COD Ghosts Xbox One offline not possible without Live?

Product-Reviews writes: Some interesting information has just turned up in relation to Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox One. As you may know, one user on Twitter has received his Xbox One early, only to receive a console ban from Microsoft in return.

While this ban is a ‘temporary’ one, the user in question has confirmed though that he cannot play Call of Duty Ghosts offline, as according to him the game REQUIRES an internet connection to play. Just to note an important point in all of this, the user MoonlightSwami has already installed the Xbox One ‘Day 1 patch’ which is thought to remove all previous DRM restrictions that Microsoft initially had in place.


Updated with new pictures showing PS4 box which reads: 'Offline play enabled on PS4'. This message isn't available on the Xbox One box.

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M-M1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

That's very weird, Microsoft just can't catch a break. If you're banned or not, or you don't have Xbox Live, you should be still able to play your games offline.

tr00p3r1710d ago

Exactly what I thought.... if it's a temporary ban for Xbox LIVE, then... how does that affect playing a game offline? Microsoft previously said that this wouldn't be an issue anymore.

PeaSFor1710d ago

this can't be serious....

xPhearR3dx1710d ago

It could just be COD. In which case would be a good thing. It would save all those people getting an X1 without a constant internet connection disappointment from a terrible game :P

TomShoe1710d ago

This is so M$ is hurts.

I guess when you get cut off from TEH CLOUDZ, you might as well have a brick on your hands.

bessy671710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I know on 360 I had to download some kind of update before I could play single player. Maybe that's all this is.

Edit: lol @ the disagrees. Pony up!

JokesOnYou1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

News with "?" in the headline, so basicly its not news since they are asking me. lmfao

Does anybody in their right mind believe you aren't going to be able to play COD or any X1 games offline? ...oh wait yes there are some actually so caught up in the console war that's exactly what they're saying. lol I got to bookmark this one and remind them how stupid that sounds on the 22nd.

Eonjay1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


"Just to make a point, it was announced months ago an internet connection was required."

Really they did? I'm a little confused here. Didn't they say you will be able to play Xbox One games without having to log in? Maybe I'm missing something? Insight please. Does this apply to certain games? For example "The Crew" is known to be online only. I didn't think that applied to Ghosts.

Another possibility: Maybe the game needs to go online to patch before playing. That would explain it somewhat.

Bimkoblerutso1710d ago

Didn't Microsoft (and Sony for that matter) still make it possible for third party publishers to establish their own DRM on a game to game basis?

It could be that Activision is establishing it's own DRM...god, I hope this is all just a mistake.

Langkasuka1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I think it's the MS Day One patch that's an issue. We still have under 2 weeks to launch, possibly the patch wasn't ready yet. This is why MS needs to block XBL for the X1 early receivers.

... which means MoonlightSwami fellow might need to download another patch? I hope this won't be too big a problem :/

EDIT: Oh, my bad. Developers with kits and MS testers at home should probably already be able to play offline. Or maybe they got their X1 with the full patch inside?

Regardless, I hope the XBL patch team takes note of this :/

Xsilver1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago ) Now i understand why the PS4 versions says offline play enabled and the Xone version doesn't \(O.O)/

static52451710d ago


Here's the problem...
If you didn't have internet for that download you would still be able to play the game. You're just play without that patch. Seriously delete the patch and disconnect your internet.. You'll still be able to play the game.

But with this story with the ban.. If he wanted to play his X1 (which has had the day one patch) after the ban, all he should have to do is disconnect his internet and be able to play his game just fine. If it was before the ban and he just couldn't get the download from COD to play (since it shouldn't be able to play yet and the download is just not there yet) then again all he would have to do is disconnect his internet.

So unless this guy is a total dumbass (which I give him the benefit) or you literal need the internet to play SP mode

tr00p3r1710d ago


Last time I checked, this was Rumor not news.. Jokesonyou?

JokesOnYou1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Langkasuka, Listen don't fall for this misinformation, as you alluded to we don't know what he downloaded. Usually before a patch of any kind is rolled out its tested, also its most likely that this patch that he downloaded was NOT in fact THEE exact same day one patch we'll see on the 22nd, remember microsofts has xbox staff, devs, and testers all playing right now under strict NDA's not to show anything without authorization, they may require them to stay connected through this current patch which shouldn't be a problem at all, plus there are many other scenarios for this situation but it would be suicide if micro made the console only playable online on launch day, why would they do that when even the original policies and games didn't have that requirement. lol, this is hit-bait headline, hyperbole which n4g feeds on plain and simple.

