The PC is the top gaming platform (#2)

Why, despite rampant piracy, the PC is still the top gaming platform. And will continue to be so. (Second of two articles)

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Snoozer2823877d ago

A surprisingly well thought out article, well sourced and interesting to read.

JsonHenry3877d ago

Great article. One day consoles WILL be nothing but a PC. As kids grow more tech savvy the idea of using a Keyboard and mouse as well as PC like options and installations will not be such a daunting idea. Every generation since the Super Nintendo has tried more and more to be like a PC. The trend will continue until we are all gaming on unified PC models, instead of consoles.

Tempist3877d ago

Well the PS3 is able to double as a Linux computer. But that aside, PCs are mostly suffering under their costs of upgrade and frequency required to do so for most of the nicer newer games.

I personally see the industry tripping over it's shoelaces. All they have to do is tie up those troublesome loose ends and they can litteraly get up and running.

Bring the price of games down to counter piracy instead of bulling and big brothering users. Restrictions will only spur on others to get around those.


solar3877d ago

i built a PC i used for 4 years without upgrading. if you build it can play fine for years to come.

himdeel3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

...but I'd also add that proper planning is extremely essential. I find that the higher end quality upgrades keep you playing for much longer then the quick, "just enough to play this game" cheap upgrades. You spend more in the long run on incremental upgrades on the PC. Then again I will always expect the PC to be better given total cost to configure a better then average or good rig vs purchasing a console.

solar3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

@ him

the major knock on PC gaming from the ill-informed console nitwits is that u have to spend hundreds of dollars every year to play great games and have fun. which you dont.

great advice about planning before buying. bubble for you my friend.