Basement Crawl Dev: "Looking At Pure Numbers, PS4 is More Powerful" Than Xbox One

"Bloober Team is a Polish developer who is working on Basement Crawl, a classic maze-style multiplayer title coming exclusively to PlayStation 4. "

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unless they are up-scaled ! lololol

MysticStrummer1709d ago

Yeah those "1080p" numbers on the back of 360 boxes have been lying for years. MS is continuing that proud deceptive marketing tradition with XB1 and their fans seem to love it.


BABY-JEDI1709d ago

Very clever comment
; D

jackanderson19851709d ago


the PS4 games are doing the same, specifically BF4 which has been confirmed as 900p although it says 1080p on the box

BBBirdistheWord1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

This is like a corvette vs porsche 911 comparison.

"Making the Corvette as quick and rewarding as a 911 is a big task, and it's been fully accomplished. The Corvette, when driven hard, is as good as the 911, maybe better. There, we said it.

That it costs, in this case, less than half as much is pure gravy.
But then there's the undeniable reality that the 911 is the better car. Whether we're taking our kids to school or adding subtle countersteer to correct that big slide, we'd rather have the Porsche. It's the car that wins our hearts so it's the car that wins this test."

(pretty much exactly like the ps4 vs xbo. This comparison is particularly apt because the ps4 costs less, yet reputedly has a bigger engine!)

The takeaway point is that while the xbo has poise and balance, the ps4 has a big truck engine.

who wins?
well... the conclusion is there for all to see.

u got owned1709d ago

""Looking At Pure Numbers, PS4 is More Powerful" Than Xbox One"

and in other news the sky is blue

Kleptic1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

at BBB...I can't say i agree with the two cars you used as an the systems are too close in architecture...

I'd say...the PS4 is a 911 GT3, the highest performing naturally aspirated version of the 911 line...

the xbox a base 911 with an overpriced back up camera...

mine doesn't make much sense, either...because the gt3 is way more expensive...but, whatever ha...

MysticStrummer1709d ago

@jack - Yeah Sony saw how many people didn't seem to care about the deception of upscaling and putting 1080p on the box, so they've adopted the same strategy. Luckily, PS4 won't have to do it as much as XB1 due to the power gap.

Same goes for paying to play online. In both cases we have MS fans to thank.

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Thevariance1709d ago

And we will see those numbers in action in exactly an hours time when the embargo on PS4 game reviews ends.

DeadRabbits1709d ago

"Numbers don't lie"

M$ Do!


"Numbers Dont lie"... unless they are printed on the back of an xbone exclusive !


I am sorry, I can't help it. lolol

SL1M DADDY1709d ago

No they don't lie. In fact, the numbers tell us just exactly what the devs have going for them. When you have a great platform to start with you can achive much more than if you have a subpar platform to start with that is incapable of 1080p at 60fps.

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gillri1709d ago

Sometimes they do, look at insane uber-high end PC specs and the average graphics they output when compared to the PS3's specs and its respective output

Blackdeath_6631709d ago

no, not everyone knows this unfortunately. some people refuse to know

lifeisgamesok1709d ago

Key words here "Looking at pure numbers"

How those numbers translate to the screen hasn't been an advantage and won't be

Xbox One!

stavrami1709d ago

the pure numbers you be smoking be sending you crazy

lifeisgamesok1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Don't be mad Sony Yes Men y'all know I'm right

Battlefield 4: Xbox One
Need for Speed: Xbox One
COD: Xbox One

Looking at comparison videos you Xbox haters are coming up short

The Sony goggles you are wearing are clouding your judgment

I see the sacrifices for those extra pixels are less crisp images

You dudes are like zombies lol

BBBirdistheWord1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

The pure numbers also posited the ps3 as three times as powerful as the 360.

Of course, 8 years of games have proven these numbers to be somewhat incorrect.

Not sure why people keep saying Sony has no marketing budget. It seems they have plenty of $$ to keep promoting plenty numbers FUD.

Utalkin2me1709d ago


You're right im going to take a trolls word of what actually programmers and people that have hands on with each machine and have tested them side by side, they say PS4 wins. Anyways i haven't seen anything remotely close to Killzone SF, coming from Xbox1.


Really 3 times more powerful huh? Care to post a link, where Sony said it was 3 times more powerful? It came with 3 times more stuff thats for sure.

BBBirdistheWord1709d ago


Sony did not state they were three times more powerful with ps3 than the 360.

In fact they stated it was TWICE as powerful.
Thanks for picking me up on that.

Here's the link to this misrepresentation and various other furphies.

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obliteratorFTW1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Remain in denial, you will soon find out. Btw enjoy your sub 900p and sub 20fps dr3.




TruthInsider 1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Sub 900p? They wish it was lol
Its 720p with drops as low as 16fps!

jimmyateham231709d ago

Have fun playing just indies

Foxhound9221709d ago


Too bad we've already seen major differences on multiplats. And the consoles aren't even out yet.

T21709d ago

Ya its like the dude with a souped up civic in a drag race with a charger .... Its not about the numbers ! * gets smoked by 5 lengths

KrisButtar1709d ago

1920x1080 are some real numbers that did translate onscreen.

I don't know anyone who would buy a 720p TV(or up-scaled 1080p TV) with a native 1080p TV next to it for $100 cheaper and the same size. I play 3rd party games mostly and that is how the choice came down to me.

I will get my XB1 when Halo is out, and it keeps 4 player local play, but saying there is no advantage is a little naive

Nekroo911709d ago

just shut up ! stop making a fool of yourself dont you get embarrassed?

your saying that this

looks better than..

ahahaha of course, keep dreaming maybe santa will deliver you the dual gpu for christmas

Joe9131709d ago

So I guess you know more than all the devs that has confirmed PS4 is more powerful and did you happen to see the IGN video where they put the PS4 and XB1 CODG side by side and it was clear that the PS4 version had more detail have the opinion that you want but when you feel the need to call ppl names just shows your maturity level I guess all these devs are zombies too huh. Look if the low resolution of the xb1 is ok with you then fine don’t call Sony fans names because they are happy next gen we are not getting the short end of the stick like current gen if resolution is not a big deal to you then you will still have fun games to play so no need to be mad.

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Gore-Content1709d ago

So many devs speak out in favor of the PS4. But this is something IGN and the likes would never mention.

obliteratorFTW1709d ago

Ign, kotaku, polygon, all are biased sites. What more can you expect from them. Previous gen, even minor pixel differneces led to x360 being declared preferred platform by these sites, and now when the tables have turned, resolution doesn't matter anymore. Shame on this biased gaming journalism.

Blackdeath_6631709d ago

polygon is by far the worst in terms of bias, kotaku can't be taken seriously whomever their in favour with and IGN while they do try do gloss over the differences between the consoles if you ignore the content they put out for mainstream and just follow the content that is put out by the xbox and the ps4 editors you can still get some good info they will however always try to make it out like both consoles are equal

stuna11709d ago

And that tradition is likely to continue! Considering they are saying the Xbox1 version of COD Ghost is better because it has a slightly more stable frame rate. Yet the PC is experiencing issues with frame rate, and is the best version of the game without a doubt.

jimmyateham231709d ago

Ign is the worst, all they do is lick sonys ass

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