Edit trooper, I'm not referring to it as "news" in terms of how it categorized for n4g, I was referring to it in general not being "newsworthy" since anybody can ask a question and make it news as the sensational headline does, "Is the ps4 overheating?" -Hell if I know, I have no proof, just asking but its not newsworthy to make a article about.

bessy671710d ago


Yeah, I said you need to download a file that lets you play campaign. You do need internet. However, you do not need to be connected to the internet after that update is downloaded.

xHeavYx1710d ago

@ Jokes
You are so blind it hurts. You have someone who has an Xbox reporting he can't play, and you still get your defenses up

Eonjay1710d ago

He says he can't play anything... strange.
There goes my day one patch theory for Ghosts.

I wonder if it a directive of the ban. Can Microsoft issue bans that brick a system? Kinda weird, will have to wait to see what happens. Honestly, I don't believe that Microsoft would dare mess this up. I actually have more faith in them... hmm.

static52451710d ago


On current Gen that's not how it works. Any COD game where you want to play the Single player mode you do not need the internet. If someone that does not have internet can put any COD game into Current Gen Console and play it. What you download is just a patch not to activate your game.

But what it seems in this Rumor is that you need the internet to activate your game whether it be SP or MP

Eonjay1710d ago

"Updated with new pictures showing PS4 box which reads: 'Offline play enabled on PS4'. This message isn't available on the Xbox One box."

Why? No seriously, why? It doesn't seem fair to Xbox One players to not be able to play offline if PS4 players can. What happens when the servers go down?

Enemy1710d ago

I wonder if this is what CBOAT meant when he said 720p was only the beginning. NDA is preventing him for further commenting.

devwan1710d ago

@enemy "I wonder if this is what CBOAT meant when he said 720p was only the beginning. NDA is preventing him for further commenting."

PXG "Imagine if online authentication was deactivated at the OS level, but was still possible from game to game."

cboat reply: "imagn."

ruh roh...

gaffyh1710d ago

Wow this is really bad if true.

XboxFun1710d ago

I love it, Jokes comes in and says something logical but of course the usual suspects dismiss it with the "defense" and "apologist" remarks and then moments later an article from Penello is released:

Stating exactly what Jokes was talking about. Funny how some are quick to believe any and all bad news rumors about Xbox One and anyone who takes them with a grain of salt is an apologist or PR person.

People (like Heavy) are quick to fire up the hate machine instead of taking the time and understand exactly what is really going on here.

ChrisW1709d ago

Well... OBVIOUSLY! Don't do stupid things and you won't get banned. It's not the their fault, it's yours!

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Bigpappy1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Did people just turn a deaf ear to M$ when they said there will be a day 1 update that you have to install before you can use X1 off line?

I kind of understand that though. You guys were to busy looking for moor red meat from M$ hide. Oh well continue with what you do. Just ignore this too.

Xsilver1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

"Just to note an important point in all of this, the user Moonlightswami has already installed the Xbox One ‘Day 1 patch’ which is thought to remove all previous DRM restrictions that Microsoft initially had in place."

Do ya read bro

tr00p3r1710d ago

The awkward moment when....

Bigpappy1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I have to explain every little detail to you crazy people like you are little freaking kids.

Does any body here know when DAY ONE for the XBOX ONE is? Please raise your hand and receive 10 points for the right answer.

What ever that kid downloaded he has no clue what it is. He has some Pre-Day-One update. This might end up being the case, I am just saying that M$ said they will be a DAY ONE update to fix this. No need to go to Redmond and start linching people when that date has not arrived yet?

Xsilver1710d ago

oh god your delusional you do know the day one patch is already live right? oh so now its a pre day one update Dufaq when did you get this classified info I'm dying to hear this..

Enemy1710d ago

He already downloaded the update Microsoft was talking about. It loads up the moment you power on the Xbone.

