Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – First Mission Gameplay

Story Footage is starting to roll out! Here is the First Mission in Japanese Dub. The English Dub version will be updated as it finishes processing.

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stavrami-mk21587d ago

this is not like i pictured it i assumed it was like a street fighter turn out .seems like its more dynasty warriors if anyones played this can you gimme your opinion please ??

Sly-Lupin1587d ago

I haven't played it, but I have played most of ArtDink's other games. It's not going to be a fighter. Basically, it's a DBZ "mod" of their battle engine, which was originally designed for mech combat (first Gundam, then Macross)--though they also used it to make a pretty cool action/flight combat/RPG thing last year.

Basically, it's a "3D action combat" game. It's a hard genre to describe because it really doesn't exist in the West. Competitively, the game is built around 4v4 combat, but the engine is capable of involving much larger numbers of enemies (in single player, obviously). If anything, I'd say it will be more similar to something like Ace Combat. You have a number of ranged and melee attacks, various special attacks, a dodge move and a boost move, and fight by locking on to enemies.

There's also a degree of item interaction, too (in the engine). You can pick stuff up and move them (which has a lot of potential for stuff with dragonballs) and can help allies. The last game also introduced a lot of item usages--like healing items, weapon items, buff and debuff items, etc.

Basically, it's going to be a really fun action combat game. If you go into it expecting a fighter, you're going to be disappointed--because it's not a fighter. At all.

stavrami-mk21587d ago

thanks for that ,tbh i was expecting a fighter but luckily im not really a fan of fighter this sounds much cooler .will keep my eyes on it cheers

1587d ago
SeanScythe1587d ago

So far it's like tenkichi games, that was just the tutorial level. Not like Dynasty warriors at all. It's free roam stages and allows multiplayer.

Ripsta7th1587d ago

Is like an arena fighter with multiple enemies, dnt rlly like it, prefer the one v one battles

ABizzel11587d ago


Just make Budokai 4 already. Keep Budokai 3's ENTIRE gameplay foundation (especially Dragon Arena, and the Level Up system), Add all DBZ + GT characters, and you have my money.

Everything else I'm passing on.

ratcop221587d ago

Why can't they make a good fighting game? LIKE A BUDOKAI 4 perhaps burst limit was the closet thing we got to a amazing dbz to bad there's not Burst limit 2 anytime soon.