Battlefield 4: DICE has”identified and eliminated” most common crash issues for PS4

Battlefield 4: DICE has”identified and eliminated” most common crash issues for PS4, game update set for next week

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mandf1463d ago

Thank God! Only 2 maps have worked for the first week and they even crash. The corrupt save file 5 times was really annoying. BF4 looks and plays great when it works.

forcefullpower1463d ago

Sorry to say this but thank you NA for bug fixing for the brits :)

Still sad that I don't have one yet :(

mandf1463d ago

No problem. I had to put it down. It was really that bad. What was weird, it worked excellent when it played but completely broken broken most of the time.

ikkokucrisis1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Finally 64 player servers are working. Played for 2 map rotations this morning, and experienced no crashes.
Irked that it wasn't working for the past 2 weeks, but happier now.

MWong1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Just glad we PS4 users could help identify bugs. Can't wait for the patch.

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xtremeimport1463d ago

about time.
it almost made the multiplayer mode useless...and as a matter of fact, the campaign was also useless since the save data would always get corrupted.

xtremeimport1463d ago

thanks for the disagree.
I'm guessing who ever did it hasn't played the game yet..If you did you'd know that was reality.

MizTv1463d ago

Yeah it played great for me tonight
But didn't notice a update
So I don't know what they did

Permagrin1871463d ago

Probably server-side patching.

Finally played a little today for the first time on PS4 and it seems a lot easier to lay bullets on other players and drop them compared to the PS3 version. Excited about that! :D

Livecustoms1463d ago

Just in time for me #29Nov #7daysssss

Shakengandulf1463d ago

29th can't come fast enough.
Glad to hear things are being fixed while i wait.

boneso821463d ago

Last week has been a nightmare, next week will be even more frustrating, but finally, it will all be worth the wait...

bomboclaat_gamer1463d ago

add me on psn


all i play is battlefield
im awesome too :P

WorldGamer1463d ago

Lol. I'll add you up man. I'm on there nightly, probably more now with the holidays and bug fixes. See you online.

Ramuh1463d ago

Alright playboy. I'll add you. I play BF a lot as well.

crazyclown1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

add me


my clan and I play often BF

MatrixxGT1463d ago

I never had game crashes but I could never access conquest mode in MP. Good to hear there is a fix hopefully.

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