Tomb Raider Finally Turns Profit, Should be a Lesson for Gaming Industry

According to Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider has finally turned a profit. There may be a lesson to be learned by gaming companies form this.

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_QQ_1673d ago

Tomb Raider =100 million dollar budget
Witcher 2 =10million dollar budget and better game
I don't understnd how that is possible.

Devs like CD projekt red prove that you don't need high budgets to be among the best.

LAWSON721673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Square Enix needs to learn how to spend money efficiently. I don't know why you have disagrees. I hope people don't think Tomb Raider is leagues better than Witcher 2 because on a technical level it is far from it.

Kurisu1673d ago

I'm glad it made profit because Tomb Raider was a great game. I look forward to see where they take Lara (and her twin pistols!) in the sequel.