Hideo Kojima Shows Off Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on AQUOS

Hideo Kojima proudly displays the title of his game on his AQUOS alongside with a few other items like a 360 controller, a PS3, tablet and more.

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1848d ago

forget MGS5...WHERE IS ZOE3?

KingPin1848d ago

time for kojima to leave MGS alone for a while and work on another game or even make a new franchise altogether.

i would like a new story set in a different universe.

Joe9131848d ago

Yea right MGS is a system seller Konami is not going to let him work on anything else plus he is a corporate man now he knows what makes money which is MGS its a no risk game until ppl really get tired of it. By no risk I mean they know it will sell.

KingPin1848d ago

the suits want MGS coz they know it will sell. i know MGS sells tons thats why they keep making em. but with that kind of mentality you tend to start getting stagnant like Call of duty. still sells plenty but how much really changes?

i mean, devz like naughty dog couldve kept making one uncharted after the next but even they took time to make the last of us which was something different. im not saying kojima should forget about MGS altogether and move on, im just saying it would be nice to see what other stories he could tell, coz he is probably one of the best in the gaming industry.