When In-Game Ads Go Bad

With potentially $800 million at stake by 2012, it pays to know how the mishandling of in-game ads can blow up in the collective face of gamers, developers and marketers. Results from one study within...

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TheJBag3858d ago

in game advestising, it is used in such a bad way, the developers are doing it all wrong.

take need for speed underground 2 (i think it was the last Ea game i bought)

EVERYTHING in that game was Burger King, cars, levels, billboards.

developers need to know that that is stupid, it doesnt cause people to buy the advertisers product, its just annoying.

What they should do, is have it realisticly, when a character opens the fridge, they see realistic product placement, thats where they could put a coke advertisement, (like seeing the coke bottles in the fridge), or watching a briefing on a comper screen, and seeing a samsung logo on the front of the moniter, seeing real products in the game.

not only would that way add realism, but it would be less annoying, and still bring the developers that much needed cash.

just my opinion and observation.

SL1M DADDY3858d ago

If not then by all means, put it in there - I care not. If it in some way makes the game play suck then keep it out.

Yi-Long3858d ago

... and there is BAD in-game advertising.

First of all, the good is when it's used in places where you'd want it to be, like in sportsgames and racing games, on the boards and stuff and on the cars, just like in real-life.

The bad is in a game like Crackdown, where we have a game set in a futuristic American setting, and you suddenly come across all kinds of dumb-ass DUTCH (I'm in Holland) billboards for upcoming movies (in Dutch). That just takes you completely out of the experience, and is a huge no-no.

Also, I feel that if we do get in-game advertising, there should be something in return for us gamers. The game should be cheaper, or the DLC should be free, sponsored by the advertisers or whatever.

In some games it just has no place at all. In others I dont mind.

okcomputer3858d ago

I agree 100%. Its all about how the ads are used, and what they're advertising. In sports games they're fine because they seem natural, we're just used to seeing a to of ads along with our sporting events. And if games do inject a lot of ads, gamers should see some of the revenue in the form of cheaper games, kind of like how the special edition of rainbow 6 vegas had a ton of ads but was dirt cheap (only 19.99). In some cases it can be a fair trade off, but a full price game with a lot of distracting ads is no good.