Was Xbox One Really Being Tested With Backwards Compatibility By Microsoft?

Xbox One has been officially launched by Microsoft and is now out in the wild for everyone to get their hands on. We know that Xbox One is not backwards compatible with the Xbox 360's huge catalog of games and it was also said by Microsoft that bringing backwards compatibility using an online streaming service is also difficult.

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HelpfulGamer1729d ago

X86 PentiumIII Xbox game disc should be compatible with Xbox One.

kewlkat0071728d ago

Ms hinted at that but who knows it's not like they are not capable. ..

I expect the next console to be fully backwards that everyone is on x86

MajorAly1728d ago

It is possible that this generation both the companies go in reverse directions. Later revisions of their consoles might have backwards compatibility at a HW level.

Ofcourse kind of not possible for Sony as PS3's architecture was different but Gaikai has good hopes.

Crazay1728d ago

I think you're overreaching here dude.

Agent_00_Revan1728d ago

"It’s used in every Xbox beforehand deployment to avoid selling bricks. It goes through phases of gfx and CPU stress testing . The software measures inconsistencies in temps and reports back to a tool connected to the Xbox via USB ."

So wait, if every Xbox gets a test with some kind of disc in it before its shipped out then, why the hell didn't they also have discs to update the damn firmware so we could've avoided this day one patch that is causing so many issues with the launch?!

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