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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Controller Challenge

"Christopher Scott takes a close look at both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers to see which is better." (PS4, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   513d ago
"the Dual Shock 4 has taken the throne."

Couldn't agree more. It feels so comfortable AND IT DON'T USE AA BATTERIES! Lol
Hicken  +   512d ago
It IS a very comfortable controller.

I find it weird that the XB1 demo units at the GameStops near me lack any controllers to use. And we still don't have ANY demo units at Target.
theBAWSE  +   512d ago
The microphone in the controller complete adds to the atmosphere when playing games like picking up audiologs etc

this new Gen Sony has the better controller and plus offers all live does plus a better range of free games

Sony have definitely learnt from their ps3 mishaps
mikeslemonade  +   512d ago
-_- the debates on controller vs controller is long and tedious. I'm just gonna say I prefer the PS4 controller and my 2nd favorite controller is the 360s. Would have been nice for Sony to steal Microsofts' idea on making a more sleek chat pad that fits perfectly. Looking at the PS4 controller it doesn't have the hook ups for perfect fitted chatpad.
hellvaguy  +   512d ago

U hate everything about xbox so your big gripe here on a xbox demo is pretty laughable to say the least and very desperate at best. At least u finally got bumped down to 2 bubbs.
Funantic1  +   512d ago
How can the DS4 be the better controller when the right bumper is sticking and analog stick peeling off?

http://youtu.be/sSk8GPldOSM (and read those comments)



The_Infected  +   512d ago
Anyone ever figure out why the one bubble guys never learn and continue to say stupid crap? Lol

All early hardware will have some problems yes even the Xbox One controller.
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madden28  +   512d ago
have you heard of rechargable batteries? i bought some and a micro usb cabale for $10 and i get 40+hrs of battery life the ds4 only does 7 hrs which is a problem, the xbox one controller is the best in my opinion as it has better lay out,better battery life(with right set up),better d pad and triggers. on the other hand ds4 has touch pad, built in speaker and better bumpers
urwifeminder  +   512d ago
The inside edge of the triggers could be rounder on the XB1 I guess large hands its my only gripe the quality of the sticks is great went through quite a few last gen these seem more solid and of stronger material nice grip on the edge.
NeMo_HeauxZ  +   512d ago
The DS4 controller is very comfortable. Coming from the 360 I thought it would take me some time to get use to the switch. That is not at all the case. It is damn near perfect.
andygee1987  +   512d ago
I love DS4, best feeling controller i have played with, deffo right up there with 360 controller, not got my hands on xbox one controller yet but from what i have seen it looks huge, love speaker on DS4 save the last humans gets me excited everytime i hear it :D
kydrice  +   512d ago
I'm a bit disappointed by the Xbox One controller. I had some high hopes after using the 360 controller. I LOVED the 360 controller but man oh man, what's with the awful shoulder buttons on the XB1? They're so stiff and awkward to use. Playing DR3 has been hell using those buttons. The DS4 truly is amazing, The DS3 was ok but I hated the trigger buttons and how my finger kept sliding off the joysticks, it was particularly annoying during racing games. The DS4 on the other hand fixes everything and then some. The most loved feature still has to be the ability to plug in headphones straight into the controller. Someone told me that the Xbox One controller does this too but there's no audio jack to plug one in, so am I missing something?
headblackman  +   512d ago
ive got the xbox one and i really dont see what your big gripe about the shoulder buttons is? it allows for seamless transitions from the shoulder button on to the trigger buttons with a fluid glide and or ease. i love the controller in every way. now of course the ps4 ds controller is a step up from what it was, but better than the xbox 360 or xbox one controller it will never be. it's just better than what it was. the ds has a speaker and a touch pad on it, which microsoft chose to not even do, because the xbox one's controller has the kinect. the kinect is apart of the xbox one controller and it works as a mic and works for gestures. and by doing it the way microsoft did it allowed for more innovation to the controller as it is. but both controllers are great in their own right, but it all boils down to personal preference. choose your weapons :-)
MasterCornholio  +   512d ago
I haven't held the Xbox One controller so I can't comment on it. The DS4 controller feels much better than the DS3 and the Xbox 360 controller. The analog sticks are much better than the 360 and the triggers destroy the DS3s.

