Get $5-10 Credit With Select PSN Purchases From Amazon

Amazon isn’t messing around when it comes to giving gamers great deals lately. This latest deal is for all of the Playstation faithful.

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Prime1571114d ago

Wow, I'll buy kz season pass, then use the 5$ to get super motherload, then use the 5$ to get trine. Then I'll have 5$ for whatever. About a 25% savings.

I hate savings.

backfat1114d ago Show
Goro1114d ago

Of course, it's US only

MestreRothN4G1114d ago

For US PSN and US adresses. But you can make around the address requirement. In case anyone want to know how, PM me. It's simple.

Tru_Blu1114d ago

Funny Last of us, SR4 and Batman Origins are listed under PS4. Did I miss something??

chaldo1114d ago

hmmm LEAKED?! nah jk haha

ipach1114d ago

the AC4 one is interesting; you can basically get a PS4 + season pass edition at normal price: $60 for PS3 bundle + $10 upgrade - $10 amazon credit.

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