A Look Into The PS4 Launch From Within Amazon Distribution

Think of yourself visiting Candyland, but instead of gumdrops you had PS4 units; that’s the site at Amazon distribution this week. The company is prepping more PS4s then you could ever hope for, in one of the largest day-one release-operations in the company’s history. An editor at The Slanted caught up with Amazon PR, who were nice enough to share with them this virtual tour that you see above. The sheer volume of PS4s at the company’s distribution centers is amazing, workers are gently placing the PS4s onto pallets, then into boxes, then shipping them out like Santa himself to eager gamers all over the world.

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DeadMansHand1778d ago

I'm not sure why, but I laughed hard enough to snort at that gif.

mikeslemonade1778d ago

It's kind of pathetically funny. Seeing the shipping side of it.

If things just shipped in clear bubble wrap that would be funny too.

kparks1778d ago

I hope that Hottie boxed mine up lol ;) mine is prolly the one they dropped on the floor lol

Sitdown1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

That was mine with the Amazon Prime sticker... and that guy better put some gloves on before touching my box again.

Anyhow, also received my phone call from Best Buy letting me know that that one will be ready for the midnight launch.

Soldierone1778d ago

Did yours ship yet? I asked Amazon, they said it should by wednesday since I got release day shipping, but mine doesn't even say processing yet.

Sitdown1778d ago

No, it's still saying not shipped... but should get here by 8pm on release day.

Blaze9291777d ago

all those PS4s...makes you think like a criminal and plan a heist...or maybe I'm just sick.

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PR_FROM_OHIO1778d ago

SONY looks like there planning an invasion lol!!

Goku7811778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

The Playstation Army! I can hear the Imperial Death March from Star Wars.

EverydayGuy1778d ago

Can you imagine B-52s in the sky dropping PS4s

cannon88001778d ago



People try to catch them but end up dying. lol

joeyisback1778d ago

:-( want my now ill be picking my up at midnight launch cant wait :-D

iR_phantasm1778d ago

Unfortunately ill be working the midnight launch handing out PS4's to all the kiddies, after that its a wrap =]

tawak1778d ago

meanwhile X-box one pre-order are rolling like pancakes.

Man_Son1778d ago

I just about died laughing & I'm getting a X1

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The story is too old to be commented.