PDP Adds Privacy Screen to Kinect Stand

One of Microsoft Xbox One Accessories manufacturer PDP has announced a new stand for your Xbox One Kinect sensor, that comes with a privacy screen, interesting new feature.

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zeal0us1635d ago

Just unplug the darn thing if you're worry about privacy and use an controller.

armour19971635d ago

No you can't the Xbox one requires the kinect to work

Transporter471635d ago

If people are still this misinformed about the X1 MS is to blame.

Starbucks_Fan1635d ago

Where the hell have you been the past few months?

FlameHawk1635d ago

Well isn't that a waste of $100.

zeal0us1635d ago

Sell it on ebay. I am sure some poor soul would like a second Kinect 2.0 to go with their Xbox One.

typikal821635d ago

I thought everyone was forced to buy a Kinect 2? How can you sell it if everyone you would sell it to already has one?

armour19971635d ago

Oh sorry, right, i forgot about the change

HarryB1635d ago

Watch this shit gets hacked anyway. And some 40 year old naked man playing minecraft get caught.

Mr_cheese1635d ago

I have to admit that this did make me laugh. I put a small cloth over my iMac camera completely out of paranoia.

Goldenarmz1635d ago

Why do people buy cameras if they are that paranoid? I mean really... Billions of people in the world, and you really think they are going to take the time out to watch you? ?? if i could hack people cameras i would hack swimsuit models, porn stars, etc. Not some random guy on the internet smh

TotalSynthesisX1635d ago

"B-b-b-but if we follow your logic, we won't have anything to be unnecessarily paranoid or upset about!"

zeal0us1635d ago

Why hack porn stars cameras when you can already see them naked for free?

BX811635d ago

Yeah, but we want to see them make toast and read magazines all from the comfort of their home.

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