Crytek: 'Next-Gen Isn't About Resolution'

NowGamer: "In this age of social media I think everyone’s fixated on things that don’t matter as much as the kind of passion people are putting into the games that we’re making," says Ryse: Son of Rome's design director.

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Mikelarry1442d ago

of all the developers crytek, the ones who set the benchmark on what games should look like last gen with crysis, i must fallen ,hit my head and woken up in a twilight universe.

gillri1442d ago

to be fair Ryse does look incredible, so they still are setting benchmarks albeit with 900p res

GamerXD1442d ago

Yeah. I'm pro-sony but Ryse is the best looking X1 game. I think it beats KZSF in terms of visuals though inFamous:SS is still looks better.

Anyway, 900p/30fps is good enough with Ryse considering it looks very good. While COD:G is only doing 720p/60fps on X1.

Hatsune-Miku1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Talk about mass apologists. Its like people are going on tour to to apologize for xbox one inferior specs to ps4. Its pathetic. Accept it as is and move on.

I wouldnt be shocked to see commercials on the teli of celebrities apologizing for the xbox one.

" my name is stephen speilberg and the hungry children in Somalia cant tell the difference between 720p and 1080p so it shouldn't matter to the rest of the world. Xbox one has cloud computing and 300,000 servers for games"

Eonjay1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

This gen should be about everything. I am tired of them telling us that the gen is defined by their ability to create experiences on a given set of hardware. This gen should increase resolution and fidelity on all platforms coordinate to that machines ability to perform. The Xbox's weakness shouldn't define the generation for everyone. Likewise the PS4 shouldn't define the limits of this gen either.

Thats right, its no longer next gen. In one week it will be this gen so lets work on our vernacular now.

DeadRabbits1442d ago

Pity the gameplay is questionable! If it is not all about resolution then it should be about gameplay at least!

FlunkinMonkey1442d ago


Exactly, the gameplay is about as fluid as my fecal matter after eating bricks for 2 months.

MRMagoo1231442d ago

yeh Ryse is looking amazing lmfao Ryse:son of slide >>

MysticStrummer1442d ago

I'd say Ryse looks very good but not incredible, and the gameplay just looks ok for a launch title. It's ironic that Crytek of all devs would say something like this. I'll agree that next gen isn't ONLY about resolution, but in the new multi plat comparisons we see bigger differences than what PS3 took flak over, and the difference in resolution is bigger than it was this gen. Those differences suddenly don't matter anymore? Bad AA gets a pass now? I don't agree with that line of thinking, especially when the console that's coming up short is the more expensive of the two.

ABizzel11442d ago


LAMO, I would give you a bubble for being funny, but I can conduct trolling so you get a happy face instead :D.

On topic Ryse is a great looking game especially when they get to the forest section. The problem is it's seems to be a mediocre game at best.

Boody-Bandit1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Has Crytek ever made a game where it's gameplay was innovative or even captivating? Hell have they made a game where you said to yourself, this is one of the better games I've ever played in this genre. No, no and no.

They have always been about pushing graphics and those games usually require powerhouse PC's to get the most out of them. Now none of that matters. It's amazing watching companies sellout for money and become a mouthpiece for the company bank rolling them.

I have been biting my lip about Ryse since I first saw it to not stir the pot. It's just not what I'm about, but not today. Graphically Ryse looks really good BUT nothing like some are making it out to be.

It is running at 30fps and it's not a stable 30fps. The animation isn't very good and I'm being kind. More like the animation is archaic. The gameplay engine is simplistic at best (Weak Attack, Heavy Attack, Shield, Block) and will become repetitive to mainstream and hardcore gamer probably less than an hour in, if that.

Any gamer worth their salt can see this is a very limited game when it comes to it having a shallow combat engine. Just a few months back it was mostly a QTE game. Name me one game in this genre that was thrown together in less than a year and had complexity.

Most of MS's games are being rushed to hit the launch window. KI (another gamer being throw together with 8 character, bare bones modes SP and online. less than what the original had 20 years ago) Ryse (GOW killer - 360, Kinect on rails - 360 , Kinectless X1 game) and Forza 5 (less tracks , less cars, no 3 panel support). All of them. That's the honest truth and it's a shame the media isn't getting them on for it but most of us know why that is. You don't bite the hand that feeds you or you will be kicked outside looking in.

