each other this close to launch?

Or are they afraid of their pre orders going away if the rumors are true?

I respect Albert Penello for handling the situation the best he can in his position (he could lose his job if he did know and told people). On the other hand though I really hate how Microsoft is hiding basically everything they can until something slips out.
xKugo  +   765d ago
shadyiswin   765d ago | Offensive
hac-hunter  +   765d ago
I'm surprised MSFT hasn't enacted their clause that allows them to prohibit a game be published for their console if that game is graphically superior on a competitor's console......if Activision is allowed to publish a visually inferior game for the XBONE, it could spell disaster for MSFT......serves MSFT right for trying to handcuff and strong-arm developers/publishers into watering down the playstation versions of games for the past few years.
KrisButtar  +   765d ago
That "clause" may not have carried over to this gen.

Another way to settle this would be to find out what its running on with the WiiU and if it is running at 1080 there it would put the 720 claim to rest about the XB1 I would think
LonDonE  +   764d ago
I am actually very curious what it will be on wii u, since wii u has double the ram of ps3 and 360, and has a more powerful gpu, so technically cod on wii u should be allot better then current gen!

Black ops2 on wii u is allot better then the ps3 version, its pretty much on par with the 360 version. it was a quick port, and still is on par with 360! so if it is optimized i am sure the wii u version should be better.

Activision said cod ghosts on wii u is not current gen, but is not the next gen version, so its in between, so it should at least be native 720p on wii u, and native 1080p on ps4!
Boy if it turns out that the wii u version is native 720p which i see no reason why it shouldn't be, with double the ram, and a more powerful gpu their is no reason why it shouldn't be! If it is, the xbots will be going mad lol after everybody banging on about how wii u isn't next gen, LMAO it will be funny to see the reactions!

Its all up to activision, if they optimize then wii u should run it at least native 720p which would be awesome!!
stuna1  +   765d ago
Because they no longer have the upper hand as far as being the first console released! If they tried to enact a parity clause now, they would hurt themselves even more than they already have. For those saying resolution doesn't make a difference, they are flat out wrong! Here's why, just look at people who have bought TV's, Cameras, DVD/Blu Ray players, Phones. The majority of people who buy those products opt for the higher resolution/pixel count, and this is an undeniable fact, so why is so hard to believe that the same can't and won't be applied to consoles, and the games played on said console!?
Fishy Fingers  +   765d ago
Should of just said nothing at all until he had some actual info to share. Not for the first time either.
Emilio_Estevez  +   765d ago
So Sony's reps can know and announce for their game (see Adam Boyes), but Albert can't? That doesn't make sense.

I appreciate that Albert really is trying, but he needs to know when to stay quiet. The whole 720 thing on COD wouldn't be as big a deal if he didn't say anything, especially seeing as how he really hasn't given any info other than he doesn't know/they won't tell him. It just reflects poorly on their organization.

He's going to end up fired for all this non-sense of late and needs to stay off GAF. It's probably too late now, as it would look like he's hiding if he just stopped commenting there now. But seriously, his GAF avatar is 'Alberts Miracle Potions', like he's some sort of two-faced thief. They don't respect him and that's why he shouldn't comment there.

edit: Forgot to add I think this is just another PR blunder and the game will be native 1080 on X1 as well.
#20 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GryestOfBluSkies  +   765d ago
Microsoft is so shady towards their customers. if you know information, share it!
TristanPR77  +   765d ago
This is a bad situation for Microsoft. All this silent about the subject tells you one thing; the x1 version is not 1080p right now, if it were, they would have told everyone by now. My guess is that they are working very hard right now to change the resolution and not look weak.

Microsoft is paying a LOT of money to Activision for the time exclusive deal and to pretend that Call of Duty is an xbox exclusive. The PS4 version being superior put Microsoft in an ugly position and a bad position because Microsoft is trying to sell a console at $500 when the console at $400 have a superior version of the game. That is a very ugly position, gamers are not stupid.
jspillen  +   765d ago
Wow, Microsoft is just all over the place on this launch.

Why in the hell would you not just confirm it ran at the true 'next-gen' resolution of 1080p?

Anyone who doesn't think they'll notice a power difference down the road is crazy. At launch Sony is already pulling ahead with a lot of years left to go on the upcoming consoles. Oh Microsoft you screwed the pooch on this one... again... today... again... screwing... the... pooch.
jahfen83  +   765d ago
This is bad folks!
Skynetone  +   765d ago
maybe they can put the menu screen in 1080p so xbox fans can get a taste of next gen
DanielGearSolid  +   765d ago
Resolution isnt that important...
60fps is where its at!

