Worst PS4 Game Ever Is Now Called “Brawl”

SegmentNext writes: "A trailer for the game was sent out. Inexplicably, Bloober Team didn’t host the video themselves, nor are there media feeds active. That’s part of the problems, gang."

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crashbash1249d ago

Trying to be, but it's just a sad ripoff.

XboxOneX1249d ago

This game looks like a whole lot better than many of the other INDIE games being released. I am looking forward to playing on PS+ soon.

uth111249d ago

Worse than putty squad?

mixelon1249d ago

IMO putty squad isn't that *bad*, it's just incredibly weird and doesn't really have a market.

It was pretty great when it was supposed to come out .. in the 90s. If it was priced more logically now it'd be a fun little aside.

Godz Kastro1249d ago

Thought it was called killzone.

remixx1161249d ago

I hate feeding trolls, but man you guys are so hungry.

Viryu1249d ago

Fighter Within? Oh wait...

1249d ago
ThePhoeniixRisess1249d ago

and how many xbox games ?

fighter within is one i could name dozens more but lets not rage the xbox fanboys

Double Toasted1249d ago

Lol, for every bad one there's two good ones.

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The story is too old to be commented.