Pixelitis Picks: What Nintendo should do for 2014

"Recent days haven’t been so bright for Nintendo. While low Wii U sales are by no means a doomsday for the company, there’s enough going against Nintendo right now that it may be time for some constructive criticism.

We have some pretty big Nintendo fans here at Pixelitis and we’d really like to see the company return to its former glory days.

Between making new games or changing business practices (and perhaps another Year of Luigi) here are some ideas on our wishlist for Nintendo. Feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments section below." - Pixelitis Staff

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wonderfulmonkeyman1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )


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Start packing pro controllers alongside game pads in every Wii U bundle, because it 1: enables multiplayer right out of the box, 2: gives people who whine about the game pad a secondary option, and 3: Adds value to the current bundles so that they don't have to adjust the prices up or down.

Stop hiding so many projects. We want to hear more news about known projects and heretofore unknown details on new projects. Give us announcements to excite us!

Expand your current teams and hire new ones so that you can get more game projects going at once.

Pay more attention to indies and smaller third party devs.

Pay more attention to seldom-used franchises under your wing[a Wii U sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising would be a great idea] and look into reviving formerly-dead franchises from third parties that are struggling to get support for them, like you did with Bayonetta 2. [more specifically, I hear that Metal Arms: Glitch in the System was originally supposed to be a Trilogy...hint hint, Nintendo. Hint. Hint.]


Listen to anyone telling you to go mobile, go third party, slash the price tag to match the original Wii, get rid of the game pad, get rid of the Wii U entirely for the sake of a new system[SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE, LEARN FROM WHAT HAPPENED TO SEGA, ALREADY!] or money-hat AAA third party devs when most of them have proven they can't do anything but ports of old games for the Wii U, or don't want to try doing any sort of game at all.[with obvious exceptions to those who have proven themselves adept, such as Ubisoft]