Game Scoop: Analyzing the Xbox One Launch Lineup

IGN writes:

We've played them all. Here's what we think of the Xbox One's initial offerings.

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JokesOnYou1416d ago

Positive preview of Ryse said they liked the again we see how the final game turns out. Probably mixed reviews. They love DR3 though.

from the beach1416d ago

They were pleasantly surprysed..

Septic1416d ago

Lol your comment and avatar go very well together.

Ryse is getting a lot of flak though. I'm not surprised however, its turning out how I imagined.

christocolus1416d ago

gamespot and ign too seemed ok with ryse..i guess ill wait and see

lets_go_gunners1416d ago

They didn't fricken discuss killer instinct. The reason I'm excited :(.


Did they even mention Killer Instinct? I think they forgot about it...that is my most anticipated, that and Ryse.

AutoCad1416d ago

That their opinions, They said no killer game at launch.But for me Forza 5 is the killer game.

Godmars2901416d ago

Here's a question: why is it that the XB1 launches in two weeks where the PS4 launches in one that every site or most if not all the submissions on N4G are about the XB1?

Thought this was a Sony site...

Applejack1416d ago

This is a gaming site which includes Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and yes, even mobile gaming...