Shuhei Yoshida on PS4 Overheating, Supporting the PS3 for a “Long Time”; Play Memories not at Launch

As we’ve come to expect, Shuhei Yoshida was very busy this, answering lots of people’s questions.

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majiebeast1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

"That blue light on the PS4 “changes colors.” We’ll have to wait and see how many colors it can change to."

Hope it has as many as my Razer Naga Epic mouse. Allthough the blue LED goes with the leds in my pc.

GarrusVakarian1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

One of those quotes will hush the people who have been claiming the PS4 is prone to overheating. Like it was ever an put anything in a glass/plastic case with no ventilation, its going to get hot (you don't say!). But i guess people need something negative about the PS4 to cling to.

*Looking at you Mr x media and your "insider"* I read something on that idiots blog that the PS4 needs special cooling in the summer and that it shuts down every 30 seconds due to overheating, LOL!

majiebeast1657d ago

Electronics tend to overheat in small spaces im shocked by that news actually...

Kayant1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

inb4 well what else is he supposed to say....

Both consoles will be fine as long as they are kept in a well ventilated place. Only stupid people will have overheating issues. Both seem to be well designed to prevent overheating based on what we have been told and seen so far.

Enemy1657d ago

That rumor was made up by MisterX. It never had any substance.

Irishguy951657d ago

The Ps4 and X1 have the same heating issues...
Put them in a little box and they may overheat

Eonjay1657d ago

In a shocking revelation it was revealed that Shu only has a trophy level of 13; preorder cancelled lol

Ju1657d ago

That MisterX guys is an I..ot. He seriously cited an "insider" saying the "dgpu" thing is real, and MS can scale the GPU to 3TF. Just days ago or something. He's is seriously deluded. But he doesn't give up. That's probably a symptom.

EXVirtual1657d ago

Well, MisterXmedia is a conspiracy theorist as well as an Xbox fanboy.
It's very simple. If you set the PS4 in a place with no breathing space, it's not gonna hold up. Same goes for the XBP.
Speaking of him check out his new blog post:
BS alert!
He loves spreading crap.

ShinMaster1657d ago

@ EXVirtual

Oh my god... I clicked that link. Some Xbox fanboys are so sad and desperate. The amount of BS was unreal.

dodo1011657d ago

Not only that they are downplaying ps4.
The "insider" also claims that the xboxone is 2.6TF! LMAO!

GarrusVakarian1657d ago


The numbers always change, not long ago they were saying that the X1 is on par with a GTX titan LOL.

Stuart811657d ago

I never listen to a thing MisterXMedia says, and I'm getting an x1 at launch. The PS4 is very impressive and I will be adding one to my console collection sometime in 2014

hello121657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

It doesn't actually, he's hardly going to tell you the truth, if the PS4 is prone to overheating. You'll have to find that out for yourself.

Lot of insiders have claimed the PS4 is prone to overheating, so again, only when the console is out will people find out.

I'm just curious, as to why there has been no videos of the Sony UI yet been used by a user?

ShwankyShpanky1657d ago

I did a little Googling the other day and in 2011 MisterXMedia's "insider" was saying that the Wii U would have a built-in projector. Dude is a farce.

SniperControl1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )


"Lot of insiders have claimed the PS4 is prone to overheating, so again, only when the console is out will people find out"

What insiders, point me to the source material?

Stop talking out of your ass and stop reading the crap that comes outta Mr xmoron's mouth.

I have seen plenty vids of Sony's Ul, shouldn't you be asking that of the x1.

OT: Yoshida-San is a legend, a lot of execs can learn alot from this guy.

johndoe112111657d ago

I strongly urge you to refrain from visiting the misterxmedia site. I visited there a few days ago and left with a severe case of herpes.

O.T. This overheating issue should never have been an issue in the first place. I honestly think that everyone who is making it an issue knows very well that it's a non issue but hey, they need some sort of ammo against the ps4 right?

Kane221657d ago

omg i couldn't even stay on that site anymore. that whole site was nothing but BS crap against Sony and the PS4. and i cant get over how people believe his crap lol

fenome1657d ago


Well, he's not a liar, so yes we do actually tend to believe him. See how that works?

He doesn't intentionally try to twist the truth or keep us in the dark about anything.

TheXgamerLive1657d ago

Actually the ps4 has a much much greater chance at over heating.
Here's why.
It was designed for cooling 4 gigs of gddr5 and not 8, fhen wben upped last minute , well that increased heating by almost 100%.

I thinks its an issue tbey will soon fix though.

fenome1657d ago

Oh, cool, thanks @XGamer for the "inside" info. You're VERY well informed, what would we do without your firsthand knowledge on the console /s

If you were stuck in something like this while blowing your hot air I bet you would overheat too


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jc485731657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

how often do you get this kind of direct customer service? He is always on top of everything.

BABY-JEDI1657d ago

This guy is so going to get a Christmas bonus.
; )

GentlemenRUs1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

How can you if you already are the President of Sony's Worldwide Studios?

Mind = Blown

FamilyGuy1657d ago

Kaz is above him, he could give out the bonus.

monkey6021657d ago

All the more reason to respect him. He is down to earth and involved fully. He hasn't got an attitude like "I pay people to deal with this stuff"

BABY-JEDI1657d ago

Santa Claus loves this guy. I'm sure he's on the good boy list

Bundi1657d ago

Sony can't afford such things.

Silly gameAr1657d ago

Last I checked they were still worth billions. How about you there Bundi?

Bundi1657d ago

the last time I checked they were losing said billions on a yearly basis

Gridloc1657d ago

So does PS4 have voice commands without the PS camera? It looks like it too me, but I could be reading into it too much. Anyone?

Kayant1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Indeed you are right ;) Works with any mic from the DS4.

Check FAQ for more details.

Gridloc1657d ago

Thanks for the info...

farhad2k81657d ago

So it comes with Kinect features, without a Kinect? Sweet.

WMANUW1657d ago

Ahah Yoshida is a myth!

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