DriveClub Right Now is “Running at [email protected]”, Delay Statement Had Nothing to do With Watch Dogs

"When it comes to narrowing down the DriveClub release date to more than ‘early 2014′ the developer said, “There are many things that need to be confirmed before we can be more specific.”" - PSLS

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ZodTheRipper1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

They weren't joking 3 months ago!

My excitement for this game is now officially over 9000! I mean just look at it

xHeavYx1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I don't see a big problem with 30fps, especially when the game has 3D background and great lightning effects, like a next gen racing game should have

ProjectVulcan1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Project Gotham series is the best more arcade style racer with real supercars I have played on the current generation, even now PGR3 and 4 are just brilliant games. They look fantastic, they handle superb, the game is immense fun online and off.

Its 30FPS, and I don't care. It doesn't matter. It wouldn't be a much much better game if it ran 60FPS. It would be smoother, but the performance at 30FPS is so good and so solid and stable it doesn't really matter in the slightest. The motion blur is beautiful high quality and smoothes out any doubts you are playing a class act.

If Driveclub looks this pretty which is fantastic and runs rock solid 30FPS with zero screen tearing then it'll matter not.

If it means to be a sim, 60FPS matters because you want that sort of response and faster physics engine. But if it isn't, its never been a deal breaker.

Evil_Abed1605d ago

It's amusing how important things like fluidity of a racer is being replaced by fog and moving clouds and talks of lighting that matters very little when you are going at 200km/h.

Funny how next gen now means sacrificing a gameplay feature for looks. How about a game that does ALL those things while maintaining a fluid frame rate? Now that game I'd crown next gen racer, not just the decide based on what the developers on my favorite console are able to do.

UltimateMaster1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

That's disappointing, 30fps.
I wish it were 60fps.

ohiostatesman1605d ago

Forza is 1080P 60 fps. I thought PS4 more powerful? I'm getting Xbox One anyway.

BBBirdistheWord1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

driveclub looks to be a good game with nice fog.

However, I was expecting much more from the ps4.

30fps for a racer on ps4 is just not that impressive, especially after all the noise that was made about the magic of ps4 50%+.

I was really hoping the additional development time resulting from the delay would sort this out, but it looks like its gonna chugg along at 30fps after all.

FamilyGuy1605d ago

Fanboys are scared of this game, true racing fans can appreciate the amount of detail in this game.

Evil_Abed1605d ago

True racing fans appreciate smooth gameplay.

Army_of_Darkness1605d ago

Let's hope they surprise us all with 1080p @60fps when it finally releases.

cleft51604d ago

They definitely made the right move to delay the game. Hopefully they can get it to [email protected]

Sirlancealot1604d ago

All these Forza 5 guys quit it for real. This doesn't look any better than Drive Club.

Here is a comparison of Forza 4 and Forza 5. Forza 5 looks very much like its current gen counterpart. No big difference. Just the lighting and slightly more detail coupled with it being 1080p @ 60FPS as opposed to 720p @ 60FPS...

UltimateMaster1604d ago


Driveclub does not equal Forza Motorsport 5

And whatever you do, don't compare gameplay skill...

At least the Forza has a guiding line just like what Gran Turismo has.

IMO, the background of the races on the PS4, at least for those 2 tracks, looks like it has far more details, looks richer due to the GPU.

I'm guessing they could make some tracks that are 60fps. I don't know.

Irishguy951604d ago

If a Racing game wants to compete with the best, it needs 60FPS. Most of the above comments are literally saying it's ok to have ****er gameplay so better graphics can be done. Sorry, Racing games are one of the Genre's that need the 60. ****ing shame I won't be getting a racing fix on Ps4 for a while. Dammit I wish GT6 was made for Ps4 originally.

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AngelicIceDiamond1605d ago

Great to see a new Ip such as Drive Club hit 1080P right off the bat.

nukeitall1605d ago


Why is this game still 30fps?

It was supposed to be release in 3 weeks, but got delayed.

Enemy1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Why is Forza still using static backdrops and baked lighting? I thought this was next gen? Bragging about 60fps is worthless when that's how you get it done.

WickedLester1605d ago

Yeah, I would much rather see them get this game to 60fps. Perhaps they should take a cue from DICE and make it 900p and then upscale it to 1080p. The difference would be hardly noticable at all!

arexw1605d ago

Cos forza is a driving simulator, and driveclub is a weather and geological simulator. Enjoy the stuttery 30 fps in a racing game - i mean sunset simulator

mkis0071605d ago

@arexw haha, screw the world, lets just put cars on a track and call it a game.

Xsilver1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

i see people still acting like the game releases next smh
clearly you can see the game is making allot of improvements so can you guys let the devs breath because apparently u act like you developed a game before ill take a update from the devs in 2014 when the game is close to release.

Septic1605d ago


You need to be quiet about this pre baked lighting nonsense. I've seen you slither into countless Forza articles and regurgitate the same old tired nonsense over and over again.


