Battlefield 4 server update hitting tomorrow, introducing "live" scoreboards on PC

A bunch of Battlefield 4 updates will be rolling out over the course of today and tomorrow

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clmstr1710d ago

Just fix the damn netcode and no sound bug I'll be just fine.

PixelNinja1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I'm guessing the memory you will need for the update will need 200,000,000TB.
jk, hopefully there updates wont be too big in the near future. Seeing an update on some of the old Battlefields be in the Gigabyte range really sucked, especially when I wanted to play the damn game.
Also fix the netcode.

Einhert1710d ago

what fail developers.....

FIX your game FIRST

berndogskate1710d ago

yeah nothing but freezing, audio glitches , no party option etc etc etc = ps3 anyhows, some battlepack items not showing up nightmare really

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