Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Controller Challenge

"Christopher Scott takes a close look at both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers to see which is better."

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urwifeminder1594d ago

The inside edge of the triggers could be rounder on the XB1 I guess large hands its my only gripe the quality of the sticks is great went through quite a few last gen these seem more solid and of stronger material nice grip on the edge.

NeMo_HeauxZ1594d ago

The DS4 controller is very comfortable. Coming from the 360 I thought it would take me some time to get use to the switch. That is not at all the case. It is damn near perfect.

andygee19871594d ago

I love DS4, best feeling controller i have played with, deffo right up there with 360 controller, not got my hands on xbox one controller yet but from what i have seen it looks huge, love speaker on DS4 save the last humans gets me excited everytime i hear it :D

kydrice1594d ago

I'm a bit disappointed by the Xbox One controller. I had some high hopes after using the 360 controller. I LOVED the 360 controller but man oh man, what's with the awful shoulder buttons on the XB1? They're so stiff and awkward to use. Playing DR3 has been hell using those buttons. The DS4 truly is amazing, The DS3 was ok but I hated the trigger buttons and how my finger kept sliding off the joysticks, it was particularly annoying during racing games. The DS4 on the other hand fixes everything and then some. The most loved feature still has to be the ability to plug in headphones straight into the controller. Someone told me that the Xbox One controller does this too but there's no audio jack to plug one in, so am I missing something?

headblackman1594d ago

ive got the xbox one and i really dont see what your big gripe about the shoulder buttons is? it allows for seamless transitions from the shoulder button on to the trigger buttons with a fluid glide and or ease. i love the controller in every way. now of course the ps4 ds controller is a step up from what it was, but better than the xbox 360 or xbox one controller it will never be. it's just better than what it was. the ds has a speaker and a touch pad on it, which microsoft chose to not even do, because the xbox one's controller has the kinect. the kinect is apart of the xbox one controller and it works as a mic and works for gestures. and by doing it the way microsoft did it allowed for more innovation to the controller as it is. but both controllers are great in their own right, but it all boils down to personal preference. choose your weapons :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.