FPS isnt such a big issue when the game looks as good as it does. The delay may have been to polish the visuals and sort out the gameplay. The early build I played looked mediocre at best. What I'm seeing now looks like it's footage for a completely different game.

FANTA11801605d ago

lmao ... sad is making a game 1080p while sacrificing frame rate ... upscaling it and keeping it 60fps is a more noticable thing.

and to you guys making fun of forza , lmao sad attempt my friends , forza has been handing gran turismo its ass for a while now.

Enemy1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

^ What kind of simulation ignores the fact that there's a such thing as night in the world? I almost feel bad for you Forza kids. Turn 10 doesn't even have the tech to create night races because they've gotten so used to placing fake and bake daytime lighting.

And Septic, for having as many bubbles as you have, couldn't possibly be more misinformed. I've seen you try to call me out before and it's failed. Go ahead and confirm Forza's dynamic lighting and fully rendered in 3D tracks. All you'll find is static.

What Turn 10 are willing to sacrifice for 60fps is truly pathetic. But of course, reading the comments here from woodwork Xbox maggots, they really have convinced the flock that more shine = better graphics. The biggest critics are always the most empty-headed, hence the absolutely uneducated responses.

By the time Turn 10 figures out how to properly model their games, they'll be in last place. So much for realism.

badkolo1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

stop with the bake dlighting lie, its bene proven by the devs its not prebaked, get a life enemy, seriously

xHeavYx1605d ago

You forgot to add the link to support your claim

1605d ago
VonBraunschweigg1605d ago

Imo one of the most important differences between Driveclub an Forza is the handling: pretty much all our PS3 wheels are supported by Driveclub while Forza doesn't support any of the Xbox 360 wheels, not even the official Forza wheel from Fanatec that lauched early last year.

Wheel, pedals, few buttons, stick perhaps. Should be compatible. Forcing fans to buy new wheels and not offering a good affordable wheel like the Logitech GT wheel, imo even fans should not support that kind of BS. You're not playing, you're getting played.

T21605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

@nuke Why do u care ?,.... nukeitall is the most trusted source for trolling ps4 on n4g.... He is Not getting a ps4 anyway therefore your posts are useless

FITgamer1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


"...forza has been handing gran turismo its ass for a while now." You do realize that every GT game as sold 2x and even 3x more copies than Forza 3, which has the highest sales in the franchise. This gen will be no different.

G20WLY1605d ago

^Badkolo, there's nothing "dlighting" about baked lighting... ;P

Outside_ofthe_Box1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


Why is this game still 30fps?"***

L-O-L! ! !

Why do you care? What happened to, resolution and frame rates don't matter? What happened to, it's all about the experience? What happened to, if resolution and frame rates mattered we should be gaming on PC?

This is pretty hilarious stuff.

Knushwood Butt1605d ago

@ arexw

lol at the haters that are now trying to claim that Forza is a sim!!

Go away and enjoy your lens flare.

nukeitall1605d ago


Racing games is best *experienced* at 60fps unless it is an arcade racer.

If you wanted top of the line graphics PC is it.

ShwankyShpanky1605d ago

Isn't DC considered more of an "arcade racer" than sim?

Outside_ofthe_Box1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

***"Racing games is best *experienced* at 60fps unless it is an arcade racer.

If you wanted top of the line graphics PC is it."***

L-O-L again!

I don't see your point. Every single game is best experienced at a higher resolution and frame rate.

DriveClub looks great the way it does now even at 30fps. If DriveClub were to release today at the stage it's currently in I know damn well that if my experience with the game ended up being bad it wouldn't be because of the game's visuals that's for sure.

All that should matter now is how the game plays according to your previous notions about frame rates and resolutions not being important (which I actually agree with).

By the way, isn't DriveClub an arcade racer anyway? If it is considered one, it would make your comments even more hilarious.

Irishguy951604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Sorry Enemy, that's the stupidest comment i've seen in a while 'bragging rights'. This is about Drive club. Who gives a **** what they look like? They simple fact is Driveclub will just not play as good as Forza. They are sacrificing that potential for graphics.

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Enemy1605d ago

No way a game this detailed will run at 60fps. They'd have to sacrifice a lot of what they've already done. They've literally modeled every single thing you see on the screen, everything with a real shadow cast and dynamic light.

XboxFun1605d ago

With all the power the PS4 has this shouldn't be a problem to up the framerate for a game like this.

The PS4 is a super computer remember? I am sure the devs working on Driveclub will fix that problem.

No need to make excuses as to why it's only in 30fps now, I'm sure in a week we'll get another article saying they upped the framerate.

lifeisgamesok1605d ago

Forza has better lighting and reflections dude. The cars also look better

Ravenor1605d ago

Haven't you heard? The next gen hardware is magical and we'll see leaps in visual fidelity akin to what we saw with the PS3 AND an increase in framerates and resolution.

mhunterjr1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

It's just a strange design choice. A racing game is about precision control and response. Handcrafted backdrops and dynamic weather are nice, but should only be achieved after maxing out performance.