And to those that will disagree. Tell me what I said that's inaccurate. You can't. Because I wanted and XBOX ONE before it was announced. I'm an MS fan. But I couldn't be more disappointed in MS and the X1. These games are all being rushed people. Be honest to yourselves and open your eyes.

KI and Forza will be really good games. I'm not saying they wont. But they could've been so much more if MS would've given them more time to work on them. Ryse might've been a decent game if Crytek, maybe influenced by MS, didn't continually change the game plan. Ryse definitely isn't ready for prime time. It might end up an okay rental but not a game to purchase a console for.

abzdine1442d ago

Of course it looks good it's a next gen game people!!! But definitely not impressive, if you look at gameplay

dedicatedtogamers1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

The delicious, delicious irony is how "IMPORTANT" resolution and framerate were when it came to PS3 vs 360 on Crytek's previous games, like Crysis 2. Fanboys flew into a tizzy after it was revealed that the PS3 version had a lower resolution.

Oh, but NOW resolution doesn't matter, Crytek? Yeah...

PoSTedUP1442d ago

because you have an exclusive deal with MS and MS is stuggling with resolutions?? yeah, gtfo.

mewhy321442d ago

Not about resolution?
Well what else are they going to say? I mean NDA, and exclusive agreement with microsoft has them worrie that resolution problems are getting so publicized by the press and other devs that gamers my actually start waking up and rubbing the microsoft duck butter from their eyes and see that they're paying 100.00 for a machine that even do 1080p at a decent framerate. I don't blame them for saying that it's not about resolution. But if I can get 1080p with all the same fidelity and better framerates from a machine that costs 100.00 less and doesn't include a camera that watches and listens to my every move then why wouldn't I? Well the answer is I did. I've already preorder my PS4. I placed the order right after Sony's E3 event and have been more and more glad about doing so as I read more and more devs interviews about the poor performance capabilities of the bone.

UltimateMaster1442d ago

Crytek: 'Next-Gen Isn't About Resolution'
It's about Revolution! The PS4 by all means.

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combatcash1442d ago

Resolution is important but definitely not the most important, physics,textures,lighting and so on those are the things that need to be high in quality to make the game look better. at 900p games can look beautiful.

If 1080p was that important more console owners would have switched to pc long long ago.


and i bet in 8 years the ps5 and shit wont do the complete 4k either. its not even worth me getting my hopes up. screw it just make the games play better, ill deal

starchild1442d ago

Console gamers getting their panties in a bunch over resolution is funny to me after years of seeing them downplay the importance of resolution and the advantages the PC has in that area.

Furthermore, the PS4 is still a compromised system with regard to resolution. You aren't going to be getting resolutions higher than 1080p. In fact you aren't even going to get 1080p in every game.

All it comes down to is that it gives these fanboys a chance to bash the rival console.

Basically they just shift the goal posts. 720p or below in the PS3 generation is ok to them. Where was all the outrage about the games not being 1080p--or in many cases not even reaching 720p--on the PS3?

There is no reason PS3 games couldn't have all been 1080p. It's simply a matter of a trade off. Apparently it's only ok for Sony consoles to have trade offs.

We already knew that the XB1 was the weaker console, but now people want to act like it is a goddamned surprise that there has to be compromises somewhere.

Look, every generation there is always going to be a strongest console (as well as a middle and weakest console), but does that mean that only the strongest console each gen has any value?

Of course not. ALL consoles each generation, including the strongest one, entail compromises. People game on consoles for a variety of reasons, none of which include getting the most bleeding edge graphics and performance.

When the PS4 fails to reach 1080p in some games all we will hear are excuses and how it's all ok because, hey, at least it beats the XB1 in resolution! Yippee!

Because that's what it's all about.

kingduqc1442d ago

There is one thing that has always been unappreciated and specially on console and that is smoothness. 60 fps should be in every games or even 120 fps.

wont happen since they are pretty low end everything considered.

GarrusVakarian1442d ago

Amazing how Crytek, the developers most obsessed with graphics and the developers who constantly choose style over substance are now saying "next gen isn't about resolution". Irony.

pyramidshead1442d ago

I'm guessing it's something to do with 900p lol

I'll admit they've made a beautiful looking game, but let's wait until they start making the games on the more powerful machine and we'll see if they 'suddenly' change their tune ha.

dedicatedtogamers1442d ago

Resolution just doesn't

But "back then" apparently it meant the whole world.

