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Super Mario 3D World given rough 8-hour completion time, but there’s more to see and do

Some information has surfaced about Super Mario 3D World's play time. (Super Mario 3D World, Wii U)

ZodTheRipper  +   745d ago
I've expected more to be honest. Even if there is more content, 8 hours isn't that long for a 3D Mario game.
wiiuniverse  +   745d ago
the 8 additional challenge worlds will do more than double that, as will the 3 stars per level.
ZodTheRipper  +   745d ago
I guess you're right. This will be my first Wii U game soon (trade PS3 in, get Wii U) and my first Mario gamer since Mario Galaxy so I just hope it will be much longer than 8 hours and also be a worthy Mario game overall.
This news certainly won't affect my purchase ;)
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   745d ago
there 90 levels base off amount of stamps, online ghost mii, collecting all stars and playing with others.
Realplaya  +   745d ago
You didn't read the article I bet.
Here is what he clarified.

It’s a lot longer than 8 hours, folks. I can’t really say much more than that, but don’t worry.
kB0  +   745d ago
8 hours? :S I think it took me like months to took me weeks to complete Super mario world and months to 100%.

Mario 3D Land took me about 15-16 hours to finish, but I think my total time is like 130 hours, I dunno why I like that game so much LOL.

Still i really want this game:( I wish I had a Wii.U just to beat this!
live2play  +   745d ago
This same guy said 3dland took 6 hours to beat.
He rushes through them to review it
kB0  +   745d ago
Then I'm not worried:D lol.

:) Any want to rent me a Wii.u? :D lool
SweetDangos  +   745d ago
Platformers aren't that long. I've completed mario world in little under 4 hours.
What did you expect? 50 hours?
kB0  +   745d ago
Why do people automatically jump to a fight with 50 HOURS,

I'm just saying with mario games I use to put in hours to complete, I didn't really know he simply RAN through it. I just wanted as much as mario 3D land, 15-16 hours.

Lighten up!
admiralvic  +   745d ago
This is very true. I beat Rayman Legends in 9 hours I think.

@ kB0

It's half way to 100 and not unheard of for an RPG, so it's sort of the "opposite end of the spectrum" response.
-Foxtrot  +   745d ago
Remember how long it took you to complete Super Mario Galaxy....that was lengthy.

It seems like Nintendo's main games get shorter and shorter. They are pretty to look at, well crafted and even has some good music but I feel at times it masks the fact that the length of these games are getting shorter and shorter

It took me ages to complete Super Mario 64, took me a while to complete Sunshine and even Galaxy was a bit of a challenge so I'm still kind of hoping this isn't part of those Mario games and the next one is the open world Mario game they were talking about. It's the only next logical step after Galaxy.
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Concertoine  +   745d ago
the reason sunshine and 64 are so long is mainly the repeated worlds and occasionally laborious missions. also 64 required a ton of stars to beat the game, the others not so much. galaxy required like 60 stars which is nothing, that's half the game. for all we know this game is much bigger and these people took the quickest way out. like 3d land there's probably a second set of 8 worlds which are more challenging and thus take an additional 8+ hours. maybe i'm wrong and this game isn't long, but i'm willing to bet with the addtional 8 worlds this is over 15 hours AT LEAST, putting it right in line with the previous 3d marios according to HLTB:
sunshine: 19.5 hours
galaxy: 15.5
galaxy 2: 13.5
mario 64: 13
i predict mario 3d world will be longer to BEAT all 16 worlds, but significantly shorter to 100% unless there's more than 3 collectibles per level.
as for nintendo's games in general getting shorter, this i flat out disagree with.
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wiiuniverse  +   745d ago
donkey kong country - significantly longer
metroid - VERY significantly longer
zelda - consistently the same
smash bros brawl - way longer than melee
kirby - the same if not longer
mario - all over the place really

@concertoine well said, bubs for your research. that really put me at ease, and i hope others.
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-Foxtrot  +   745d ago
You can disagree all you want but it is, I'm not going to argue because I know how "sacred" Nintendo are on here especialy how far someone like you would to defend them ...not to mention the fact nobody wants admit they've went down the gutter in recent years especially with Iwata still in charge despite some of the problems they are having at the minute.

