New Consoles on the Way, but Gaming Isn’t the Same

The new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft about to hit store shelves are almost certain to be hot holiday gifts this year. The uncertainty for the games business is: What happens after Santa leaves?

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first1NFANTRY1709d ago

Sure it is if you're buying a ps4. Can't say the same for the lesser camp.

pheature1709d ago

i wouldnt say the x1 is a lesser console in all aspects.
but ps4 for sure is awesome in all.

Ketzicorn1709d ago

Is it midnight on Thursday yet?


wasnt about to be one of those guys who just comments based on the title, but i can see the article is from NY times. why do i have the feeling this articles going to be a whole lot of shite?

gaming is exactly the same as its always been. i dont care how big of divas gaming devs have become or how much online changed the game. at the end of the day youre still sitting in front of the tv dedicating hours a day during holidays to this.

Scatpants1709d ago

but iphone games. Why would anyone buy a PS4 or anxbone when they could play Angry Birds for a dollar?

Ketzicorn1709d ago

260+ million consoles sold in the current gen higher preorder numbers then ever before I think console gaming will be fine.

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