Judging from what I've seen it appears that the Xbox One controller is barely any different than the 360s while the DS4s is a radical change from the DS3. Doesn't mean that one is better than the other though because it all boils down to personal preferences.
edonus  +   512d ago
I have used both controllers. I feel controllers are just a matter of learning them any controller can be just as functional as the next... but with that said controllers can feel different and have advantages feel better for certain tasks.

I have never really liked the dualshock controller. I could even say I have even used it as a reason to not buy Sony consoles. After getting my hands on the DS4 I would say everything is reversed, I would actually consider the controller a major reason to buy the Ps4. The first thing you notice is the triggers they have a really nice responsive springiness to them, the next thing is that its chunkier so you can grip it better. And another big one is the Analog sticks are a little further apart and that sealed the deal for me. I liked the placement of touchpad but it didnt feel as clicky as I would like it felt more mashy. The Dpad has always been great on the DualShock the buttons nice. i like the speaker being put in the controller as well. The headphone jack is nice but the earbud that came with it is crap. I like the light bar in the front for hopefully one day an innovative feature but I dont like that it cant turn off. The battery life isnt great and the rechargeable battery is good tech but it does lack the convenience of switching a battery if needed. The Ps4 DS4 is easily the most improved controller.

The X1 controller is not as initially jaw dropping as the DS4. The 360 controller was so close to perfection it didnt have so far to go. The Dpad is the first thing you notice and is a very nice upgrade. Now the X1 controller is something to understand how good it is you need to start use it. People complain about the shoulder buttons but they are way easier to access. Once you pull off a Ultra combo in KI you'll understand. The triggers initially though me they have bigger area to touch while the 360s triggers were almost un like.... but once you feel feedback triggers you understand why. The first time I felt the feedback triggers I jumped, I as playing Ryse and you dont really use the triggers that much. It was truly a pleasant surprise and the possibilities are endless. The analog sticks feel different but are more responsive. Things I dont like is the controller is lighter very light and the texture of the plastic body. The controller has a unique headset port so you cant use your old headsets without an adapter but the sound quality is the best miles beyond the quality of the 360 and Ps4. Another thing few mention or dont know is that the X1 controller has a similar capability of the Ds4. The DS4 has a light bar on the front of it for tracking the X1 controller has the same but it is in the for of infrared lights on the front of the controller. Another thing is some people really rag on the X1 for using batteries..... I for one am happy they did. Technology wise it may be generations behind but there is a serious convenience and peace of mind one can have when I know that if the controller loses power it nothing but a change of the batteries. I switched to Re Usable batteries a decade ago and have many batteries in rotation.

All in all they are both great controllers, if I had to make a quick decision I would say the Ds4 is better, but I had to factor in everything the X1 has a better controlling eco system. The audio is better the light bar tracking is already there and the rumble triggers will just presents more opportunity.
SirBradders  +   512d ago
The thing is everyones hands are different shapes and sizes but ergonomically the ds4 is better suited due to its symetry and that is a scientific fact.
KratosSaveUs  +   512d ago
The DS4 is the best controller ever. Not only feel wise but features too. The touchpad,the loud crystal clear speaker,the amazing grip texture on the back,and the headphone jack that let's you use any headphones. I can go on and on but I have to get ready for school.
cesuf  +   512d ago
Lets see gimic touchpad causing a total of a 6-7 hour battery life on the ds3 (which only further degrades each year). WiiU from last year holds a 50 hour charge. Unacceptable, no ty.
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kingPoS  +   511d ago
Qote: -the Dual Shock 4 continues to have symmetrical sticks, something many people dislike about its predecessor... Aren't peoples hands symmetrical? Last I checked both my hands were the same shape & size.

The Dual Shock 4's biggest feature has to be its non-proprietary headset support, however. You can plug any headset that uses a single 3.5 mm connection for its audio and microphone into the controller itself... Long live the immortal headphone jack.

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