New PlayStation 4 Playroom Pictures And A New Video Shows Multitasking with PlayStation 4

A whole new set of Playroom pictures were released. These shots show the Playroom for PlayStation 4 and also shows the second screen usage on a PlayStation VITA.

Knack was also shown in a new video along with multitasking to a browser and remote play with VITA.

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Mikelarry1839d ago

Awesome just today i was thinking about multitasking on the ps4 and how it will work.

JimmyLmao1839d ago

i like the way PS4 is doing multi-tasking, it's great... and from looking at the video it looks really quick and snappy as well.

abzdine1839d ago

and all this is shown...on vita!
Bravo Sony

xHeavYx1839d ago

Can't wait to try it myself.
By the way, where can I get the bundle with the cute girl from the picture?

egidem1839d ago

I really like the speed and ease at which it the PS4 is switching at during multitasking!

A simple process such as opening the browser during gameplay on the PS3 is a painful experience. It requires you to kill the game first.

Thanks to the 8GB of RAM on the PS4, it is very quick and instant.

Sci0n1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I already knew the PS4's multitasking would be amazing because the PS vita is the ultimate multitasker. Its better then all the current gens and is ahead of its time. Once I experienced the vita first hand I knew the PS4's would be amazing. I can have my youtube open, my nextflix, my browser, my game, be in a chat, have my camera area open, my music player and everything all at the sametime on the vita. You can snap and switch threw everything on a dime its crazy. While im actually party chatting I am usually browsing N4G or other sites on the vita. I swear people slept on this little fella. It is well worth a purchase even as a stand alone device but I am glad its getting exposure from its PS4 counterpart.

Lboogieskells1839d ago

The Vita puts the Ps3 to shame when it comes to multitasking.

Idba1839d ago

awesome! i hate having to turn the entire game of to simply change some simple settings

WolfOfDarknesss1839d ago

That is the future ! Interesting

phoenix_dusk1839d ago

Knack is becoming better. The multitask looks swift. That's all I wanted.

HappyWithOneBubble1839d ago

Yes Knack does look fun. Has that Crash Bandicoot vibe.

whitefang19881839d ago

I don't think multi tasking looks as good as x1 because you can't keep the multiple screens on but I'm glad its still in the ps4

Kakashi Hatake1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

To be honest, I would prefer a full screen for Web browsing and other apps as well . I respect your opinion but I don't see a need for snapping apps. Looks cool on the surface but has very little use. PS4s multitasking gets the job done as its quick.

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The story is too old to be commented.