The typical racing fan would choose 60fps over 30fps any day of the week.

Personally, I'd rather play at a lower resolution than a lower framerate... Gameplay first.

AngelicIceDiamond1605d ago

@Enemy I don't think you know how games work. You know devs have explained why they do certain things to gamers and anyone who's curious.

I'm no where near a dev wiz but I know for a fact that 1080p and 60 frames sometimes won't be achieved in first gen games.

It amazes me how some games are already hitting 60FPS this early.

You need to get your head on straight and start being realistic about everything around you. And have at least a clue about how games work.

imt5581605d ago

They have about 3 months left until launch. I'm pretty sure that they will achieve 60 fps.

T21605d ago

@lifeisgames - wow how desperate are you when you try desperately to compare a free game to your beloved forza ... If u were smart you would just get both esp since driveclub is free .... Smh...

memots1605d ago

Like Vulcanprject up there said,

"Project Gotham series is the best more arcade style racer with real supercars I have played on the current generation, even now PGR3 and 4 are just brilliant games. They look fantastic, they handle superb, the game is immense fun online and off. "

The game was amazing and fast and guess what people?? It was 30fps and was fun. This bs of a game needs to be 60fps or it's bad as got to stop its utter nonsense.

TENTONGUN1605d ago

gawd. people acually think the first racing genre games on the next gen will be the last ones ever made or something. the be all end all right? the next gen has brought out the absolute worst in this website. we all need to get together and punch it out. i was a loyal xbox gamer turned ps4 day 1 paid for preorder. who gives a fuck.............anyone want to bitch about it?

mcstorm1604d ago

This really should not be an issue for a game like driver club. It is in the same game type as Forza Horizon and for me this game looked amazing and was one of the best arcade racers with real cars of last gen.

But what I do find funny is the way people act on here. When the Ryse developers said it was not 60fps at 1080 the sony fan boys were all over it like a shot saying the power of the one is nothing compared to the PS4 and now this has come out they are saying its not an issue for this game.

At the end of the day if the game is fun to play and make looks amazing when playing it then what is the issue. This gen is starting to make me wonder if there are any gamers left out there and its just full of people who want to say that what they own is better than anyone else's and its really is turning into a sad place to come on here.

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1605d ago
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-Foxtrot1605d ago

So hopefully by the time we get closer to it's release we'll see it running at 60fps/1080p

SlapHappyJesus1605d ago

That's literally doubling the performance before launch though.
That's highly doubtful, considering they've really put in the effort just to achieve full HD at a playable FPS.
Time will tell though.

tetsuhana1605d ago

It's not "doubling the performance" unless the very best they ca do right now is stable 30fps. If they chose to have a variable frame rate it would probably fluctuate between 30 and 60, but I'm sure they want to try to lock it in at 60.

They also said "At this stage" the game is running at [email protected], implying that the frame rate isn't final. Not sure why everyone is acting like this is an announcement of the final fps.

uncharted561605d ago

They did say that they were aiming for 60 fps and would hit it sometimes but were not quite there. This game got delayed to not only make it 60fps but apparently things like dynamic weather were missing that they wanted to add in. Personally I am glad its delayed because now they can get the game looking and playing better.

Lboogieskells1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I really want 60fps, but they seem to be using alot of PR speak regarding the current specs at 1080p 30 frames. Seems like they're trying to make it sound more appealing each time.

They seem to be adding a ton of visual features and I don't see how that could help the frame rate issues.

DeadlyFire1604d ago

Each new visual addition takes framerate down a little sure, but then some engine optimization comes along and boasts the whole thing forward. Shouldn't be to hard for them to move the game up to 60 fps.

Lboogieskells1604d ago


I sure do hope so.... Anyways even if its just 30fps at launch. I think the game looks awesome at it's current framerate.

Mister_G1605d ago

I'd prefer it locked at 30fps if they can't get a stable 60fps.

If they lock it down to 30fps they should be able to include even more detail (they'll have spare time in each frame).

ginsunuva1605d ago

If we had a geforce g-sync tech for our tv's and consoles, we could change the refresh rate to match the output, and the framerate could thus be whatever it wants.

So instead of devs trying to either get 30 or 60, they could have it vary in between and the monitor will be fine.

MidnytRain1605d ago

I think of all genre's, it's important for a racer to have a steady frame rate. Even a moment's drop and screw you over big time.


Im so confused. why would anyone think watch dog's delay had anything to do with drive club?

Godmars2901605d ago

Why are they only showing less than 10 seconds of gameplay?

mushroomwig1605d ago

They're teasing people, they're going to release a full race soon though.

nades_all_night1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

According to Twitter and Facebook (official pages) It will be sometime next week.

ginsunuva1605d ago

The game had vine-like uploads I think.
They're trying to be like social networks.

strickers1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

They are using PS4 Share to show them. Lower res and small to keep file sixes down.