Mikelarry1442d ago

the hypocrisy hey..... disgusting


The funny thing is them saying next gen is not all about resolution, yet the only thing they are really good at is visual effects.

I would love to see next really push advancements in things like AI, more dynamic environments, animations etc..

So far the only thing we have seen really pushed is graphics and the number of objects on screen... yet next gen is not all about "graphics"...

could have fooled me !

Ron_Danger1442d ago

The way the MS devs skirt around the graphics/ resolution issues of the XBox One reminds me of Bill Clinton during the Monica Lowinski scandal.

Angels37851441d ago

"I did not....have spec degrading relations with that console"

tehpees31442d ago

Crytek was specifically one of the developers pushing hard for the highest capabilities possible. Microsoft's payroll have anything to do with it?

I seriously cannot believe the hypocrites in this industry.

BattleTorn1442d ago

I think Ryse is the better looking launch game, over Killzone.

inFamous will definitely be even better.

I'm surprised with everyone fighting over which is better, no one has argued that KZ:SF is a spin-off title, where as Ryse is a new IP.

The new IP has me more pumped *as a launch* title

starchild1442d ago

First of all, the Crysis games are good games. Games that have generally averaged in the 80s can't be considered crappy games by any stretch of the fanboy imagination.

Second of all, the good graphics in Crytek's games are due to things such as textures, shaders, lighting models, geometry and post process effects and would look good at any decent resolution.

tagan8tr1442d ago

Who does this guy think he is to tell me what matters to me, that's pretty arrogant to say, "I think everyone’s fixated on things that don’t MATTER as much as the kind of passion people are putting into the games"

PSX041442d ago

yes it's not about resolution but it's just monument process to stolen our money without any changes compared with current gen

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lifeisgamesok1442d ago

They have a point seeing how Ryse is the best looking game at 900p

And just to be fair to you Sony fans The Order looks good at 800p

mdluffy1442d ago

Killzone:sf looks better and is more open.

lifeisgamesok1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

You mean Killzone Shadow Fall?? Doesn't look the best to me and this is recent footage


Infamous Second Son

Azfargh1442d ago


Getting the least interesting still images possible to prove your point eh...?

Well then, let me put some fairness on the table, shall we...?

...and there is the still image.

Infamous SS:
...and the screenshot.

Justice... is...


Kayant1442d ago

It's a higher res than Ryse.


But yes both look damn good :)

GarrusVakarian1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

The order is 1920x800 due to the cinematic black bars across the top and bottom of the screen. Its not "800p". Killzone Sf is better looking than RYSE in my opinion......slightly.

starchild1442d ago

Oh, so why not fill up the screen with 80% black bars and still call it 1080p?

No, the actual part being rendered is not 1080p.

darren_poolies1442d ago

Tbf The Order has at least another 8 months of development time, anything could change between now and then.

HammadTheBeast1442d ago

Since when was Order 800p?

Also Killzone and Infamous > Ryse, while offering ACTUAL gameplay.

pyramidshead1442d ago

lol that attempt to stealth troll. 2/10 nope.

ABizzel11442d ago

Here we go again having to school the ignorant on how resolution works.


The Order is not 800p, the order is 1920 x 800 = 1,536,000 pixels

Ryse is 900p, 1600 x 900 = 1,440,000 pixels

The Order is a higher resolution that Ryse, it has a higher megapixel output than Ryse.

flunkers1442d ago

What?? You really Gonna be able to count those extra 100k pixels at 30fps??

Angels37851441d ago

the order does not have a frame rate as of yet...

ABizzel11441d ago


Yes those 100,000 pixels make a difference in the image quality.

@ 800p fanboys

And the reason 800p isn't right is because 800p is a lower resolution than 900p.

800p = 1423 x 800 = 1,138,400 pixels
The Order = 1920 x 800 = 1,536,000 pixels

That's almost a 400,000 pixel difference, so stop calling it 800p, because The Order has a higher resolution than 800p and 900p.

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Killjoy30001442d ago

Oh PLEASE - the guys that talk up maximum performance every chance they get can't seriously be spinning this that hard.

MizTv1442d ago

Well crytek let's talk about gameplay....

MysticStrummer1442d ago

They've never talked about gameplay over visuals. Odd that they would now.

MilkMan1442d ago

Next issue!
Lets talk about AI, new IP's, different games. If Im expecting 10 more news of COD. You can end next-gen right now.