The thing is Nintendo get to a point now with their games were they are like "and we are...DONE"...thats it, no more work. They don't seem to go the extra mile and work towards hard challenges which could improve their games for the better and for us. For example you had NaughtyDog with Uncharted 3 where they chose a sand setting because of how hard it would be for them to do...you would NOT get Nintendo doing that, they would just avoid a problem like that and do something easier. Then you have silly decisions like them developing a handheld version of Super Smash Bros alongside the console version when they've said the 3DS one COULD restrict the console one...even though they could bring out the handheld version the following year.
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Concertoine  +   745d ago
i'm usually considered one of the more vocal nintendo fans when it comes to the choices they make, and they can make bad ones. i am not reaching to defend nintendo at all, i'm using evidence. also, you go to any respective section of this website and there will ALWAYS be a group of loyalists who think their company can do no wrong, that is not exclusive to the wii u section at all.
the other day you said you wish people "would just admit" that 3d world is not as exciting as the other 3D games, when they have every right and reason to be excited for it. it's evident that you have never been particularly fond of this game, but you make it seem like people CANNOT disagree with you when you don't back your claims. if nintendo games are getting shorter... prove it, as wiiuniverse proved they weren't.
Please link me to the comment where i said smash 3ds was NOT a stupid decision, i've said it a million times. it's a pointless game and it'll hurt the hype of the wii u version.
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admiralvic  +   745d ago
People forget that completion time (time it takes to complete) and 100% time are totally different.

It probably takes 8 hours to beat every level and XYZ more to get every coin / do everything.
wiiuniverse  +   745d ago
if 3d land took you that long rest assured this'll take you a while.
bullymangLer  +   745d ago
you actually do have a wiiU, you just dont see it (;
link2Dpast  +   745d ago
Hopefully this isn't true and there more to this game. At first just like many , I was apprehensive but then they started to show more and it just v reminded me of old school mario. Hopefully lives up to my expectations
Jagsrock  +   745d ago
The guy who tweeted this admitted to rushing through the game. He is only talking about getting to the credits not 100%. If you want to you can rush through mario 64 in 4-5 hours so his comments really don't mean a whole lot.
kB0  +   745d ago
The world record for Mario 64 I think is almost 6 hours for fastest playthrough.

I personal could not finish it in even 10 hours, I found it very hard because of camera.
Jagsrock  +   745d ago
Actually the fastest speed run was only 1:44:01
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from the beach  +   745d ago
Probably the best eight hours of gamin' this year?
kB0  +   745d ago
Oh come on, that is such a narrow minded view...
Thepcz  +   745d ago
lol 8 hrs
told you this is a glorified mini-game collection.

nintendo are rapidly losing their grip. a so called big mario game that is only 8hrs long... wow
Jagsrock  +   745d ago
1.Ignore the fact that he rushed through it and didn't actually 100% it(√)
2.make a ridiculous hyperbole (√)
3.Ignore all positives of the game(√)
4.Spend all your time trolling nintendo articles (√)

You've really got this trolling thing down, good job!
Thepcz  +   745d ago
its not trolling when its the truth
Jagsrock  +   745d ago
So basically you just admitted you are tolling...
Thepcz  +   745d ago
no, its not trolling at all.

the game is 8 hrs. i suppose you could drag any game out by wandering around aimlessly. but if you just play through it- 8hrs.

thats lame.

its clear we are talking about a shallow game
Jagsrock  +   745d ago
Just give it up dude. Your whole argument is based on partial information by one guy who didnt 100% nor did he just play through the game. BUT actually sped through as fast as he could which supposedly took him "around" 8 hours.
EcoSos3  +   745d ago
He rush through it and still thats twice the time of battle field and cod. I bet you wouldn't be saying that if Sony said knack was 8 hrs long.
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ZodTheRipper  +   745d ago
Well Mario brings another level of expectation with it than Knack ...
Thepcz  +   745d ago
why is it whenever somebody has something critical to say of nintendo, they must be a troll, or a sony fan. could it be that a nintendo fan can have an opinion that isnt totally bias?

could it be that this mario is actually very short and it has nothing to do with fanboys, but nintendo skimping and scraping on all its games lately?

one thing is for SURE, a lot of people, including nintendo fans are unhappy the games nintendo are offering. dont believe me? the sales figures dont lie.

oh i suppose the person who publishes sales figures is a troll too. i also suppose the retailers are trolls because their wiius go unsold.

timee to wake up and smell the coffee- nintendo fans are unhappy.
TheDivine  +   745d ago
Its still longer than KZ3, KZ Mercinary, Resistance BS, Uncharted 3, MGS4, COD, BF3/4, and most other games. Heck you can skip side content in Arkham City and beat it in 5-8 hours and even Demons Souls can be ran through in a few hours.

Something like this seems short but there's coins to collect, secrets to fins, coop to play through and all of that. I'm sure its fine.

