Losing Control: DualShock 4 Vs. XBox One Vs. Steam Controller

It’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned argument fuelled by fanboyism and healthy dose of purchase justification. That said, the DualShock 4 is hands-down the best controller on the market right now. Just kidding… (Or am I?).

So, which controller is best? These innocuous black gizmos are our very means of connecting with our games. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of getting them right. With many hours of now current-gen console controller use under our belts, let’s compare the two obvious ones and see if they could be usurped by the up-and-coming Steam Controller.

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Mister_Dawg1795d ago

Forget controllers dude.

All I need to know is where they are.

UltimateMaster1794d ago

Isn't the Wii U also a console?

Mister_Dawg1794d ago

Can't go wrong with a bit of Aliens.

mhunterjr1795d ago

If you have me a ds3 and a 360 controller, I'd go 360 every time. It's not so easy to choose this time.

I hated the bumpers on the xb1 controller, initially. It took me a while to figure out I'm supposed to bump them with my knuckles instead of pressing them like buttons. It's all good now, but it was jarring at first.

I pretty much hated the ds3, because I felt like the joystick locations weren't ideal for the games I like to play. I really don't know what Sony did, but the ds4 feels great immediately.

I don't know what to think about the steam controllers, but it's intriguing. Chances are the device will end up being compatible with whatever controller you want.

TheUltimateGamer1795d ago

I had a very similar experience with the XB1 controller. When I first picked it up I didn't like the bumpers at all.. Now that I've adapted to the "knuckle bump" I freaking love it! Its an absurdly comfortable controller.

Like you, I hated the DS3.. I'm still not sold on the whole touch pad of the DS4 but I absolutely think the overall feel of the controller is vastly improved.

cesuf1795d ago

Seems like a lot of welcome changes, but one change that irks me is the 6-7 battery life of the ds4.

rowdyBOY1795d ago

no way , ps4 controller has improved the most but as long as the analog sticks are positioned on the same horizontal , xbone will always be preferred for me .

i tried playing a streetfighter type game with d-pad and i was doing a hadouken and always hitting the analogue .
the positioning is not right .

xbone got the positioning perfect for all types of games .

xbone 10/10
ps4 8/10
steam ????? dont know yet


ive been playing all types of fighting games for years on the DS3 and have never had that problem.

I_am_Batman1795d ago

"i tried playing a streetfighter type game with d-pad and i was doing a hadouken and always hitting the analogue .
the positioning is not right ."

Does that happen with the DS4 or DS3? While I can only speak for the DS3 this has never happened to me in 300+ hours of SFIV. It doesn't look like the DS4 has less room between the D-Pad and the analog stick though I can't test it out cause I haven't got a PS4 yet.

ShowGun9011795d ago

call me a "skeptic" but i think the trackpads on the steam controller are going to suck hard. think about the agruments we've heard for the past 8 years about alternative controls for games...

"touchscreens are just as good as buttons and joysticks!"
"waving wii-motes is just as good..."
"waving nothing at all is just as good..."

so far, NOTHING has been as good as old fashioned tactile feedback with joysticks and buttons, and i don't think the haptics they put in the steam controller will change that.

prove me wrong, valve : )

TheUltimateGamer1795d ago

I'm really intrigued to get my hands on it... but I can't imagine it being as good as they promise. I guess we'll see.

Rivitur1795d ago

The joysticks response times are actually pretty bad as I notice while playing some shooter on 360. Also the constant over aiming on games without aim assistance really shows how bad joysticks really are. So I'm optimistic on the steam controller.

mhunterjr1795d ago

I wouldn't sell the track pads so short. Surely they won't be great for every game ( I imagine they would be horrible for a platformer or 3rd person action). But I think they could have potential for FPS or RTS games.... And the best thing about Steam machines is the are customizable, I see no reason why you wouldn't eventually be able to use a ds4, or xb1 controller with it, if you see fit.

cesuf1795d ago

As much player testing as steam has done for their new controllers (as well as player reviews on you tube), I don't see anyone saying they are horrible or bad.

They may not be your cup of tea personal preference, but no way will they be below average or bad. Id say it will come down to if they are either good or great.

MasterCornholio1795d ago

I dont like the way the steam controller looks either but luckily you can still use console controllers with steam OS.

Volkama1795d ago

I was inclined to think the same thing, but there is a pretty significant ray of light: Valve themselves said that trackpads as we know them are terrible and not fit for a controller.

They have put a lot of research in, and they believe their haptic feedback transforms the touchpad into something brilliant.

I'm still skeptical, but I certainly want to try it.

It's also the only part of this comparison article that I was interested in. Oh well.

ShowGun9011792d ago

the best thing valve can do is set up displays that let people like us TRY the controller... that is, if its good! if its bad, it'd be better to just let people buy it blind LOL!

also, the thing about the controller is that, like the DS4 or xbone controller, it will work with EVERY game on the steam machine... adding a DS4 or xbone or 360 controller dosen't make it universally compatible with steam games, this one will be. so wether it sucks or not really matters to me because it will weigh in pretty heavily on whether i'd buy one or not.

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