Battlefield 4 Connectivity And Netcode Issues On All Platforms

Dice has released a lot of patches for Battlefield 4 but it's still far from perfect. The latest patch released on 20 Dec brings back lag, lag spikes, frame drops and a bug that is causing crashes on the xbox 360. Dice is currently monitoring these issues to find a solution.

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Cherchez La Ghost1443d ago

I don't get it?! What in hell is going on with DICE/EA with this game?! Premium should be cut by 75% for this crap.

venom061443d ago

nothing's is going on with EA/DICE... this pathetic site is run by one of the biggest BF crybaby, little whiny girls on the internet. The game is fine and runs great... Especially since the latest patches...

OmegaShen1443d ago

Thats a big lie, its the only game that keeps freezing up on me and all my friends.

I can my preorder for this game for PS4 because how buggy it is. The beta ran better then the full game.

GreenGamers1443d ago

it's because of the latest patch. As of 20 Dec i have crashes in the map dawnbreaker again.

cyclindk1443d ago

Yeah, the BETA was WAY smoother... so crazy.

famoussasjohn1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Please explain why they delayed the premium event yesterday.

Please explain why there has been 17 patches, and the game still needs a lot more work.

Explain why I go to quick match and select domination and get thrown into TDM?

Why are there barely any Second Assault servers that I can get into? Sorta makes doing this map based assignments complicated since I can't get into Op Metro ever.

The list is endless.

Thatlalala1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Um no... Accept or decline the revive stays on screen. Can't choose Loadout or spawn placement 1 out of 4 times. Still getting dcd, getting error screen. Still no invite system, dude can go on. (ps4) game is broke, probably will never be fixed, so many problems on so many different platforms its hard to think they can fix all of them and still put out quality dlc in a timely matter(premium members are actually the ones getting f's) the more time they spend fixing infinite problems, the longer it will take for those who bought premium to get what they payed for. Lesson learned today delay your game, ship it when its actually finished, polished, Bug squash, then polish again.

Majin-vegeta1443d ago

You're full of it.Got to Battle log then tell me if it;s running fine.

n4gamingm1443d ago

the game has connection problems for sure i cant play conquest no more i'm forced to play defuse and team deathmatch cause of huge lag

SonyKong641443d ago

still can not play normal conquest (the mode I've been playing for 8 plus years..) on ps4.

so I have no idea what nonsense you spew.

Heisenburger1443d ago

I love Battlefield 4 when it works. But I'll never understand why people can't accept that what they like isn't perfect to everyone.

It's a fact that BF4 doesn't run smoothly for everyone. Idk why some people act like an overprotective boyfriend to these games.


OmegaShen1443d ago

Because most people paid about $100 bucks for a game that doesn't work, if it isn't crashing its some other problems.

So I think thats why people are tick off about it.

Heisenburger1443d ago


In the future read the comments you are replying to. You either accidentally replied to me, when you mean to reply to the guy I did. Or you didn't read my comment well at all.

Either way it's a waste of my time to have to read it.

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fossilfern1443d ago

The Mantle update has also been pushed back too :/

ion6661443d ago

This is a perfect time for another military shooter to come in and take over.

Npugz71443d ago

The rubber banding is soooooo bad!

cyclindk1443d ago

Thank you... thank you ;(

Horrible rubber-banding bull munchers

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