Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow, will cover early 2014 3DS titles

A new Nintendo Direct will be streamed tomorrow, Nintendo has confirmed. 3DS and potentially Wii U titles will be covered.

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ritsuka6661773d ago

hopefully we'll see new footage 'X' game from Monolith Soft.

leemass241773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

yeah hopefully show some story gameplay and possibly a release date ;) but im doubtful on that part but fingers crossed for an earlyish 2014 release :)

deafdani1773d ago

What the... seriously, is it that hard to read the title? It says this direct will cover 3DS games... dear God.

_QQ_1773d ago

Lots of rumors that Monolith is making a 3ds game as well so we might see it then

WPX1773d ago

I wish it could be a followup of Soma Bringer on DS, a stellar RPG made by them.

deafdani1772d ago

Really? I didn't know anything about these rumors, but I hope they indeed make something great for the 3DS. I loved Xenoblade, easily my second favorite game of all time (first one being Wonderful 101).

Can't wait for X, which is my most anticipated game of 2014. If Monolith Soft is working on something else besides X, better yet! The more Monolith games we receive, the happier I'll be, if they provide fantastic experiences like Xenoblade did.

deafdani1772d ago

Thanks for that link dude, much appreciated. :)

WiiUsauce1773d ago

Monolith soft are also working on a 3DS title, so maybe we might see some footage for that?

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Fanboyssuck271773d ago

What about Wii u? Not interested in 3ds, that gets enough support as it is.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1773d ago

I' sure wiiU will have its own Nintendo direct eventually. we pretty much know wiiU's big hits for 2014 anyway. Mario kart,smash bros, Bayonetta 2, X, and Donkey Kong.

Fanboyssuck271773d ago

True and I can't wait for those titles to come out but I wanna see that new game Mr iwatas workin on and possibly starfox and metroid, maybe some Zelda gameplay.

Yodagamer1773d ago

Something tells me we will see more at e3, but i'm looking forward to x, yoshi yarn, mario kart, bayonetta, smash bro, donkey kong, and hopefully zelda hd. '14 sounds good from the nintendo side, but i'm really hoping for more 3rd party.

Chrono1773d ago

I'm only interested in 3DS, don't care about the sinking ship that's called WiiU.

Misaka_x_Touma1773d ago

Nintendo Direct in January 2014 is most likely for Wii U

_QQ_1773d ago

Wiiu will get some love, based on the pic

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IcicleTrepan1773d ago

The Wii U really needs some games. Also, why keep bringing good Wii U games to 3DS as well. Doesn't really give people a reason to buy Wii U now does it.

Nintendo irritates me sometimes.

JackieCruise691773d ago

It'll probably be about Poke' bank and maybe that Bravely Default game or whatever..
They said they'll be covering 3DS software, but then why is the Wii U there?
I'm hoping for some 'X' footage, if anything.. I've been craving to see more of that game lately.
I hope there's some sort of surprise, at least.

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