Assassin's Creed 4 Producer Wanted Current and Next-Gen Versions to be the Same

"Other than a few graphical updates, Ubisoft just hoped that Black Flag would be the same across all platforms."

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Mariusmssj1849d ago

Well I do get the point of everyone having the same experience and not being discriminated on their platform choice BUT.

With development team of 800+ people over 6 studios they could have given a unique and best experience for each platform of choice.

Fireseed1849d ago

You severely underestimate the amount of work necessary to optimize efficiently on all consoles then. Even with 800 people it would be an expensive undertaking.

JsonHenry1849d ago

It would cost too much. It isn't about the manpower being lacking. Its about the man-hours needed.

raWfodog1849d ago

Transition periods are always the most challenging. We've seen a few games that were announced for the PS3, 360 gen but have since moved to PS4, XB1 (final fantasy 15 comes to mind). Most developers still want to have their feet in both pools though, until the next-gen fully takes off.

WeAreLegion1849d ago

Loving ACIV, so far. I hope the next one is made specifically for PC/PS4/XBO though.

OMNlPOTENT1849d ago

it looks and feels great on ps4 so I'm not complaining.

1849d ago
1nsomniac1849d ago

That's ridiculous, can you imagine the backlash if a system that much more powerful looked no different & also charge £20 more for it.

What a stupid idea!!

Rockefellow1849d ago

You didn't even read the first sentence. "Other than graphical updates," meaning the gameplay experience, not how it looks.

It's understandable why they'd want parity amongst all consoles.

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