M-M1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


The "Day One" update is just a regular update that will be available for people to download when the system is released on November 21st. It's just branded that way to avoid confusion, so they don't have to say something like, "Patch version 4002283 will be available when the console releases". You have to remember that there are employees and close friends of Microsoft who have had Xbox Ones since the end of October, and they wouldn't have been able to use them if it weren't for that patch.

xPhearR3dx1710d ago

Ummm Bigpappy, Day One update doesn't literally mean it goes live on Day One.

I've reviewed MANY games, where devs state the game has a DAY ONE patch. It's always live on MS servers before day one. This is so when reviewers play and review said game, they get exactly what the consumer is getting and not an older version.

Deadpoolio1710d ago

Or ya know you also could have read the article...Like maybe the PART WHERE IT MENTIONS THAT THESE PEOPLE HAVE THE UPDATE.....Jesus you just gotta jump in to defend Micro$haft so desperately YOU didn't even read the article

FITgamer1710d ago

An unannounced pre-Day One patch has just been confirmed by Bigpappy.

tr00p3r1710d ago

Bigpappy, this is going to blow your mind.

"Better still, he's already downloaded the 500MB day one update and is giving the system a spin right now."

Bathyj1710d ago

Pappy, stop. Just stop, please. Nothing worse than someone insulting everyone to prove his point and he's wrong to boot.

GTgamer1710d ago

Guys BigPappy clearly got his pre udate info from a reliable source i just figured out who Mixtermdeia is :D

kayoss1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Sorry big, we're too dumb to read the article before commenting. It's our fault for not reading the article before we comment. We tend to jump to conclusion. There are a few hundred of people visiting n4g and none of them ever read the article.
I guess the person who couldn't play cod ghost forgot to download the day one update patch.

JokesOnYou1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Bigpappy don't listen to these guys spreading misinformation acting like theres some terrible news here.

None of you know what you're talking about. lol posting screen captures AS IF YOU HAVE SOME DEFINITIVE PROOF OF WHAT THE DAY ONE PATCH IS. It doesn't matter if he downloaded what he thinks is the day on patch, given Microsoft is intent to only allow everyday consumers to play on Nov 22nd it could very well not be the final day one patch, and just one of several that are very, very similar which this one is up and running for devs and xbox staff who I'm sure don't need to hide offline.

Are you guys so delusional that you are actually suggesting X1 won't be able to play games offline on 22nd? lol, I mean even the original policies always allowed offline play, just a 24hr checkin, so this is all once again much to do about nothing just like all the fcc, yield issues, UI broken, blah, blah, blah.

Eonjay1710d ago

@Jokes... it does beg the question why the update exists for retail units to download. Explain that.

Bigpappy1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I am not surprised that Jokes is the only one to have guts enough to acknowledge that M$ is under no obligation to have Xbox1 games work off line before Nov 22nd. That my friends is when Day-One happens. After that date, you can B**ch and moan about day one update. IT IS NOT DAY ONE YET PEOPLE!

Who knows why the update exist. Why does jokes need to answer that? He doesn't work at M$. At least I never got that impression. The point is you don't know what the heck it is there for and should not assume it is the download M$ will release for DAY-ONE.

@ Hicken: LOL. I know Jokes as well as you know me. The truth is Nov 22nd is DAY ONE on X1. That is the only thing I had to say. The only way I loose is if M$ changes that date. Nothing has to work on the kids console until Nov 22nd. He getting it early is an error.

Eonjay1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


You have rights as a consumer even if you don't want them.

About Jokes...
Its because he doesn't have the strength to question anything that Microsoft does. It weird. If Microsoft hasn't apologized, then he doesn't need to do it for them. Stop being an apologist and demand more. Thats how we got more out of Sony. We don't owe these companies a damn thing.

GTgamer1710d ago

Smfh of course your not surprised you Two have always been Pro Xbox so just be quiet, So let me get this straight first you make up crap and still have no proof to supprot your claims -_- and yet you want us to listen it doesnt work that way sweetheart :3.

Hicken1710d ago

Dude, just stop.

You know you're lost when you call JokesOnYou for backup.

static52451710d ago


So you really think that MS would send out a FAKE one day patch that wouldn't actually let people play single player on games without the internet and send out a new one later this month?
What would be the point in that?? And what would the purpose of banning his console if he wouldn't be able to play game?