I do hate the stupid world layouts in every Mario game nowadays. The New series, 3d Land, 3d World, Paper Mario exc all have the 8 worlds and 8 levels (if that). I'd prefer open world in 3d and a SM World layout in 2d games with tons of secret exits and levels to discover. NSMB 2 was short as hell due to lack of difficulty and a few levels in each world. This game has tons of levels I just hope they are huge where they take at least 30 minutes.
EcoSos3  +   745d ago
Because you're still ignoring that he said he rush through it, I didnt call you a Sony fanboy. But I can call you a troll because thats all you do is talk trash on everything that is Nintendo your comments prove that. I still havent see you commenting on a bad sony news, because you know they are going to eat you up and take your bubbles.

Once 3d world comes out many Nintendo fans will start buying the WiiU they are only waiting for that and MK8, just like what happened with the 3ds. Oh but you still dont care what about that, the vita only one game has sold 1 million the other 99% hasn't even sold 500k, but I bet you consider that success.
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Thepcz  +   744d ago
lol i dont know why people keep comparing it to sony related stuff.. i dont care about sony things or microsoft. the reason you will see me comment on nintendo news all the time is because i am interested in nintendo news. you just cant seem to get your head around the fact that i can be critical AND be a nintendo fan.

i am not deluded though. only a fool would see an 8hr completion time, and turn it into a positive. maybe i should be calling you a blind fanboy for not keeping critical awareness.

and my theory that TENS OF MILLIONS of nintendo fans agree with me is pure logic, since the wiiu is going unsold. it is going unsold because of these glorified mini-games, instead of the epic games we are used to.

again, just check the sales figures for proof im not making it up.

i know, all the fans are waiting for 3d world and mk8... the same way they were waiting for pikmin 3, wonderful 101, zelda wind waker hd, sonic lost world.... i am very skeptical this 3d world will make any difference, especially when its competing for limelight against two new consoles-ps4 and x1. i doubt that 3d world will outshine 2 console launches.
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EcoSos3  +   744d ago
"glorified mini-games" that can be said about mostly all the "AAA" titles Battle field, cod, uncharted, halo, etc. and all of this are consider epic games. I can take criticisms I'm open minded but you havent even got a WiiU you have said it a few times, so I tell you the same thing I tell my friend your opinion is invalid when saying this games are bad when you cant even play them.

Also calling people fools because they found 8hrs good its real ignorant of you when most "epic games" dont even last 6hrs.
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The 10th Rider  +   745d ago
That's about the amount of time it took me to "beat" Super Mario Galaxy 2. But Super Mario had HUGE amounts of after-credits content and I'd expect the same out of this. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, "beating" the game was getting only a quarter of the stars, not to mention that the first sixty stars were the easiest. Without having played it to see exactly what the reviewer means by "beating" the game, anyone who slams the game because of this is just making a mountain out of a molehill.
The 10th Rider  +   745d ago
I should note that that was right after I had finished the first Super Mario galaxy with 100% completion...so I was pretty adept at the series at the time I started SMG 2. I don't know if this reviewer is good at the game or it's just really easy. If that's the case it would be a problem.
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RPGrinder  +   745d ago
Some people are hypocrites, god of war? halo? these are short exclusives

But that statement on Neogaf has already been false. The game is MUCH longer than 8 hours
Mohlest   745d ago | Spam
for we are many  +   745d ago
Sorry attempt to downplay the power of 3D Mario, we all know that even less than 3 hours are enough to speed run almost every Mario game, the longevity and replay value comes from trying to 100% all stars and discover every secret in Mario's games including secret worlds and secret individual levels.
This game will be phenomenally fun to play as you can deduce from video previews and trailers and not just strong because of reliance on the Mario brand power or advertisement, unlike most of the 3rd party generic shooters, action and sport games which rely heavily on brand power and advertisement these days.
RFornillos4  +   745d ago
like most games, obviously going from start to finish will only last you about a couple of hours... but really the fun with some games (including Mario) are the secrets, collectibles, etc. so really going 100% on any so-called "short" game will in effect show that it's not short at all.

the key however is how much do you want, to go for 100%? some games are quite good at motivating you to go for it, others are just, well a chore to do.

Mario, since 64, are some of the good games that give you enough motivation to go just beyond completion. I completed all the stars for Mario 64, Mario Galaxy and if not for my damaged Wii disk, I would have done the same for Mario Galaxy 2 (although I did complete the game, but was working on completing the other stars I've missed). i'm still nursing my 3DS back to health, and as soon as I can, will be going back to 3D Land to continue where I left off.
thomasmiller  +   744d ago
Boy the trolls are getting scared of mario being the big holiday seller aren't they? what ever helps the little babies sleep at night!

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