Cubicity (PC) Review | Structure Gaming

Zachary from Structure Gaming Writes:

"It’s kind of surprising just how massive video games have become when you really stop and think about it. Grand Theft Auto V recently broke records for entertainment media, as have all the Call of Duty games since Modern Warfare 2. They’ve become a cultural phenomenon all over the world and many other countries are starting to contribute to the medium. Whether it’s the fantastic adventure game Papo & Yo by Brazilian independent developer Minority, Ace Team’s hilarious Rock of Ages and unique Zeno Clash series from Chile, or even Croatia’s own Serious Sam first person shooter series by developer Croteam, many developers from countries all over the world have been making a growing impact with their games. As such, I’ve done everything I can to seek out games from countries without any real prior game development and try to shine a little light on some gems that might slip under the radar."

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