New short tease of DRIVECLUB India Stampede #PS4SHARE

6 second video of new race track with clear improvements, more to come in the future says Team.

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Majin-vegeta1507d ago

Just keeps getting better and better :).

jhoward5851507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Agreed, Drive Club is looking better and better.

the combined wind and engine sound effect gives it realism.

-Alpha1507d ago

Also, more cars on the track! That seemed to be oddly missing from earlier builds/previews.

Good signs all around.

Sevir1507d ago

Alpha, This is the AI and Live Multiplayer preview of the Game, The build they were showing earlier in the year was the asynchronous multiplayer, which pretty much explained the social aspects of the game where someone could race and set parameters for the race by setting their own records, upload the race with their records and issue a challenge, anyone around the world could take on the challenge at a later date or time, and when a challenger takes on that race the progenitor or that race challenge will show up as a ghost car since his or her data was prerecorded when they first set the challenge for the race earlier.

Personally I prefer live MP races but I understood why they had to sell the idea of the asynchronous multiplayer mode first because that was the premise of the social challenge theme and pillar of Driveclub when it was revealed at the PS Conference in Feb earlier this year.

This game looks fantastic, I've never been one to drive in first person view in racing games but this will make it the first time for me that I drive this way in a game.

Driveclub Looks insane now, I cant believe how much they've done since Tokyo Game show. It looks like its in a class of its own, and not even competing games in the racing genre on Next gen Platforms look this good.

aceitman1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

u wont see views like this on forza that's y there so different dc uses a 3d environment .I mean dam the window shattered on one video that was sweet have not seen that yet in a racing game.

FamilyGuy1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

10 cars on this track from what I'm seeing after re-watching a bunch of times.

Drivers car
Pack of 4 cars immediately in front of him
Another pack of 4 cars in the far lead
One car in middle between the two packs that barely noticeable.

There was a comment in one of the other videos about the driver being in last place. Now I'm thinking it is intentional so we get a to watch more cars on the track and see how they fight for position.

Eonjay1507d ago

Forza looks great, but its rather sparse in terms of details when compared to Drive Club.

FamilyGuy1507d ago

I'm pretty excited about the whole "club" aspect of it. I like the idea of rocking similar paints styles and a logo as my team. Going into races and having our pack known, recognized, feared and respected. It's like clans in shooting games, I don't know of any other racers to have clans.

"David Ferrell: yay another post will there be customization of cars or not?"

"Driveclub: Yes! You'll be able to personalise your cars and share your design with your club. It looks bad ass when you roll into a race with your clubmates and you're all sporting the same style and colours."

Freakin LOVE IT!
I've loved the idea since the February reveal and planned on buying this ever since.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1507d ago

Amazing! I want to see some out of car views just so I can see those beautiful environments!

ABizzel11507d ago

I'm getting sick of these shorts. They look so amazing that it makes the delay almost unbearable ;(


Blackdeath_6631507d ago

agreed the races with all the cars on one track looks soooooo much better than the challenge trial runs for points/clan rep and leader board positions they have been demoing up until now

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whoyouwit041507d ago

looks Okay, but still needs work.

Majin-vegeta1507d ago

Looks okay??lol looks better than any other racer on other systems and come release date its gonna murder them.

Enemy1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Look who you're responding to and realize you wasted your time. He begins all of his posts with, "You Sony fanboys..."

I also like how he ignores that fact that all the lighting in Forza is baked, and all the backdrops are static (unlike Driveclub's fully modeled environment). All the clouds, all the trees, nothing but dynamic lighting, night races, etc, in Driveclub. Forza can't even do night races or dynamic time of day transitions.

Driveclub doesn't just blow Forza out of the water, it destroys it. Forza needs last gen antics to achieve 60fps, and the blind misinformed kiddies that know nothing about technology get blinded by lens flare and overdone shine on cars.

scott1821507d ago

Not just better, it completely demolishes other racers visually, it could release now I bet. I'm glad they want to perfect their product.

ambientFLIER1507d ago

Yawn. Can't wait until driveclub comes out and gets average scores. Blowing forza out of the water. Okkkkkk

Aceman181507d ago

son you done lost your ever loving mind lol. this game looks absolutely great you're such a hater lol

lonz3581507d ago

Looks and Sounds great.

Empire1507d ago

Driveclub is looking better and better each time they release a game snippet. :D

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