GAME Store Display Lists Batman: Arkham Origins For PlayStation 4

TSA writes: "An in-store display at a branch of GAME has listed Batman: Arkham Origins for PlayStation 4.

The picture was taken in the newly-renovated GAME store in York, “There is a massive store-length PS4 display, seemingly Sony-supplied judging by the styling,” said our man on the spot, Josh."

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IanVanCheese1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

It's possible, but didn't they already say no to next-gen version? Most likely a mistake.

Edit: yeah it's even in the article, it's a mistake.

abzdine1591d ago

now that this rumor is out, can anyone tell me ahy Rocksteady didn't make Batman: Origins?
is it because they might be working on a next gen version? I hope so!!

monkey6021591d ago

They are working on a new Arkham game but no details have been shared. Rumours have been calling it an mmo titled Arkham world

melemelnyc1591d ago

Wishful thinking. it has to be a mistake. they said it wasn't

-Foxtrot1591d ago

I'm hoping they'll do a GOTY version for the PS4 next year

Sadist31591d ago

Rocksteady didn't need to make Origins. This new developer did an excellent job, I like it more than Arkham City.

Viking_Socrates1591d ago

This is rather interesting, would love to play Batman: Arkham Origins on the PS4 (just beat it and loved it) however a new batman game on the PS4 made by rocksteady would be just as sweet.