Titanfall – “Mechs weren’t even a part of the game at the beginning” says Respawn

Respawn Entertainment talks about the early concepts behind Titanfall and how it has evolved

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NewMonday1702d ago

It would be very interesting to have game modes with more real players and no Titans or bots.

MysticStrummer1702d ago

I wonder when bots entered the picture.

konnerbllb1702d ago

They actually have a pilots only mode.

BOLO1701d ago

Wouldn't that just make it Call of Duty with only players?

DanielGearSolid1702d ago

So nobody can bash us for saying COD mechs...

Cause without those titans...

annus1702d ago

There would only be AI and jet packs. I guess battlefield is a halo clone since it has guns and vehicles?

Even without mechs it's more different than generic shooter v4.0 that most games shooters to be.

erathaol1702d ago

I wouldn't equate Battlefield to Halo or vise versa. They both stand on their own feet, as great multiplayer experiences.

In DanielGearSolid's case. They may have some crossover in look at face value, since it is made by the fathers of Modern Warfare, yet they have a lot more control additions.

Even than “We spent a lot of time prototyping and trying to figure out what would be fun." They wanted more from than game than hitting the essentials, they wanted something that made the game worth playing.

n4rc1702d ago

Everything about this game seems to be catered to fun.. Not MLG, YouTube, ego or anything else..

Fun.. What a crazy idea! Lol

tontontam01702d ago

Mechs were the reason why it got hyped.

vickers5001702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

The fact that this game is coming from the ORIGINAL creators of the last great call of duty games, (cod4 being among some of the best multiplayer shooters available), is the reason people hyped it up.

I'm not getting an Xbox One and have no interest in doing so, but I was looking forward to this game before it was even announced, and I'd really like Titanfall on PS4, simply because these guys know what they're doing when it comes to competitive multiplayer shooters and it's almost guaranteed to at least be good. Shame the first one wont come to ps4, hopefully the second entry will.

Irishguy951702d ago

I thought everyone got hyped because of the movement. Thats what got me hyped. Thats what Alpha players have praised the most

Volkama1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I was (and still am) hyped because the momentum in travel and tightly designed maps to get round with skill reminds me of Quake 3.

Mechs and AI are just mechanics to make the action happen and prevent stand-offs as far as I'm concerned, but the former is also quite marketable.

Popoffboy1877181702d ago

Im ok missing this on ps4. I dont think i would have bought it on ps4, this game is only online. Might even skip the devision too. I cant buy an online only game .

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1702d ago

can you buy a single player only game?

Pandamobile1702d ago

Popoffboy187718 lives in 1999

ramiuk11702d ago

skipping "the division" would be a big mistake imo

n4rc1702d ago

Very much so.

I enjoy a good single player campaign, and I love me some online mp action..

I dont need every game I buy to be both.. If I only bought 1-2 games a year then maybe I would care.. But I buy games for one or the other.. Generally games that do both suck at one anyways

MegaRay1701d ago

Its all about pricing tho... im not buying 60 not even 40 for online only game that need gold to play

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