EA:'s disastrous launch could have been prevented with lessons from Battlefield

The solution to the problems that plagued the launch of the website could lie in game development, according to EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

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cleft51784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

EA should never talk about teaching anyone lessons about properly launching any online based service after the debacle that is Sim City.

It's great that they learned some lessons from the Sim City debacle, but that hardly puts them in the "giving advice chair".

FarEastOrient1784d ago

The government could've learned lessons from the launch of GTA Online which is still getting fixed.

Naga1784d ago's disastrous launch could have been prevented with lessons from anything that has ever been done successfully ever.

There, fixed it.

hellvaguy1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

So in other words get rid of big, inefficient socialist gov's and let citizens decide such matters. There fixed.

iRocket1784d ago

This article so damn ironic. Here they say they have learned from the last game, fixing bugs and providing smooth experience, but hell, people are having quite a lot of problems with the game. There's a bug that mutes the whole fricking game on everyone on the server.

cactusjack1784d ago

is this like if bethesda gave lessons on making games for ps3 (broken, bugged, laggy, unplayable), maybe bethesda worked on the healthcare site.