Call Of Duty: Ghosts Single-Player Review: Logan, Do The Things! | Gaming Blend

Logan, let me tell you about the Ghosts. Never mind, everything's on fire! Run from the fire! Press A to vault over objects. Dodge that tree!

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ACESupERIC1710d ago

I liked ghosts right up until the bullshit ending. But this article had me laughing. Do more game reviews like this one please

Neonridr1710d ago

That article was hilarious to read.

"Become a robo-sniper machine and kill the guys. Now become Logan again. Now become robo-sniper. Now Logan. Robo-sniper. Logan. Robo-sniper. You escaped!" - I almost peed myself XD

All kidding aside, I actually didn't mind the story. It was short yes, and a little hokey (shooting in space and underwater), but not as bad as I thought it was based on what I had read about it.

A side note: You can kill the sharks, you just need enough space between you and them to get in enough bullets. I had fun trying to kill as many as I could without them biting me in half.