The Xbox One controller: Projectors, smells (!), and other stuff that didn’t make it in

GamesBeat got an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft's process for making the Xbox One's new controller. Today, we look at early prototypes, some crazy functions that didn’t make it in (like Smell-O-Vision!), and where all that money went.

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Sadie21001825d ago

The projector thing could've been really cool. A better idea than what Sony's doing with the light bar.

badboy7761825d ago

Those AA Batteries sure did Make it in.

headblackman1825d ago

you do understand that there is an option for a rechargeable pack right? you're not limited to using batteries unless you absolutely want to use them. buy the charge kit with the rechargeable battery and a sync cable and cut the nonsense out. NEEEEEEEEEXT!

VENOMACR12271825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Yup they did! And when my batteries run low, I'll pop in 2 more rechargeable AA batteries and go back to sitting 20 feet away, wireless. Meanwhile you'll be looking for your cable and then be attached to your wire while gaming.

famoussasjohn1825d ago

I think having the choice of AA batteries or rechargable batteries is much better than the controller having just rechargable battery that would require you to dissemble the controller to swap out the battery if it craps out.

Chris5581825d ago

headblack you must be retarded going full jew on m$ why would i pay extra 25 bucks when sony does include a superior non AA battery way for 100 less ?

Mike134nl1825d ago

In my experience I find AA batteries better solution than recharcheable pack. Offers more flexibility. When replacing batteries I always swap them from my batterycharger. Also not that expansive to buy more or if needed better recharcheable batteries.

GHOSTxx4201825d ago

$80 for a controller charger combo, wow kinda expensive don't you think? Compared to $60 and a USB cable that everyone and anyone basically have. Ohh well getting both systems can't wait.

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yezz1825d ago

It would've been pretty cool but the batteries would drain so freaking quickly..

darkronin2291825d ago

I want to -- nay, NEED to -- try those smelly controllers myself. The idea is so dumb that it has to work.

BobBelcher1825d ago

Don Mattrick came up w/ that one...

FullmetalAlchemist1825d ago

A more practical feature would have been a built in Hot Pocket Dispenser.

Sitdown1825d ago

While I like the feel of the new controller, can't help but consider how that money could have gone toward games. Oh well, will eventually see if it was really worth it.... I do enjoy the new triggers and their rumble.