JokesOnYou1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

pffft lol what exactly am I suppose to question here? That a early console which Microsoft has stated 1000x's needs a day one patch on Nov 22nd can't play?, lmfao last I checked its not day 1. So what you believe was THEE day one patch may not be the same exact day one patch for consumers on launch day. That doesn't have anything to do with being fake, it means that its just not the day 1 patch consumers will get on the 22nd, its likely what the staff, devs, and code testers are running on. I mean I can't make it any simpler to understand, this will turn out exactly like the smoking gun fcc questions, that you all were pointing to as some smoking gun, just 1 example of many of the long line of BS you guys feed on, I'll be right, you'll be wrong then onto the next witch hunt until the 22nd, when everybody can judge for themselves based on hardware in millions of everyday gamers hands. Why is giving rational common sense response so hurtful to the haters that it means I must work for Microsoft. lol, I got a decent gig now but I wish I had a job in Microsofts gaming division.

scott1821710d ago

Oh wow, this is getting hard to watch.

MasterCornholio1710d ago

Your just jealous that he got an Xbox One before you did. No need to whine about it I'm pretty sure you will get your console on the 22.

Oh and yes I'm guessing this Xbox One owner (which you are not) knows more about how the console functions in his home than you do (because you don't own one).

Nexus 7 2013

Omegasyde1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

^^^^all of the above.

I am still questioning why the Xbox1 controller and ps4 controller are the same price.

How dafuq can MS charge 60 for a controller with no built-in rechargeable battery?

Please explain that. When you can actually justify why the pricing for Xbox 1 controller is the same price as a ps4 controller, then you win the internet.

Cueil1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

the guy was playing the single player just fine fools

#1 Source 4 XBOX ONE ‏@Moonlightswami 4h
Thanks to @majornelson I found out YOU CAN play games while offline on Xbox One!!!!

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Sci0n1710d ago

come on xbots spin flip and defend this.

B-radical1710d ago

Might not be microsofts decision..maybe Infinity ward knew how bad the single player would be so they want to steer peeps to the multiplayer ;)

MASTER_RAIDEN1710d ago ShowReplies(2)
SheenuTheLegend1710d ago

the thing is it is not just about call of duty..
For sure the game is crap but the point here is this could happen with other games too...

dollar 500 doorstop by microsoft is too expensive

Jeedai Infidel1710d ago

What is it about xbox articles that attract you here? You really are interested, or it's your goal to have everyone have what you have? I don't get the fanboy mentality. This is not an attack, I study psychology and am fascinated by this behavior from both sides.

MysticStrummer1710d ago

"Microsoft just can't catch a break."

That implies that the situation is beyond their control. They designed their own console I assume…?

Godmars2901710d ago

Don't forget that they're original plan was require being online all the time. Activision likely had no time to change the initial code. Didn't bother to change it.

Godmars2901710d ago

"Don't forget that *their* original plan..."

How did I do that?! How the F*** did I do that?!

*expletive-expletive-DAMN-EXP LETIVE!!!*

Bad enough my typing seems to have gotten worse while trying to learn to type better - but that?!


Funantic11710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Without the day one update you won't be able to play. Since he was temporarily banned because of leaking info he wasn't able to update. His banned will be removed and he'll be able to play on and offline Nov. 22. Common sense. Just like on the PS4 you'll need an update to do most of the features. Yeah you can play games but 80% of the other features are disabled without that patch. Who'd want to play a $400 machine like that?

Godmars2901710d ago

Except to play anything he would have needed to get the update first.

From what I gather the XB1 will be able to do everything but play games w/o its update, while the PS4 needs its update to play BRs and DVDs. Is only an offline game system.

quenomamen1710d ago

Well how else is MS supposed to get all the new Xboners to pay for a subscription ?
Hellooooooo !

PSX041709d ago

This situation doesn't matched with his temporary or solid ban it's just Microsoft policy so you will not be able to play your games without internet connection even the campaign of the game

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stuna11710d ago

I'm sure this is not going to be the only mention of a game having this issue! Microsoft has always stated that the Xbox1 was built with a constant internet in mind. What good is having 300,000 servers if you never use them? Sure offline shouldn't be affected, but when you have a system built upon the notion that it is meant to be online constantly; No it's not as easy as flipping a switch.