And to anyone with the magical ability to decipher if a game is running native 1080p or not just by watching gameplay videos... You are a bullsh*tter
Biggest  +   765d ago
So you want some of that 480p/60fps goodness? Enjoy that. I'll take the 60fps with at least 1080p.
DanielGearSolid  +   764d ago
720p is already the standard so your 480p jargon is a moot point...
Themba76  +   764d ago
if thats the case then stick with 360 cod runs at 60 on 360 and ps3 as well.
DanielGearSolid  +   764d ago
I'm a Sony guy... I'm also not a COD guy
Biggest  +   764d ago
So then stick with PS2 and enjoy some 60fps goodness!
spaceg0st  +   764d ago
you're an idiot. no wonder you have 3 bubbles.
LarryB  +   765d ago
I think it's a little late for ppl to not know what the hell is going on with the Xbox One and 3rd party titles. I don't know how they expect ppl to purchase a game that they know nothing about. With me being a fucking consumer, I feel like I have a fucking right to know...not "you don't need to know." I'm not buying this crap until it's reviewed. I'm disappointed with behavior displayed from both game devs and Microsoft.
TristanPR77  +   765d ago | Well said
Funny how all of a sudden resolution is not important to Xbots fanboys

Drop the hypocrisy please.
MightyNoX  +   765d ago
They can't. Hypocricsy and the Xbox One goes hand-in-hand.
KetchupBlood  +   765d ago
He was told "You don't need to know" because Activision would make money by selling as many as possible so it doesn't become as loss. if people knew that CoD ran in 720p or 900p, it could potentially mean less buyers, meaning activision will lose money on it. and the guy that run the 3rd party relations know that as well, therefor the "you don't need to know" statement.
svoulis  +   765d ago
Okay, After a little thinking I am going to go ahead and assume the game is 720p or 900p at best. Here are my reasons.
(mind you I haven't had coffee yet)

1. We have YET to see any footage of COD GHOST running on Xbox One. Recently they released the PS4 version of the game, and while it looks better then current gen consoles, its still not that great (but it is COD so deal with it)

2. Why would we not know anything about the platform the game is most successful on? Regardless of it being 360 or Xbox One, it doesn't matter. You paid a lot of money for Timed DLC on both consoles so why aren't you taunting or showing your muscle? You've been showing the PC version of the game at any events you've had Microsoft.

3. How come they can come out and tell you that "We officially confirmed COD GHOST is in fact NATIVE 1080p on PS4" But you can't do it with Xbox One? I can only assume that the reason is because it's not native 1080p. Which I think is more fine then they know. I doubt people will go raging and canceling their pre-orders for a slightly lower resolution to the PS4 version at 1080p. But this would confirm that the PS4 is in fact more powerful then the Xbox One, so Microsoft has to remain hushhush about it.

and finally.


are shown on PC or PS4. Does this not get to anyone, does this not make you wonder if reserving a Xbox One was a good Idea or not. Yea Foza looks great, Ryse looks fun, Dead Rising 3 looks last gen but who cares right? Point is all 3rd party developers are showing demos on PS4 and PC for a reason. I wish people would understand this. I don't mean this as a fanboy rant or anything but as a consumer request. That we get confirmation that we are either buying an inferior product on Xbox One or not. Just let us know.

With all that information I can only assume that COD GHOST is still beign worked on for Xbox One, and they will not stop until they can confirm or deny whether it will be 1080p or not.
Belking  +   765d ago
Dude, you can't believe everything you read. It all goes by what you want to believe. There have been devs that said ps4 is more capable, but keep in mind they are just the Indies. On the other hand we have 3rd party devs state that they are closer in power. We can only go by what we see and judging by the games xbox-one is not nearly as weak as people try to make it out to be. Just wait til they release and you will see exactly what i'm talking about. You can't name 1 game that shows this supposedly 50% power advantage. Not even the 1st party games show it, because it's not true when it comes to performance. Keep in mind that knack is the only game people have actually played running on actual ps4 console. Also, have you noticed that sony hasn't made any remarks about power since the first time they claimed ps4 was more powerful. They have been pretty silent since then. MS has said they will let the games speak for themselves.....and they do.
#30.1 (Edited 765d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(30) | Report | Reply
svoulis  +   765d ago | Well said
What are you talking about? You are completely wrong on basically everything you JUST said.

Are you really saying Killzone wasn't being shown on PS4?

There are multiple sources saying Infamous Second Son was in fact played on a PS4.

This goes for basically all 3rd party games as well including Watchdogs, AC IV, NBA 2K14, COD GHOST, The Division.

All 3rd party games that have been shown have shown PS4 version of the game including the most recent ones.

Sony's newest trailer highlights that it is in FACT the most powerful next gen console.

Not saying that it is or isn't the most powerful next gen console, but they are the only one being highlighted and showing their muscle.

No wonder you have one bubble, you speak nonsense..really blinded by Microsoft aren't you?
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Brix90  +   765d ago
*Note to self never trust someone with one bubble*
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