Watch Dogs DLC plans were being made before delay, lots of stories to tell, says Ubisoft

Watch Dogs may be delayed into spring, but a new interview conducted before the date change confirms that Ubisoft Montreal was considering its DLC strategy at the time, and is keen to tell more stories from within the game’s universe. There’s also some clarity on who Aiden’s female friend is.

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GarrusVakarian1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Cut content plans....or actual post-release DLC plans?

I'll be amazed if it's the latter.

Yi-Long1582d ago

It's Ubisoft, so I was already expecting lots of DLC, and so I already knew this is a game I won't be picking up at launch for full price, because of their DLC-tradition.

Joey_Leone1582d ago

Because of this, im buying the game used. Your loss Ubisoft

ShinMaster1582d ago

Before delay? So they could have included them in the main game then.

Watch this be one of those 100k downloads that simply unlock the content you already have on disc, smh

Angeljuice1582d ago

I hate the way they handle DLC nowadays, if you've coded content before a game is released, that content should be in the game at launch.

I know it's another revenue source for the developers, but I hate it, it feels sleazy and dishonest and puts me off buying the game in the first place.

GarrusVakarian1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

"if you've coded content before a game is released, that content should be in the game at launch. "

I agree with your whole comment, but especially that part. I refuse to buy ANY cut content DLC this gen, im simply not going to do it. I'll 'speak with my wallet', as people say.

Ratty1582d ago

It's not always coded before release though. That's just what most people will think.

-Foxtrot1583d ago

Surely the DLC you had for it like for pre order stuff should be in the game now...

theXtReMe11582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

This is good news, because it's game world begs for a bunch of different perspectives to be told. From Aiden Pierce, to the authority, to the simple Joe on the street. The coolest thing would be if the game recorded your gameplay as Aiden Pierce and then played it back as you were playing the DLC of another character so you could watch yourself do what you did when you played through the original content, through the eyes of somebody else on the street.

Of course, this is just but a pipe dream of mine... But nonetheless, would be cool.

805Junior8051582d ago

Why not add the DLC to the game for making us wait so damn long for this game. GTAV made a great game along with enormous delays, I expect the same with this game.

Fireseed1582d ago

Because they budgeted the developers salary for the 60$ release. Surprisingly enough artists work for money.

Dlacy13g1582d ago

This should shock nobody. These days DLC planning seemingly happens almost as soon as the game begins development.

jonboi241582d ago

Devs do need to find away to make more money off a game. They barely break even or make money on a game itself nowadays.

Angeljuice1582d ago

That's simply not true, the big companies make tons of money, they want us to believe otherwise but a quick look in the car park of any major developers studios will speak volumes.

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